URL Hack Reveals CompUSA's Discontinued Items

You can find out how crappy the closeout deals will be at your local liquidated CompUSA by hacking this URL: http://www.compusa.com/specials/storeblowoutsale/blowoutXXX.htm

1) Enter Compusa and your town or zip into Google to find your local CompUSA’s store number
2) Replace XXX with your store number and hit enter

You should get a list of “blowout” specials. Then:

1) Find an item you like.
2) Enter it into Amazon, Pricegrabber, or Froogle.
3) Laugh.


UPDATE: Is this just for items that are getting discontinued, not liquidated? That’s what reader Krishen, says:

    “That link is not for stores that is closing. All that is for is that what items are discontinued at the store. It has nothing to do with what the store is going to liquidate.Even the stores that are not going to close have discontinued Items. “Dump Bin SKU – must not go online – DVD MIX 100 COUNT TOWER” what that means is that they have movies for 4.98. Mostlikely previously viewed.”


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  1. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    My local store is no longer listed…

  2. Falconfire says:

    nope not going to work, none of the stores now “closing” are listed.

  3. RobUsdin says:

    If the local store is not listed:

    Google the store and city it is in (for my store I google “CompUSA Princeton”).

    The google result should show the store page from the CompUSA website. The store’s page will not be available, but the Google result should show the store #.

    Use the following URL and replace with your local store’s # at the end:


    Enjoy the sucky deals.


  4. mactbone says:

    Hahaha, at the Indy store they’re selling, “CITY OF VILLAINS BOOTLEG.” Only two dollars!

  5. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:


    Thanks for the tip…all crap there…but still, thanks!

  6. Kryndis says:

    Wow, those are simply terrible deals. I literally laughed out loud when I saw the 21 inch HP LCD screen for $530. My local store apparently has 2 of them. I guess I’d better hurry over, they’ll be going fast.

  7. mph says:

    To be fair, I’ve seen 2 great deals on laptops (esp. that Acer) on the Dealhack site from CompUSA

  8. Tallanvor says:

    “Dump Bin SKU – must not go online – DVD MIX 100 COUNT TOWER” only $4.98 in Raleigh!

    Makes you wonder who they have checking these things…

  9. Dang CompUSA has a lot of overpriced junk…

  10. shiny says:

    @Tallanvor: We have the exact same item — five of them, in fact, in Alexandria, VA.

    Store #477 representin’!

  11. FLConsumer says:

    Man… people actually pay these prices for this stuff? Maybe I could understand it if it wasn’t COMPUTER parts. If someone is buying computer parts, they probably have internet… therefore should have no reason to buy this crap unless they’re totally desperate and overnight shipping isn’t fast enough.

  12. timmus says:

    I guess at those prices, there won’t be any liquidation. Rather the liquidators will be the proud owners of, well, a CompUSA store. Whose inventory doesn’t move.

    Unless consumers are stupid and race to get these bad deals. Are the lines around the store forming yet?

  13. cindel says:

    OMG it is crap! Shame on you VA..

  14. kensal says:

    actually, the liquidation company (gordon brothers) will eventually discount the stock to a reasonable margin, but don’t expect to see better prices for at least a month or two.

    Of course, by then, don’t expect the stock to be in good condition, (less than enthuistatic employees) or to get a manufacturers warranty.

  15. bandit says:

    In the Manhattan store, you can get an Iomega 100MB Zip drive for $50! Who’s buying those anymore?

  16. y2julio says:

    “315002 Apple iPod+hp Digital Audio Player, MP3, 20GB
    – Brand: HP
    – Category: Electronics » iPods & Portable Audio » iPod / MP3 Players 2 $19.98 “
    iPod for 20 bucks? sweeet.

  17. abartonkc says:

    CompUSA’s deals don’t look so great when there isn’t 3 mail in rebates (that you will never receive) to lower the final price. Good riddance to CompUSA and their mail in rebates!

  18. Never had any problems with rebates through CompUSA, always got mine. In fact i’ve rarely had any rebate troubles with any chain. I’m just careful to follow all the instructions and persist in following-up when need be.

    But the blow-outs are indeed just discontinued and open-box items at individual stores. They send those out all the time.

  19. Nyle says:

    Thanks for the tip but you were right about the “deals”

    The Rochester, NY store has absolutely no good deals and I can buy most items from sellers that are still in business for a few cents more.

  20. Nyle says:

    Thanks for the information but you were right abotu the deals. Rochester, NY sotre 557 has nothing worth buying. If you want it you can get it for less from a supplier that is still in business.

  21. SOAZtim says:

    I was able to pull up a couple of stores by me. just do your zip code and compusa and some should pop up. Click on the link given and walla! The crappy insulting not really a deal page appears!
    Then proceed to amazon or bargainist to buy it…

  22. qazwart says:

    It’s gone. The URL no longer works.

  23. digicool says:

    You guys have to understand that retail is always going to be overpriced because it is a convenience to be able to go in and pickup an item now rather than wait for it in shipping.

    About the prices at compusa, the prices did not change before they went on sale, the liquidators came in and put signs up showing an extra percentage off on everything, no prices were raised. Some of the prices are better than employee cost so not a bad deal at all. At the beginning the prices will not be heavily discounted but in 30 days check back and you could get an awesome deal. Also nothing is in the wharehouse anymore, all product has been moved to the floor so there are no employees kicking and dropping product on purpose. What you see is what you get.