Arrests Made In Stop and Shop Data Theft

Grocery store clerks and consumers can sleep better at night, knowing that the bad guys have been caught. From Computerwold:

Police in Rhode Island have arrested four people in connection with a recent security breach at Stop & Shop Supermarket Cos.

The Monday night arrests followed a complaint by employees at a Coventry, R.I., Stop & Shop store of suspicious activity involving four individuals near its cash registers.

“These arrests stem from an ongoing investigation of the recent theft of credit and debit card account data through illegal tampering of Stop & Shop’s electronic card transaction pin pad units,” the company said in a statement today. “We are hopeful that these arrests will bring those responsible for these crimes to justice.”

Busted. The thieves had obtained credit card/debit card info from modifying the self-swipe machines at several Rhode Island Stop and Shops. The chain has since upgraded to newer, tamper-proof machines. —MEGHANN MARCO

Arrests made in Stop & Shop data theft
Four Men Busted in Stop & Shop Data Theft [MyFoxBoston]


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  1. Pssssst... says:

    Lets not make it sound like their stores provided new pin pad units. All they did (which should have been done in the first place) was bolt down the pin pad to its station.

  2. mad_oak says:

    Upgraded to newer, tamper proof machines. Why does everybody wait to do this till AFTER they get robbed? And if Grant has it right…. fabulous… simply fabulous.

  3. IdontKNOW says:

    To: The guys that got caught

    Nice hack!