Kevin Is Displeased With His TiVO

These are the sort of video complaints that we love to get. Full of senseless violence. Kevin went away and left his TiVO in charge of taping all of this shows. Mistake.

    “And now it probably works about as well as it did yesterday.”

Hooray! —MEGHANN MARCO (Thanks, Jeff!)


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  1. Elara says:

    While I hate to take Tivo’s side (wait a minute, no I don’t, I love my Tivo) I have had similar problems with my recorded stuff. And guess what I found out when I came home in the middle of a taping the other day? It was Comcast’s fault- their signal was crap and made the picture jittery and randomly stop- looking exactly like that brief view we got of Kevin’s TV. And I know it was Comcast, because I immediately turned on my other TV with no Tivo, and it was doing the same thing for the same show. So I think he may have just destroyed his Tivo for no reason. Such a waste.

  2. elljay says:

    My Tivo is sitting about 180mi away. It’s been attached and recording since October 2006 unattended. After this I’m curious how the end result will be once I rescue it to my new home.

    In defense of the Tivo: I’ve had a Tivo since the first day it was released. Going on 6 years I do believe. Upgraded to a new unit once since the original. Even if the series 2 fails me on return I’ll harvest the parts.

  3. Scazza says:

    I stand by his right to smash the shit outta his Tivo box (right on!). This guy is kind of creepy, like junior axe-murderer, or something not too far off. He should work on his crowbar skills though, or switch to something a little more effective for his tiny frame.

  4. faust1200 says:

    Wow, I didn’t think Golden Girl fans were so rabid. Well I guess I don’t know if he had cable or a dish but the distortion/artifacts (also known as tiling) and freezing is usually caused by a weak signal. If he had a satellite he could have checked his alignment. If he has cable then I would bet his signal is low. If it is a signal problem he will still run into trouble with whatever box he chooses. I’m guessing his technical problems could have been resolved or at worse he could have sold his box or salvaged the box for parts. I think mommy didn’t give him enough attention.

  5. boicraig says:
  6. robertgp124 says:

    His hard drive may have been going bad – when we moved, I didn’t plug mine back into the UPS – had a power surge and the hard drive freaked out. Behaved just like he was describing. A call to a Tivo parts supplier solved that. A day’s wait, fifteen minutes with a screwdriver, and it was fixed.

  7. boicraig says:
  8. itchy feet says:

    All serial killers keep a souvenir of their victims. So cliche.

  9. wenhaver says:

    I’ve had TiVO since they first started as well. I just upgraded to a new unit for free via a TiVO promotional offer. The first unit they sent did exactly the same thing. I had to sit through an annoying round of “well, have you restarted it” from Tier 1 support. Then I got someone who knew what they were talking about. Kevin should have escalated.

  10. I haven’t smashed the crap out of my TiVo yet (haven’t yet felt the urge), but I did throw a remote control across a room once. Not across the driveway, though. That would’ve been cool.

  11. loraksus says:

    Between consumerist and dugg, I wonder how many thousands in advertising dollars have just been negated…

  12. homerjay says:

    Not entirely sure what Tivo did wrong here… His Tivo broke- they offered to replace it for a fee. Shit breaks….There was no mention of how old it was… its a friggen computer. Hard drives go bad. Its possible he had this sandwitched between two other components overheating it and wearing out the drive.

    Posts like this degrade the credibility of this site. Might consider going back to the old 18 posts a day instead of trying to stretch it.

  13. pvtchristaylor says:

    Ain’t the cable company. It’s the hard drive. When he goes to the Tivo menu it’s superimposed on the frozen shot of Family Matters (unless the Golden Girls turned black).

    If it were a cable co. issue, the menu would still be on its normal Tivo background.

  14. muckpond says:

    he’s upset because he missed some episodes of “Family Matters?”

  15. muckpond says:

    and, did anyone else notice that he has 3 propane tanks, but a charcoal grill? i think he has a predisposed tendency toward destruction.

  16. dukerayburn says:

    Yeah, this reaction was childish and unnecessary. Tivo offered the best service they can, the box is out of warranty and if he has lifetime service then I’m sure they’d transfer it for him.
    Obviously he’s in a frustrating situation, but there are other courses to take than this. Even if it is a nice spectacle.

  17. AndyAndy719 says:

    Dude, if it was a comcast DVR, i’d so be with you on that one. The comcast DVR is like a betamax w/ a VCR plus remote code and TV guide.

    TiVo? Delete the episodes of “True Crime Stories: psycho serial killers” and the 30 full nascar races and you wouldnt have to smash a perfectly good tivo.

    Just because the local news channel wont air a story about how “eccentric” you are doesnt mean you have to make a youtube video to prove otherwise.

    Now back to my 35th episode of mythbusters on my 180 hour tivo – minus the prybar option….

  18. Scuba Steve says:

    Do you see, TIVO?!

    Do you see what you get when you mess with the WARRIOR?!

  19. Metschick says:

    Ha. Go, psycho guy, go.

    I did the same with my first cell phone, eight years ago. Damn, it was the biggest POS. So, when my plan was up, and I was able to get a new phone, I put my old one in the street and ran over it several times. It felt good.

    FWIW, I think some people just feel better after releasing their anger. I know of some women who go to garage sales mainly to buy cheap shit that they can break when they’re angry, and it won’t matter, because it wasn’t anything expensive or meaningful. As long as you’re not hurting anyone, I don’t see anything wrong with it.

  20. helio9000 says:

    I understand frustration with inanimate objects but at the end of the day its just tv. If you take it that seriously Tivo is the least of your problems.

  21. Beelzebub says:

    Dude destroyed a potentially perfectly good hard drive and components that could have been harvested. Were older programs that once wokred even having the same problems?

    And you know he’s going to regret it the first time he accidentally tapes over an unseen episode of Top Model.

    Over-reacting moron.

  22. senojsitruc says:

    I’ve certainly been annoyed with some aspect of technology from time to time, but it’s pretty sad when one’s happiness is THAT bound up in a bunch of TV shows.

    One might claim that he is annoyed that the Tivo didn’t work as advertised (and rightfully so), but it seems clear that he was more concerned with having missed his TV shows.

  23. This is another fine example of people placing too much faith in electronic gadgets. Electronics break. Quickly.

  24. Anonymously says:

    My Tivo has frozen in the middle of use and it’s not cool. Maybe I should replace the HDD before that bits me in the ass.

  25. Slack says:

    Shoulda got a ReplayTV

    Could request all the missed stuff from another ReplayTV user(s).

    ReplayTV – TiVo for smart people.

  26. mad_oak says:

    @elljay: Isn’t your TIVO getting lonely without you?

  27. emax4 says:

    That was awesome. I did the same thing in 1990 with a piece of music gear that wouldn’t work the way it was advertised. Felt damn good to rip that thing apart after I ripped out piece of my hair trying to get it to work right. For those of you who feel that it’s psycho, deal with something impossible to work with and try holding back your frustrations. What did they say on Seinfeld? “Serenity Now.. Insanity Later..”?

  28. p2502 says:

    I think someone else pointed it out, but if the distortion show in the video is what he was complaining about. i’m almost certain it’s his cable provider’s signal thats’ the cause for atleast the distortion. I’m uncertain though is a bad signal feed would cause the Tivo to freeze up.

    either or, the guy comes of like kinda of a twit anyway….

  29. germ says:

    The dudes a dumbass. Hard-reset the device, or buy a new harddrive. See if either of those solve the problem. If not, ebay it to make a few bucks. Then take that money and get your GED.

  30. homerjay says:


    Amen to that, dude. I had a first gen Replay for 5 years… It served me SO well. I ended up switching to Tivo for several reasons but I would have preferred a new ReplayTV.

    Now, though, I LOVE my Tivo. Of course, I also have the DirecTV DVR to compare it to. Having my 5 year old son give me the gist of the shows I missed is better than the DirecTV piece of crap…

  31. faust1200 says:

    Ya I’ve had a series 2 Tivo DVR by Phillips w/ my Directv for over 4 years. I never had a problem that wasn’t cured by unplugging it and plugging it back. And even those were very few and far between. I would so far to say that it is my favorite bit of tech that I own. When the day comes I plan to get the HD version of this box.

  32. faust1200 says:

    Oops. It’s HUGHES actually.

  33. lincolnparadox says:


    You sir, are my hero.

    HOPEFULLY, Kevin got his Tivo for free. Some of the cable companies are giving them out as a promotion. So, I hope he didn’t pay for that unit.

    I mean, let’s be frugal people, he could have at least gotten $50 for it on eBay, even if it was broken.

    A cryin shame….

  34. Slack says:

    Homerjay & lincoln….

    Sometimes the unwashed just need to be reminded that there was another DVR. And it was (is) superior to the brand that created the ‘verb’.

    Commercial Advance…
    Internet Show Sharing…
    Real-time room to room streaming…
    Easy to off load content…
    Easy to upgrade…
    Third party apps for remote EVERYTHING…

    I still have 2 5000 series units, one even controls and OTA HD tuner. Not really HD but 16:9 & full digital means a pretty sweet picture with all that RTV goodness thrown in.

    I have a SagetTV box for full blown HD, but even with a third party comm-skip app, a mighty Athlon box can’t do, overnight (commercial advance), what them clever ReplayTV engineers did in real time.

  35. neilgx says:

    I almost did the same thing to my tivo. One thing that I hated is that what they advertise really doesn’t match up to exactly what it really does. So I sold mine on ebay to recoup most of the cost. Then I built a PC just for MythTV. I have been using it for over a year now with few problems. Since I have upgraded to HD, it has been very unstable. This year I am developing new software to replace the sometimes quirky MythTV. Hopefully all will go well and we can all have a reliable PVR.

  36. assaf.stoler says:

    Awaiting TIVO #4
    I purchased a serious 3 TiVo as an early adopter, paid the $700 price tag, and $300 in for 3 years of service (they did not offer a life-time option at the time).

    From day one I had audio sync problems, and channel change irregularities (pressing channel-up or down repeatedly would result in 2 or 3 channel changes in the desired direction, and then a jump backwards … like 2-3-4-3-4-5-6-5-6-7 … while only pressing channel up).
    Believing there was a software issue with the recently released serious 3 I waited. And waited… a few month later a software update made my channel changing problem a little less obvious, but audio was still out of sync. Being in a rented apartment and on a small screen I procrastinated on contacting TiVo and hoped the next software release will fix that.
    Fast forward a few more month and I am in my own home, with a very big screen, and now this half a second audio delay is really bothering me. Went through level one, then level two support who decided I had a malfunctioning tuner (from day one) and I need a unit replacement … but it will cost me because I waited to much. Ok, I bite the bullet, whip out the credit card and arrange an advanced replacement.
    3 days later my new TiVo is here. I am happy for about a minute until I get it out of the box, the faceplate has nicks on it. Well, lets plug it in anyway. TiVo works for a couple hours and quits with an error message of internal temperature to high. Now I’m pissed, calling TiVo again and arrange for a 3rd unit… advanced replacement … I wait a week, nothing shows up. I call TiVo, they didn’t’ sand it because someone did not set it up correctly, as an advanced replacement. Back to step one, pull out credit card again and deposit another $1000 (when they sell the same refurbished device for about half the price). 2 days later my 3rd TiVo shows up. Hook it up, and what do you know. The fan IS working, so loud you can hear it from the next room.
    Now I’m really upset, multiple calls to TiVo get me no-where and I refuse to get a 4th “rebuilt and tested to our high quality standards” TiVo. Eventually someone there hints that that may be able to get my a new TiVo, but only the 20 hours variant that sells for $300, remember, I paid $700 for a serious 3 that can record about 40 hours of HD. I refuse and am told only TiVo corporate can help me . so I ask for their email or address and I am told to go get it from the company web site.

    I sent a letter explaining what I have been through. After a week a man from TiVo corporate called me and asked what I want, I say “just a NEW TiVo, same size or bigger, I paid $1000 for a device that never worked”, he asked again if this is all I want, I said yes, just make it right, no other requests. He said it should be easy to arrange and promised to get back to me. It has been 5 weeks since. And I have been without a working TiVo for two month now.