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HOW TO: Make A Bedwarmer [Dogged Knits]
Stick your rice pillow in the microwave (with a [microwaveable] cup of water, please!) for five or so minutes (since microwaves vary in heating power, experiment a little to see how long it takes yours to get hot.) Then put the pillow inside the cover, stick at the bottom of your bed, and enjoy warm feet!

IBM’s India Hiring Binge Continues [NYT]
India is so key to IBM that Chairman and Chief Executive Sam Palmisano held his annual analysts’ briefing there last June rather than in the traditional location of New York.

Study Finds Kids Gain Weight Over Summer [NYT]
The findings don’t reveal what’s behind the out-of-school weight gain, but the researchers speculate it’s because the summer months lack the structure of the school year with all its activities and daily comings and goings.

Lawmakers working to ban hacked RFID door cards [Infoworld]
To help illustrate the seriousness of the situation to his colleagues in California’s senate and state assembly, Simitian conducted a test in 2006 through which a security expert was hired to visit the state’s capitol building in Sacramento and hack an RFID card system used to gain entry to the building’s garage.

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  1. philbert says:

    Bed warmer – save yourself all that trouble – buy a heating pad with an auto turn off after two hours – for about 20 bucks. Stick it under the covers or lay it on the top of the bed – turn it on 5 minutes before going to bed. Taaaaa Daaaa

  2. A quick warning on the warmer tip, be sure to leave a cup of water or something (or splash a little on the pillow) to prevent the rice from catching fire, which it will do once it’s completely devoid of moisture for the microwave to heat up.

  3. An even better bedwarmer filler is cherry pits, which hold moisture on their own (no need to add the water cup) and create a lovely, long-lasting heat.

  4. My pillows won’t fit in the microwave.