Lifehacker Roundup

How much does that tax-prep software really cost?
“If you use any kind of tax-prep software, you owe it to yourself to read this piece.”

Recalculate your paycheck deductions
“So you’ve filed your income tax return, but you want to adjust how much you’ll owe/get back in 2007. Take a gander at’s Paycheck Calculator, which will figure out your paycheck amount and tax payment based on gross salary and other deductions.”

Extend Vista’s activation period
“…step-by-step instructions for extending the length of time you can run Vista without activation from 30 to 120 days.”

How to track your airline miles in Quicken
“You can use Quicken to track travel reward points as if they were another account.”

Recover stolen gadgets with GadgetTheft
“Freeware application and web utility GadgetTheft tracks your stolen gadgets by placing an autorunning application for your iPod, digital camera, or other USB device.”

Find hotspots with Hotspotr
“Find a Wi-Fi hotspot in your area with Hotspotr, a new Google Maps mashup…”

Free printable worldwide subway maps

Decide whether or not to hire a tax professional
“The Queercents money blog has a 9-point evaluation that’ll help you figure out the right answer for you.”