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End of the paper trail: Airlines plan to go totally to e-tickets by year’s end
Northwest and other carriers are planning to eliminate paper tickets by year’s end in favor of computer-generated e-tickets. The move will cut the cost of issuing passenger tickets from $10 to just $1 and potentially save the industry about $3 billion a year.

When Disillusion Sets In
In a note he left behind, Mr. Baber, who had owned two Quiznos franchises in Long Beach before he became embroiled in a legal dispute with the corporation, blamed the sandwich chain for destroying his life.

“Someone must do something about what Quiznos is doing to the trapped franchisees,” he wrote. “I deeply regret getting into Quiznos. I wish I had never heard of them.”

Stuck in the Spin Cycle Even if you can’t help me, I just want people to know not to believe everything a manufacturer promises you.

Investing in Foreclosures for Dummies“Some people are using the phrase ‘tsunami;’ there’s going to be a tsunami of foreclosures,” said Dave Jenks, co-author of “The Millionaire Real Estate Investor.”

Apple delays release of AppleTV device
Apple Inc. said Monday it would delay the release of its AppleTV set-top box product until mid-March due to delays in getting the set-top box ready for its retail debut.

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  1. mad_oak says:

    I’M CALLING BULLSHIT ON ELIMINATING PAPER TICKETS!!! They already charge $50 for the damn thing, I don’t care, make it $100. When I slap down $800 or $1000 or more to fly to Europe or Africa or Asia, I’ll pay the extra cash. I damn well want a hardcopy of my ticket. Some damn e-ticket number from Northwest Airlines in Ass-Deep-In-Snow Minnesota is gonna do NOTHING FOR ME at some backwater airport on the far side of the world.

  2. mathew says:

    Re: Quiznos, is it just me or are the sandwiches at that place unreasonably expensive? If they can’t make a profit at those prices, they must really be being bent over by the franchise owner.