This Will Totally Be A Whole Foods Just As Soon As We Clean Up The Toxic Waste

For those of you not familiar with the landscape of the borough of Kings, this is a photo taken from inside of the site of a new Whole Foods store in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn. Currently, the site is home to an underground toxic plume of benzene that may or may not have originated at the nearby Verizon fuel station. Verizon denies that the fuel station, which is at the epicenter of the toxic plume, is the cause of the mess, despite the fact that there have been 5 oil spills on the site.

UPDATE: Verizon spokesperson John Bonomo just contacted us to say the delicious Whole Foods benzene is definitely not their fault.

Looks appetizing, doesn’t it? We hope photoblogger The Food Of The Future washed his shoes after taking this! —MEGHANN MARCO

Whole Foods Site From Inside [Gowanus Lounge]

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  1. BrooklynDad says:

    The worst thing about this is that there is an elementary school about 3 blocks from here and no one seems to care or think this might be an issue. It is P.S. 372.

  2. jpcooper43 says:

    hey! thats the dirty squat in the background too. at least they’ll have a convenient place to spare change

  3. Darren W. says:

    Isn’t this just a picture of some ice with High Dynamic Range editing to make it look more “radioactive”?

  4. wikkit says:

    Poking around the listed sources, I’m inclined to agree with Darren W. This guy seems to tweak the hell out of his pictures.

  5. Ian S. says:

    Wikipedia says that Benzene is colorless. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was edited or the color was unrelated to this toxin.

  6. Magicube says:

    Who cares if the photographer manipulated the photo? The benzene cloud is underground, not bubbling up into blue ice.
    This is the site of the future Whole Foods store. That’s all this photo was supposed to illustrate.
    Consumerist – can you stay on this? It seems like very little is happening on this issue and it’s huge. Like, bad cancer huge.

  7. rhombopteryx says:


    Wikipedia also says gasoline is colorless, but it still makes a pretty rainbow sheen when you spill puddles of it on wet pavement.
    That said, I’m pretty sure it is hard to see underground benzene plumes without Superman eyes.