Apparently, Cherry Hill Dodge Sucks

Jim Broomell thinks Cherry Hill Dodge sucks. In fact, he feels strongly enough about the issue that he’s taken it upon himself to educate the general public about the ways in which Cherry Hill Dodge sucks. He’s using the internet, the courts, even the side of his truck to warn unsuspecting potential Dodge-buyers. Unsurprisingly, Jim Bromell was recently sued by Cherry Hill Dodge.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

The whole thing began with a used pickup truck that faltered. Broomell filed a lemon-law suit against Chrysler, the manufacturer, and got an extended warranty out of it.

When the truck had more problems, Broomell said, Cherry Hill Dodge, a Cherry Hill Triplex dealership, refused to work on the vehicle despite the warranty.

Laura Ruccolo, an attorney for Triplex, said the dealership was not obligated to work on the truck and just didn’t want to deal with Broomell anymore.

“I don’t think the guy understands,” she said. “He was yelling and screaming at people.”

Both parties ended up in small-claims court, which threw out the case, saying Broomell had the option to go to another dealership. Right after that, in 2004, Triplex sued Broomell for his signs and other activities.

“Broomell continues to make statements that the court already decided were untrue, such as my client refused to honor the warranty,” Ruccolo said.

Before the case was resolved, Broomell said, Triplex would have to prove he had been “malicious and unjustified.”

“I’m granting them malicious,” he said. “I want them to lose business, and I don’t want people to go there… . But I am justified, period.”

These days, Jim is still free to drive around with magnetic signs on his truck, warning others of the evils of Cherry Hill Dodge. Hey, it’s free speech. —MEGHANN MARCO

The Internet as battleground of free speech [Philadelphia Inquirer]

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