Why Does It Take Microsoft 6 Weeks (And Counting) To Send A Mailer For An XBOX?

Poor guy. A blogger calling himself Saruman has been waiting for Microsoft to ship him a box for his broken XBox for 6 weeks. Just the box. So he can mail it in for repair. 6 weeks. They still haven’t mailed it. Did we mention it’s been 6 weeks?! From his blog:

… another week goes by (4 weeks).

I call up on a Sunday and get someone that could actually speak and he told me that there is definitely a problem with this order and it is totally screwed up and all of the previous guys were lying just to hang up the phone with me (gee thanks earlier guys!). This guy was easily the most helpful and told me to call back tomorrow when the supervisors are in and they will be able to help me. I call up on Monday and the supervisor is not available but takes my information in order to call me back.

… another week goes by (5 weeks).

This is just insane. What on earth could be going on that it would take 6 weeks for a major company to mail a box? If your customer service is going to suck this bad, you should just announce that you don’t offer any. Hi, this is Microsoft, we have take 6 weeks to mail a box, purchase at your own risk. Perhaps people should think of an XBOX as a really expensive can of Reddi-Whip, a product that comes with about the same level of customer service, and is also fun in its own way. —MEGHANN MARCO


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