5 All-Time Must-Read Consumerist Posts

Here are five all-time top posts every single Consumerist reader should read, or re-read.

Be a Customer Service Ninja
“Within a day, you should get the phone call equivalent to the holy grail–a call back by someone on the executive service team.”

HOW TO: Fight Companies Online And Win
“The Consumerist’s step-by-step guide to posting your complaint against a company online and getting results.”

HOWTO: Record Customer Service Calls
“Recently we’ve gotten a flurry of emails asking how to record customer service calls”

CSR Hacks: Secret Codes to Get a Human Quickly
“Check out gethuman.com’s database of secret numbers and codes to quickly get a human on many company’s customer service lines.”

HOWTO: Complain
“Every so often, the plane doesn’t leave on time, a wrong part gets shipped or a bank teller sniggers at your hat. If you’re disappointed and want to tell the company, these tips will help your complaint see real results.”