Apparently, Cherry Hill Dodge Sucks

Jim Broomell thinks Cherry Hill Dodge sucks. In fact, he feels strongly enough about the issue that he’s taken it upon himself to educate the general public about the ways in which Cherry Hill Dodge sucks. He’s using the internet, the courts, even the side of his truck to warn unsuspecting potential Dodge-buyers. Unsurprisingly, Jim Bromell was recently sued by Cherry Hill Dodge.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

The whole thing began with a used pickup truck that faltered. Broomell filed a lemon-law suit against Chrysler, the manufacturer, and got an extended warranty out of it.

When the truck had more problems, Broomell said, Cherry Hill Dodge, a Cherry Hill Triplex dealership, refused to work on the vehicle despite the warranty.

Laura Ruccolo, an attorney for Triplex, said the dealership was not obligated to work on the truck and just didn’t want to deal with Broomell anymore.

“I don’t think the guy understands,” she said. “He was yelling and screaming at people.”

Both parties ended up in small-claims court, which threw out the case, saying Broomell had the option to go to another dealership. Right after that, in 2004, Triplex sued Broomell for his signs and other activities.

“Broomell continues to make statements that the court already decided were untrue, such as my client refused to honor the warranty,” Ruccolo said.

Before the case was resolved, Broomell said, Triplex would have to prove he had been “malicious and unjustified.”

“I’m granting them malicious,” he said. “I want them to lose business, and I don’t want people to go there… . But I am justified, period.”

These days, Jim is still free to drive around with magnetic signs on his truck, warning others of the evils of Cherry Hill Dodge. Hey, it’s free speech. —MEGHANN MARCO

The Internet as battleground of free speech [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Cherry Hill Triplex Sucks


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  1. hop says:

    hope the guy gains something outta all this, but i wonder if this is the whole story….but as far as i’m concerned he has the right to display the signs…….

  2. Falconfire says:

    The court threw the case out. That doesnt mean the statements where untrue, since it was infact true, they WOULDNT honor the warranty. All the court said was while Cherry Hill wouldnt honor the warranty, other dealers could.

    I dont know if Triplex really wants to go down this road. All they are going to do is bring even more publicity to their already statewide known service problems (this is not the first problem I have heard about that dealer group) AND likely open them up to a counter-suit.

  3. VG10 says:

    i guess i just dont understand why the dealership just doesnt buy the truck back from him, then refuse his business in the future and just be done with it. whatever happened to companies that wanted to keep their customers happy?

  4. DeeJayQueue says:

    the Cherry Hill Triplex are the biggest bunch of scam-artists there are. Every day I hear or see commercials of theirs promising “$10,000 for your trade-in (or we’ll pay your first 2 payments)” as if that’s an equal deal. I went there and saw mostly been-hits and repaints and auction cars being sold at or above full blue-book value. Avoid at all costs, even if you have no credit. If you must visit a giant mega-dealership, Turnersville Auto Outlet is a couple steps above the Triplex in terms of service.

  5. jendomme says:

    The problem stems from the fact that he bought a Chrysler product.

    This is very simple, if you are going to purchase a domestic full-sized truck, purchase a Toyota Tundra.

  6. Mojosan says:

    I live near this dealer. They are in the news constantly for fraud related items.

    The state has fined them a bunch of times for shady practices.

    They are your typical shady card dealer to the Nth degree.

  7. I would tend to believe Jim Broomell in this case, especially since I read these comments on DealerRater:

    Cherry Hill Dodge sounds like a real shady operation.

  8. B says:

    Since we know 1) Cherry Hill sucks and 2) Other dealers have to honor the warranty, why doesn’t he just bring the truck to a different dealer to get it fixed? It seems like that would leave both parties reasonably satisfied. As for what he’s got written on his truck, it falls under the protection of free speech.

  9. chimmike says:

    regardless of what he bought, they didn’t deny any warranty. They refused to work on the vehicle….aka they didn’t want to work on it.

    They, as a dealer, were under NO obligation to work on the vehicle. They’re under NO obligation to work on any vehicle. If you take your car there and they don’t want to change your oil, that’s not illegal.

    We don’t know what type of vehicle he bought. Typically, if you LEMON LAW a vehicle, they buy it back. Since he had it lemon lawed, and they gave him an extended warranty, he HAD to expect more problems with it.

    If they refused to work on it, it probably stems from him yelling at them every time he went there for work on the vehicle.

    Caveat emptor, to an extent.

  10. Falconfire says:

    @chimmike: Thats a semantics based argument.

    And I might be mistaken but I believe in order to be a Chrysler dealer your required to do warranty work.

  11. Cap'n Jack says:
  12. Namrepus says:

    Isn’t some guy doing this against the dealership on A&E’s “King of Cars”

  13. medalian1 says:

    I like when people do stuff like this. Kudos to him!

  14. matto says:

    i had the same sort of problem, except I didn’t scream and yell and act like a jerk, but the dealership tried to sue me for 1.5 million dollars.

    Here’s the website.

  15. Mr. Gunn says:

    VG10: That’s what I was thinking. People are so confrontational these days…

  16. Logan26 says:

    ” jendomme says:

    The problem stems from the fact that he bought a Chrysler product.

    This is very simple, if you are going to purchase a domestic full-sized truck, purchase a Toyota Tundra.”

    No, if you want to buy domestic, you buy Ford or GM, not crapan.


    To Jim Broomell: Go after them with everything you got! Good luck friend & keep up the good fight!

  18. mad_oak says:

    Am I the only person that actually read the supporting articles? Apparently the Consumerist didn’t even bother to read them. The small claims suit this guy filed is dismissed, he lost. The lawsuit filed TWO YEARS AGO by the dealership was dismissed on a technicality, not decided in either’s favor. I’m continually amazed at the amount of wasted time and effort people spend when they could just take their business somewhere else. Vote with their feet.

  19. Eugene says:

    Same happened to me with a local dealer called spitzer Dodge. I paid a bunch of $ for a lot of work and still had the same problem so I paid out more $ to still have the same problem and they refused to warranty their work. I ended up buying a $12 repair manual from autozone and fixed it myself.

  20. senchin says:

    This is Jim Broomell here. Thanks for the support of those of you in favor of my actions.

    Some points to clarify especially to the proponent of car dealerships ..chimmike

    1. Correct …it was not a “lemon-law” suit as a new vehicle but the equivalent law for a low mileage used vehicle.. Magnusson Fergusson Act (unsure of spelling)was the basis for my winning a settlement agreement with money back and an extended warranty

    2. I will post (actually scan) the exact words of my warranty on my website shortly. I tried taking it to 3 other dealerships and they would not work on it because of the history, and they all told me to go to my selling dealer! It was a catch-22. Who should have fixed it if the selling dealer wouldnt???? Can they ALL deny the warranty work??? That would make ALL warrantees useless!

    3. I may have been a “jerk” but it was surely after my breaking point. I’m sure anyone would be loud after being without the vehicle for 8 days and coming out with the same problem it went in for and then the dealer saying we cant work on it anymore.

    4. The small claims case I filed for breach of warranty was dismissed. I lost that. The dealership sued me subsequently for tortious and malicious interference in a business, among other charges, and I won. I won based on my summary judgment motion.

  21. LeopardSeal says:


    That offically qualifies as one of the stupidist things I have ever heard.