Sprint's New Unlimited Voice, Messaging, Data, Internet Plan: $150

Sprint is trying out two new unlimited bundle plans that one industry analyst is calling, “a grenade,” with the power to disrupt both wireless and landline carriers.

For $120 a month, you can get unlimited voice, messaging and data on your Sprint cellphone. For $30 more, you can get all that and unlimited internet access.

The plans are currently being tried out in San Fransisco. They could be a good deal for people who find themselves constantly going over their minutes.

If Sprint rolls these out nationally, it will be interesting to see whether they mean unlimited in the dictionary sense of the word, or in the Comcast sense — BEN POPKEN

Sprint Nextel ‘grenade:’ unlimited voice, messaging and data [RCR Wireless News] (Thanks to Justin!)
(Photo: Sam Wilkinson)

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