Round 9: RIAA vs U-Haul

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  1. muddgirl says:

    Ridiculous! The RIAA has excellent customer service, considering that their customers are the music industry, whose “rights” they are protecting. This is a travesty.

  2. xdabomb911 says:

    UHAUL has no shot. I see RIAA winning this contest after all the crap they put us through.

  3. B says:

    Imagine if they swiched places. U-Haul would sell you an empty CD case and not give you a refund, while the RIAA would rent you a truck, but only let you drive it on roads they approve, and your friends wouldn’t be able to help with the move.

  4. billybastion says:

    Not to rile any feathers, but I think the RIAA is probably going to the finals and possibly winning the whole thing. You have to consider the demographic that is voting in this contest; I’d guess it’s mostly males aged 20-35, all of whom enjoy downloading files, both legally and illegally. I’m not saying this is necessarily bad, but in reality, the RIAA is really good at doing it’s job, its just not good treating those who allegedly break its rules, well.

  5. cleigh says:

    It’s a shame this matchup happened so early…both companies deserve to make it much farther in the competition.

    That being said, I like B’s switch analogy…although I think it would be better to say that you call ahead to the record store, and request a cd to be held for you. You show up at the store, and hand you a tape or 8-track instead or some entirely different music. They charge you the same price, then yell at you when you get upset. You say screw it and buy the tape/8-track anyways, go outside, open it up, and realize you have an empty case. They refuse to refund you.

  6. mopar_man says:

    I think it will be the RIAA and Wal-Mart in the finals. That’ll be a tough decision.

  7. winnabago says:

    Uhaul doesn’t make a habit of suing random Americans who have no relationship with their company, all with no evidence. This one is easy.

  8. mewyn dyner says:

    @cleigh: No, there’s a chance there is a tape inside, but when you put it in your tape player it will catch fire and burn down your house. They continue to deny responsibility.

  9. phrygian says:

    I can choose not to use Uhaul. I can’t choose not to be sued by the RIAA should they decide I’m sue-worthy.

    Uhaul doesn’t make (often) baseless, legally-actionable accusations about how you may or may not be using your rented truck or trailer. All you have to do is look at most Uhaul equipment to know they don’t give a crap what people are using it for. They don’t even keep close enough track of their stuff to be able to rent it out to customers who have money in hand.

    The RIAA, on the other hand, thinks that anyone with a computer and a music player is stealing from them, unless s/he can unequivocally prove otherwise. They try to keep such tight reigns on “their stuff” that they would rather accuse everyone of pirating than work to protect the artists’ actual interests.

  10. Kornkob says:

    And as for the arguement that the RIAA treats its custoemrs right because it is technically an association for the Recording Industry… that’s hogwash.

    The RIAA is an agent for Recording Labels. Thus the recording labels are telling the RIAA to ‘take action’ against their customers.

    Thus, the record labels– via their agent the RIAA– treat their customers badly.

  11. cleigh says:

    @mewyn dyner: Touche, I like the fire part…very fitting for UHaul.

  12. ColoradoShark says:

    @billybastion: I’m way older than that demographic. RIAA is evil but the root of all evil here is Congress’s passing the DMCA so RIAA can act like the police.

  13. antmuzic says:

    I tend to agree with the previous poster – the RIAA is going to the finals baby!

  14. Pelagius says:

    @muddgirl: What she said. When’s the last time you bought something from the RIAA? This is not a fair contest – UHaul should be up some other crappy retailer, while “Organzations That We Never Actually Buy Anything From But Hate on Principle” should be its own class – Halliburton, RIAA…

  15. Wally East says:

    @Pelagius: Pelagius, as a consumer of music, you have dealings with RIAA. It’s like saying you go to college basketball games but don’t have any dealings with the NCAA. And, as a US taxpayer, you’d better believe Haliburton is a company I’m buying things from. They aren’t really serving me very well, but that’s a separate round of voting.

  16. Agree with the above comments, this vote’s a no-brainer!

  17. muddgirl says:

    It’s completely possible to purchase music from only non-RIAA affiliated labels and record producers. Sure, you may not be able to get the latest Shakira or Radiohead album, but there are lots of great bands and labels to buy from. I wish more people would put their money where their mouth is and stop supporting the RIAA at all.

  18. crayonshinobi says:

    @ColoradoShark: Agreed

    However, how do you think the DMCA got passed in the first place? Our government has been bought and paid for by the RIAA/MPAA. If our representatives were really representing us, and not a special interest group/cartel, the DMCA would never have even made it to a vote.

  19. mopar_man says:

    Don’t forget to participate in the RIAA boycott:

  20. Funklord says:

    Use RIAA Radar–it’s a lovely free tool that will let you know if the music you are purchasing is afiliated with the RIAA (and you should steer clear)or if it’s something you can buy with a clear conscience. Very handy:

  21. Firstborn Dragon says:

    RIAA for me. Oh, and I’m not from the above demographic. And I don’t buy a lot of CDs because everything I like is impossible to get around here.

    I think I own umm… 1 CD? And it broke, so I downloaded the ONE song on the CD I like. Why should I pay another 20$ for one song on a CD? (And I don’t have an MP3 player, so things like Itunes are not an option for me.)

    But seeing them sue an 85 year old who hardly knows how to work a PC because they THINK she downloaded some music? Or going after consumers who buy into those download programs that are supposedly fully legal because they didn’t understand these programs? (I’ve looked at these downloaders myself, and even I couldn’t find out how to tell if something’s copywrited or not.)

  22. Firstborn Dragon says:

    Hmm… My post vanished.

    I voted RIAA. Why? Lots of reasons.

    1) Guilty until proven innocent rule. We think you’ve downloaded music you’ve done it. It doesn’t matter if you have never heard of MP3s, or bittorent, you’ve done it.

    2) It doesn’t matter if the program you used is paid for and claims to be fully legal. I’ve looked at these programs, which claim you can download whatever you want no problem for x dollars a month.

    3) If my CD that I bought gets broken, why should I pay for a new CD when all I like is ONE SONG?! And I don’t trust these download things due to DRMs and whatnot. I want to download something and be sure that if something goes wrong I have a copy. Werther it’s burning it to CD, or backing it up somehow. I do not want to pay a dollar to ‘rent’ a song until the next HD crash/power failure/system fluke/whatever.

    Oh, and here’s one from a Canadian.

    4) The RIAA makes the government CHARGE US a tax on all blank media. CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, audio cassets, ext. This is a reflection of their ‘all consumers are crooks’ mentality. But the government ineacted a law that lets a consumer LEGALLY make a copy of any media for themselves. RIAA agreed to this in order to charge us on EVERY BLANK MEDIA we buy.
    Now because of them supposedly loosing so much money, THEY want to penalize us because of the agreement THEY made with the governemt. Basically they want to keep taxing us, but rewrite our laws to suite their own ends.

    So not they want to tax us a blank media tax, AND keep us from being able to use this blank media however we want.

  23. jitrobug says:

    Since an angry eastern european uhaul employee once threatened to tell the police I stole a truck, they got my vote.

    if had been the MPAA, it would have been more of a toss up.

  24. markymags says:

    Nothing is going to stop the RIAA train from reaching the finals.

  25. Firstborn Dragon says:

    And right on time comes the RIAA threating collage students. Lovely.

    You’d almost think they were trying to win.

  26. itmustbeken says:

    I see RIAA and WalMart in the finals.

    Sort of like choosing between the Devil and Satan. Same thing, different names.

  27. Stepehn Colbert says:

    no contest really.

  28. shoegazer says:

    Indeed. It will be interesting to see how the semifinal between RIAA and Sony – who are also a record label, natch – will shake out.

    Yes I’m calling Sony vs Exxon too. Demonizing companies is FUN!

  29. This still makes no sense. The RIAA, while a hall-of-fame douchebag, isn’t a company like others in this tourney. It’s a trade group. You can’t walk into an RIAA franchise, buy an RIAA product, or phone an RIAA call center.

    This makes as much sense as nominating a chamber of commerce for Worst Neighborhood Company because they advocated for the building of a big-box store. You’d vote for the store, not the association.

  30. franknzz says:

    If anyone has recently Moved its an EASY CHOICE!!!

    U-Haul is shiet. Especially this U-Haul

    HOLLYWOOD , CA 90027

    If you go to this (or any) U-Haul make sure you get the full insurance. Last time I went they rented me a truck with a broken rear view mirror and then wanted me to pay for it.

    I litterally had to sit there and complain as loudly as I could for an hour and a half before a manager actually agreed to look at the records for the truck and see that it was already damaged. COMPLETE BS!!

  31. andrewgram says:

    TheRIAA is a power hungry company that has gone way too far. people diserve their rights too. If someone buys music, it should be theres. I don’t want to have to worry about buying a song off a program and then no longer being abl to use it once i stop paying loyalties to the comapny whos program i’m using. and this whole settlement bs. You have every right to put a case in front of their face. they demand 1000 dollars to not attempta law suit if they THINK they have evidence of piracy. More free money? when is it gonna stop!

  32. dmcbride says:

    Last I checked, the RIAA has great customer service…they go way out of their way to serve not only the 8-12 year olds of the world…but even the dead!

  33. RIAA taking the whole thing?

    Exxon is taking it for me. Noone has done more to hurt the customer AND the world as a whole.

    But what do I know, Im just a whiny environmentalist :P