FDA Approves Drug For Carsick Dogs

The FDA has approved a drug for carsick dogs. From Yahoo!:

The FDA said the drug, Cerenia, is the first to prevent and treat vomiting in dogs. When used in tablet form, the Pfizer Inc. drug can prevent vomiting associated with motion sickness, the FDA said. The agency also approved an injectable form of the drug, known generically as maropitant citrate, that it said can prevent and treat acute vomiting due to chemotherapy, parvovirus, kidney disease, pancreatitis and other causes.

Severe vomiting can lead to dehydration and death in dogs, the FDA said

Do they have one that’ll let certain editors of The Consumerist play Gears of War without feeling dizzy and nauseated? We’re so lame. —MEGHANN MARCO

FDA Approves Drug For Carsick Dogs
(Photo: ruurmo)