URL Hack Reveals CompUSA's Discontinued Items

You can find out how crappy the closeout deals will be at your local liquidated CompUSA by hacking this URL: http://www.compusa.com/specials/storeblowoutsale/blowoutXXX.htm

1) Enter Compusa and your town or zip into Google to find your local CompUSA’s store number
2) Replace XXX with your store number and hit enter

You should get a list of “blowout” specials. Then:

1) Find an item you like.
2) Enter it into Amazon, Pricegrabber, or Froogle.
3) Laugh.


UPDATE: Is this just for items that are getting discontinued, not liquidated? That’s what reader Krishen, says:

    “That link is not for stores that is closing. All that is for is that what items are discontinued at the store. It has nothing to do with what the store is going to liquidate.Even the stores that are not going to close have discontinued Items. “Dump Bin SKU – must not go online – DVD MIX 100 COUNT TOWER” what that means is that they have movies for 4.98. Mostlikely previously viewed.”

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