Fill Out Our Survey, Get Chance To Win iPod Shuffle

UPDATE: Survey max response number reached. Poll closed. Thanks everyone!

You can win an iPod shuffle if you help us out with this 6-question poll to learn more about our readers.

If you opt to enter your email address, you get a chance to win a free shuffle, with color of your choice. This email address will solely be used to communicate with winners and will never be sold to anyone or used to market to you. Entering the email address is optional.

The information you provide will help out our ad sales team and keep the Goodship Consumerist running like a freight train of justice. — BEN POPKEN

Contest rules.


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  1. d0x says:

    “This email address will solely be used to communicate with winners and will never be sold to anyone or used to market to you. Entering the email address is optional.”

    I put my trust in this statement..Viva La Survey!

  2. endlessendres says:

    What d0x said…

  3. Maulleigh says:

    I love that you’re using this to sell us better stuff via posts and advertising!!!

  4. Kierst_thara says:

    Not sure how much control you have over the survey questions, but it frustrates me when surveys don’t have an option for education between high school and college. I don’t have a degree, but I did earn a two-year techincal diploma, and I doubt I’m the only one in that situation.

    Anyone with the intelligence of a garden slug can get a high-school diploma these days, so you’d think that post-secondary education of any sort is a distinction that your researchers would want to make.

  5. Juliekins says:

    I want a pink one!

  6. Dacker says:

    Ditto on 2-year degrees.

    Also, most surveys clarify the question about income by explicitly saying “Individual” income or “Household” income.

  7. faust1200 says:

    @Kierst_thara: At least you’re not self-conscious about it… It’s just a survey ;)

  8. faust1200 says:

    and I’ve seen plenty of “slugs” with phd’s.

  9. TVarmy says:

    Would it be wrong for me to say that only fools fill out online surveys so my chance for getting the iPod increases?

  10. sparkrainfire says:

    please make me win. i need a shuffle to make music in my ears.

  11. Kierst_thara says:

    @faust1200: I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not. Did my post make me sound self-conscious? (Does this post make me look fat?)

    …I just figure that if I take time to fill out a survey, it ought to be accurate. Apparently I’m full of more details than most companies are interested in, though.

  12. Tim Matheson says:

    When do we find out if we get the shuffle?

  13. medalian1 says:

    @Tim Matheson:

    Dunno, the rules are generic rules for all their contests and doesn’t specify.

    Shame they’re doing an apple product. I hate itunes. I’d give it away if I won it.

  14. gardencat says:

    I gave one to my daughter for Christmas. It’s great to have an iPod while jogging on a morning run…wish I would have kept it for myself.

  15. myrall says:

    I worked in market research for two years. Household Income (HHI) is the appropriate way to ask how much money you make. Typically, this question is preceeded by some sort of question regarding your marital status so the information can be segmented appropriately.

    Segmented, meaning, the questions can be combined in statistical tables to show the actual demographic of the respondent. For example, after looking at the segmented data, you would be able make a statement like: single respondents are more likely to make $30,000 – $50,000 than married respondents, etc.

    The simple solution to the college question is to add a ‘technical/vocational degree’ option or a ‘some college’ option. We ran up against this many times while compiling internet research.

  16. Man… reached the limit already? Booooo

  17. Emrikol says:

    I agree! BOO!!! I can’t take it! I don’t care about the iPod, I just want to share my views on whatever those yummy questions were!

  18. gardencat says:

    It was a basic survey;

    Pretty much your name, your age, your valid email, and what is your yearly income. That’s it.

  19. Tim Matheson says:

    @medalian1 You don’t have to use iTunes to put music on an iPod. Checkout for tips on how to get music onto an iPod w/o iTunes. I hate iTunes too, mainly because it’s forced upon us so much.

  20. markymags says:

    I tried running with a 30GB Video Ipod and it was tough to do. I ended up holding it in my hand the entire time. It’d be nice to have something smaller that I can fit some music on and run/workout with at the same time… *hint hint*…

  21. faust1200 says:

    @Kierst_thara: Ya I thought you sounded a wee bit self-conscious and was trying to tell you don’t worry. No the post doesn’t make you look fat either :) Although I was thinking this post is giving my hair the frizzies.