Google Maps Has Real Time Traffic For 30 Major Cities

Holy crap, this is awesome. Oh wait, we don’t use our car anymore because we moved to Brooklyn. For the rest of you: Holy crap! This is awesome: Google Maps has real time traffic! Now the endless line of cars shining brightly to the horizon can be expressed in pretty, yet oddly depressing, colors via Google Maps. Bliss. —MEGHANN MARCO

Stuck in Traffic [Official Google Blog]


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  1. weave says:

    This has been available for about a year on their mobile version of google maps. I have that loaded on my Nokia N90 and works great. Always wondered why they didn’t show the same info on the normal site.

    Glad to see it’s there finally. Very useful.

  2. brilliantmistake says:

    I’ve used for the LA area for a while. I also get it on my cell through a verizon webpage that formats it for the phone. In the car, it’s mostly handy for deciding whether to get off or stay on the freeway.

  3. Frank Grimes says:

    I’ve had it in Houston via a local app. that TXDOT developed. For me, I have two choices to get home so while pretty to look at, it’s not like I can create a new way home. More useful to me are the real time message boards on the freeway letting me know how long it will take to get from point A to B allowing me to take the toll road or the free road depending on traffic. The fact that this works and is dependable and is in HOUSTON is a sign of the coming rapture.

  4. phildeaux says:

    This app is the best. ever. okay, my experience is limited, but i think it is the best. when i downloaded it for my treo i just pulled into a parking lot and played with it. you can get good maps, directions, and best of all traffic.
    even if trafffic is not an issue, i love it for the fact you can search for businesses within the map, so you dont have to know zip codes, you just have to know where you are.

  5. iPhone. iPhone. iPhone.

    There’s a lot more to that device than meets the eye…

  6. Mr. Gunn says:

    Liberal Cajun (formerly in Cullyforneeya) – Any phone with a decent screen can do this. They’ve have it available for certain parts of New Orleans for almost a year now, on the Nokia I’ve had for over a year. Yay Google!

  7. Maulleigh says:

    My love for google is unholy at this point.

  8. Anonymous says:

    @Frank Grimes:
    I used the google maps app on my phone for a while, but when I compared it to transtar, there was a HUGE difference. I don’t even check transtar that often anymore, I just leave myself at least 45 minutes to sit in traffic each time I go to work off 59 and 610.

  9. SOAZtim says:

    Thats not fair. For LA you know their going to color all the freeways red and just leave it that way!!!!
    Bad traffic 24/7!

  10. muddgirl says:

    In San Antonio, it just has one freeway Red and one freeway Green. I know for a fact that the Red freeway is not really Red (I work right next to it). Not very helpful here, apparantly.

  11. pestie says:

    Holy crap, that is awesome. They even have Tampa and Orlando, cities not far from me, which I didn’t really expect for some reason.

  12. Frank Grimes says:

    @Anonymous: Yeah…I’ll take a look at it but its like looking at the sun rising each morning. I have (2) ways to get to work and (2) ways to get home (Heights to the The Woodlands each day) but I will check it out. The few times I used Transtar is was spotty at best.

  13. Shoot, the Kennedy looks terrible!

  14. AlexPDL says:

    I’ve been using this since 1999, I traveled into the future and downloaded it onto my cellphone. Finally you have all caught up. ;-)

  15. Michael Bauser says:

    Looks like Google still considers Detroit, Michigan to be a “major city.” That’s very generous of them.

    The traffic coverage doesn’t seem to extend to Ann Arbor, though, which is weird, because Google actually has an office there.