Sprint's New Unlimited Voice, Messaging, Data, Internet Plan: $150

Sprint is trying out two new unlimited bundle plans that one industry analyst is calling, “a grenade,” with the power to disrupt both wireless and landline carriers.

For $120 a month, you can get unlimited voice, messaging and data on your Sprint cellphone. For $30 more, you can get all that and unlimited internet access.

The plans are currently being tried out in San Fransisco. They could be a good deal for people who find themselves constantly going over their minutes.

If Sprint rolls these out nationally, it will be interesting to see whether they mean unlimited in the dictionary sense of the word, or in the Comcast sense — BEN POPKEN

Sprint Nextel ‘grenade:’ unlimited voice, messaging and data [RCR Wireless News] (Thanks to Justin!)
(Photo: Sam Wilkinson)


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  1. MeOhMy says:

    Just about everything unlimited in the cellphone world is Comcast-Unlimited.

  2. shoegazer says:

    I believe this would be unlimited with fair use. But hey, they could surprise us by not sucking.

  3. Mr. Gunn says:

    I’m waiting for them to drop the stupid “divide everything into categories so we can charge more” nonsense.

  4. medalian1 says:

    None of this advertised unlimited digital crap really is unlimited. Verizon’s data plan and comcast are prefect examples.

  5. formergr says:

    Is the internet just accessing it on your little phone, or do they mean wireless that you can use for your laptop?

  6. Do2 says:

    Sprint…. at a certain point you have to say, the price is never going to be low enough to enter into a contract with these people.

    Don’t let that dreamy deal fool you- they will find a way to abuse you mercillessly.

    Maybe you need unlimited minutes because of how long you will be on hold for a CSR.

  7. kerry says:

    I don’t really see why this deal is so dreamy. I get unlimited data/email/messaging from T-Mobile for $20/month, so I’d have to have a voice plan over $130 a month to make Sprint seem worthwhile. This doesn’t really seem like much of a deal. Maybe it’s a good idea if you’re already with Sprint. Do they screw people on messaging/data bundles?

  8. pestie says:

    I use my Sprint cell phone as a data modem with my laptop on occasion. One thing they don’t seem to mention is that they transparently and silently degrade all the images sent through their over-the-air data service. So, when you’re browsing and notice that all the images look like they’re being rendered on a 16-color VGA monitor from 1993, that’d be why.

  9. Juancho says:

    Kerry, what’s the deal you have with T-Mobile?

  10. kerry says:

    @Juancho: I have a sidekick, so the data/messaging is unlimited for $20 a month. It’s $29 if you don’t have a voice plan. Maybe that’s cheating, but last I checked T-Mobile and Cingular/AT&T had all-you-can-eat internet/messaging bundles for treos and blackberries at about $30/month.

  11. Bourque77 says:

    Do2, Amen. Sprint lost 306,000 customers in the last quarter of 06 for a reason.

  12. ApathyGirl says:

    I have a similar plan from AT&T (from when I was an AT&T Wireless-Blue) customer – $100 unlimited voice/data/text/mms.

    Not only does Cingular or the New AT&T not offer anything close, when they pressure me to roll me account over and I tell them my plan – they give up.

  13. MeOhMy says:

    T-Mobile Total Internet (unlimited) including Hotspots is $30/month on top of your voice plan.
    They also have a Blackberry service that does not include Hotspots for $20. It’s a “Blackberry” plan, but I think you can add it to any plan online.

    This plan might be useful if you use HUGE amounts of minutes or texts, but it seems pretty awful to me.

  14. yg17 says:


    Sounds like its the Blackberry plan. That’s what I have. Unlimited data. Not unlimited voice, but come on, does anyone really use more than 1,000 minutes in a month? Plus, T-Mobile is awesome and has, by far, the best customer service I’ve ever seen from a large company. Call quality is excellent and I’ve never dropped a call either. Can’t say that about Sprint.

  15. itmustbeken says:

    Unless you are a true mobile worker and love eye strain when surfing the web, the math on this doesn’t work.

    I keep hearing that Sprint is about to fully integrate the Nextel network into their system. This will bring push-to-talk to all Sprint customers (who pay for the phone upgrade!) and better reception to all. I don’t know if I would want to jump into any contract with Sprint before they do that.