HOW TO: Know If Your CompUSA Is Getting Liquidated

How do you know if your local CompUSA is one of 129 getting liquidated starting tomorrow? If it’s not on this list, it’s going out of business.

Keep an eye out for sales, though they may not be all that hot and most of the merch will probably end up on eBay. — BEN POPKEN


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  1. RandomHookup says:

    Oh well, guess I didn’t want to go back to CompUSA ever again.

  2. DieBrucke says:

    Wouldn’t that be “Used to say 228” if 128 are getting liquidated tomorrow?

  3. AcidReign says:

    …..Somehow, ours in Rednekville survived!

  4. So, what does it say about Louisiana that we’re keeping our CompUSAs, but still don’t have an Apple Store?

    I think it says we’re really, really dumb.

  5. boicraig says:

    Man, we seem to be loosing ours here in the Detroit area at Southfield and Ford Road.

  6. Winca says:

    @Liberal Cajun:

    I think that Patton Oswalt said it best in his Standup CD “222” (just insert your own state here):

    I think I can sum up the entire state of Virginia in one word:


  7. calavera says:

    I can’t say that I’ll shed a tear for these overpriced monstrosities and their mostly brainless employee reservoir whom they forgot to teach basic principles of customer service. All CompUSA stores in Washington state are closing other than the one in Spokane? I say good riddance.

  8. mikesfree says:

    No more in Missouri? This is where we bought my first PC that ran windows 3.1.

  9. kerry says:

    Both of the CUSAs near me are closing, including the big one downtown I used to actually shop at. Now where will I pick up memory cards and screen protectors when I have to go to meetings downtown? They were the only place like that in the area. Nuts!

  10. cabinaero says:

    Wow…. all Minnesota stores are going. Too bad, it was a nice local option to our Apple Stores for Mac accessories.

  11. Kaix says:

    Hooray! All of them in St. Louis are closing!

    Incompetent employees be gone!

  12. NeonCat says:

    I’m surprised all the ones in metro Atlanta are closing, though it may be (and probably is) that they just didn’t make enough to pay the rent. I know they are not the greatest place to shop for computer stuff but if you needed it today it wasn’t a terrible place to go.

    OTOH, when I wanted to buy a new case to put a computer in, I couldn’t find anyone to help. I waited like ten minutes by the damn things waiting for someone to be free before finally giving up and finding the store manager.

  13. bluegus32 says:

    Kaix said: “Hooray! All of them in St. Louis are closing! Incompetent employees be gone!”

    Nope, they’ll just be shuffled around to Best Buy.

  14. lawnmowerdeth says:

    I never had a problem with CompUSA, but I’m a know-what-I-want and get out shopper.
    It’s an excellent store when you need emergency IT parts (power supplies, cases, SCSI cards, etc). Best Buy and Circuit city generally don’t carry generic PC parts. With no Fry’s in St. Louis, I’m extra sad.

  15. The Bouj says:

    I just talked to my friend who is a manager at the CompUSA in Sugar Land, TX (slated to close according to the list). He literally had no idea. I was the first person to tell him. How crappy is that.

    He spoke to his boss shortly after that and they gave him the confirmation. Liquidator comes tomorrow. 60-90 days before the location actually closes. Minor severence packages + unused vacation.

    Be sure to tip your waitstaff.

  16. Daytonna says:

    Ours here in Boise survived, Yea! I still have a place to go price check my computer parts at before I go order em from NewEgg.

  17. holocron says:

    Yeah, bummer for us up here in Minnesota…

  18. holocron says:

    Hmmm…Interesting actually. I thought at first we were being fooled by some sort of spoof site, but then I went to the CompUSA main site and got to this page. Could it be an error and these are actually the 100 stores being closed. Seems that some of these places wouldn’t be that profitable. But I’m just sayin…

  19. Craig says:

    I just called our local store (which is closing) to see if I could get a deal on a new laptop. No dice…the liquidation starts next week.

  20. Falconfire says:

    wow NJ got raped, only one out of the like 7-8 stores we had is surviving.

  21. Brian Gee says:

    One of the stores in Portland that is closing was just opened in the last year or so. The one near me in east-east-bay is closing. This is freaking nuts!

  22. Shizznid says:

    After receiving horrible customer service from my local Burbank, CA Comp USA (Misinformation, horrible attitudes, and outright illegal activity – like forcing a customer to buy an extended warranty like AppleCare in order to receive a discount, which is is a big no-no in the state of California) – I wrote a letter to the store manager, and CC’d the corporate offices, explaining that, unless they gave me a good reason to come back, I would be canceling my Comp USA credit card, and shopping for equipment somewhere else. (I am a video/film editor, and I buu about $10k of expendables from stores like Comp USA each year) A few months later (last week, actually) I was called by the local store manager, who informed me that,

    “Our store was staffed-up for Christmas by untrained employees. Unfortunately, those employees continued to work here after the holiday, and have yet to receive adequate training.”

    I wasn’t satisfied with that explanation, and I told him just that. He didn’t care. I told him I would be canceling my credit account and shopping elsewhere – and I would inform corporate that he’s the one who failed to retain me as a customer. (Who’s spent $40,000 there in the last 5 years)

    Of course, he couldn’t have cared less.

    After reading about the store closures today, I went to the Burbank, CA store. No deals, nothing out of the ordinary. Just horrible business as usual….

    Comp USA, you will not be missed.

  23. iworkthere says:

    @holocron: “Seems that some of these places wouldn’t be that profitable”

    The smaller city 1 store markets are actually more profitable. The big city multi-store markets lose lots of money, with all of the competition.

  24. pearlandopal says:

    The one near me in northern VA is closing. Aww, what a shame. One less overpriced store with crappy selections and nonexistant customer service.

  25. Chairman-Meow says:

    Well, gosh golly looks like Braintree Mass is going down for the count. I’ll now have to drive all they to Warwick RI for my compUSA share of neglect & indifference.

  26. itmustbeken says:

    I would pay money to slap their employees

  27. yg17 says:

    “Hooray! All of them in St. Louis are closing!”

    Yep, good riddance to the STL ones. I’ve been to the Manchester one a few times, and they’re just horrible. The employees don’t know what they’re talking about. Customer service is horrid though.

    I was once there, and I got stuck behind some guy in line who was returning something he bought online and was trying to return in the store. Online, he didn’t get charged sales tax (or he was charged a lesser rate, not sure), but the register was trying to refund the purchase price, plus local sales tax. Which meant he would be getting back about 3 bucks more than he paid. Well, the cashier, nor the manager knew how to override it, so they were messing with it for about 20 minutes until they figured it out. Now, in this time, they didn’t bother to open another register, so I (stupidly) waited the entire time to check out. So, rather than give the guy the damn 3 dollars, they created at least one unhappy customer who never returned. And there were people in line behind me. Again, good riddance.

    All of the computer stuff I buy is cheaper online. And if I’m feeling impaitent, I can usually get overnight shipping and still get it cheaper than I could at CompUSSR.

  28. No stores in Northern VA are surviving. There are currently three in about a 15 minute drive from my house.

  29. FredTheCat says:

    When this is done there’ll be no CompUSA stores within a hundred miles of me in Orange County, California. Which means back to Fry’s and the “find a box that hasn’t been opened and returned” game as well as the complimentary strip search on exiting. Sigh.

  30. Red_Eye says:

    Holly crap, they are closing all but 1 in georgia?!? What a mess.

  31. cynon says:

    Well this sucks. Granted, some of the people I encountered there had no idea what they were talking about, but I knew, and that’s all that counts for me. I love Newegg, but now I have no place to get the nit-noid parts I might need to quick-fix something. Maybe, just maybe, this’ll bring back the little computer shops – but I doubt it.
    So, another CEO makes millions and more employees are out on the street. Great.

  32. orielbean says:

    For those in Mass who will be left w/ just the Holyoke store – hit up Microcenter. Its on Memorial Drive in Cambridge (boston?) right next to the Charles River. About 1/2 mile past River Rd. They are freakin awesome. And every now and then – U-do-it electronics off of 128 in Needham might have the parts you need. They are techy but not too much computer stuff – call first.

    And I hope those red shirts all die like an old Star Trek episode. Useless waste of retail space and overpriced everything. Even the “sales” were barely palatable.

  33. Which means back to Fry’s and the “find a box that hasn’t been opened and returned” game as well as the complimentary strip search on exiting. Sigh.

    You know, I think that’s one the Consumerist should do an article on. I never stop for the door-minders at Fry’s – simply avoiding eye contact is the best way – and the single time I was challenged, I just asked in my nicest voice: “Am I accused of something?”

    Fry’s has no right to stop you or check your reciept unless you are suspected of theft. Costco can do it because it’s a condition of membership – Fry’s, however, has no such stipulation and no notice upon entering that you consent to delay or search.

  34. grrrarrrg says:

    for some odd reason, there are still 5 stores in Northern California.

    i was hoping the downtown SF one would be going the way of the dodo. unfortunately, i didn’t think positive enough, and we’re still stuck with it.


  35. holocron says:

    BTW, interesting that I actually placed an order early in the day yesterday for store pick-up. Shortly after you posted this I went to try that again and it was trying to send me to madison, wi. I wonder if my order will actually be there for me.

  36. akiba says:

    Of all the stores in Washington, the Spokane store is the only one staying open?? I suppose a small town is the only place where they can compete. I do recall going to CompUSA near Seattle and seeing it empty while the BestBuy two stores down was bustling. But CompUSA had the worste prices and Fry’s dwarfed their selection.

  37. Rm212 says:

    At first I was really surprised, but when I realized that the only purchases I’ve made there (MN location) in the past year are the rebate/loss leader items, perhaps this makes sense. . .

    Guess I’ll have to check the online deals instead of the Sunday paper!

  38. dalieu says:

    good riddance! they have horrible service & overpriced products. when i did want to buy from them, they couldn’t even sell to me.

    i placed an order for in-store pickup, because their site said there were no more available for shipping. the product was some bluetooth headphones and was a rebate deal otherwise i would never have ordered it in the first place. i went after work to go pick up my headphones that was supposedly on 3 day reserve for me, they spent more than 45 minutes looking for them and came back empty handed.

    i requested that they have one shipped from one of the other stores and i’ll come back and pick up it. they told me they can only do that *after* i pay for it first! Ridiculous!