Gigafast Fails To Fund Rebate Offers

Gigafast, manufacturer of networking equipment and consumer electronics, has failed to fund their rebate offers, according to an email circulated yesterday by rebate-processor

    We regret to inform you that the above rebate claim has not been funded by the sponsoring manufacturer, Gigafast Inc., and therefore cannot be paid. Gigafast Inc. contracted with Inc. to have Inc. process Gigafast Inc. sponsored rebates but, in violation of the terms of this contract, Gigafast Inc. has not funded disbursements for several months and has not responded to our many funding requests or other attempts to reach them. As a result rebate disbursements to customers who purchased Gigafast Inc. products have not been made. At this point your rebate claim is being cancelled but your rebate details will be kept on file in the event that you are able to contact Gigafast, Inc. and get them to fund your claim.

    Unfortunately has no further information available at this time. If you have any questions regarding the non-funding of your rebate claim please direct them to Gigafast Inc.:

    Gigafast Inc.
    17531 Railroad St #C
    City of Industry, CA 91748
    Phone: 626-964-2960
    Fax: 626-964-2690

    We apologize for this regrettable situation. Inc. has tried repeatedly over the course of several weeks to secure funding for your rebate claim. Weve done everything reasonably possible on your behalf but have not gotten a response.

    Sincerely, Inc. customer service

OnRebate is known to be stingy with rebate disbursements. Is this bad karma in action? — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

(Thanks to Mitch and Haonan!)


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  1. dohtem says:

    Honestly what is the consumer supposed to do in this situation? Seriously? Eat the loss?

    You can’t return the item because it is probably passed the return window. Even if they let you get store credit, remember you ripped the UPC off the box to send in the rebate. You can try to hawk it on eBay and hope you break even.

    Someone get the BBB on the phone :(

  2. 5h17h34d says:

    This is fraud isn’t it? I’m in the middle of getting screwed by a Logitech rebate now. It’s $30 which isn’t alot of money but I would have never bought the harmony remote without the rebate. They claim they didn’t receive the forms then said in an email I could email a pdf attachment or fax the documents to possibly still get the rebate. They demand several types of info about the rebate including a “department number” which is impossible to give them because there is none so they will use that to not send my rebate I’m guessing.

    Are state attorney generals interested in this kind of stuff? Is small claims court a viable option?

  3. ahwannabe says:

    Am I the only one who saw that photo and thought, “Calls, calls, calls, calls fromt the public…?”

  4. RumorsDaily says:

    Don’t let the first company off the hook. They agreed to do this without getting the cash up front, they’re the one you’re deal with, they’re the one who has to pay you. Let Company A sue Company B.

  5. r81984 says:

    1. call the manufacturer, gigafast since they offered the rebate.
    2. if they do not respond after a week, call the vendor you purchased it from and tell them you want them to honor the rebate as that was the reason you bought the item.
    3. If they refuse to give you credit or pay the rebate then do a chargeback and get your money back.
    4. If they try to contact you tell them you will pay them the full price of the item minus the rebate.

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  6. suckonthat says:

    @5h17h34d: Did you buy it with a credit card? Could you try a chargeback for either the amount owed (under a certain amount the credit card company will do it without any sort of fight) or for the entire thing?

  7. medalian1 says:

    This isn’t new, except that onrebate has publicly said that gigafast has not funded them. I never got $50 from them like 3 or 4 years ago and they wouldn’t respond to me. They’re a horrible (scammy) company. Not that onrebate isn’t either.

  8. Amy Alkon says:

    I think of rebates as maybes (except for the online ones from Staples, which offer you proof of submission and go through with no photocopying or hoops to jump through). I think many companies offer them in hopes you won’t take advantage of them, and do their part to see it’s very hard for you to do it.

  9. Bourque77 says:

    Screw the bbb call the state attorney general and file a report. They are lawyers working for you, make them work for your tax dollars damnit.

  10. @suckonthat: You will find that most credit card companies will deny chargebacks due to failed rebate payments, arguing (and I generally agree) that the rebate transaction is separate from the purchase and therefore not their problem. They’ll ask, “Did you get the product that you thought you were getting? Did you pay the purchase price (remember, that’s pre-rebate) you thought you would? Was the product defective in any way?”

    The card issues will consider the rebate an incentive, separate from the part of the transaction with which they were involved. {Prof. Jonathan}

  11. davere says:

    Don’t companies get fined when you do a chargeback? As evil as Best Buy may be, why would they be screwed out of $40 (or whatever, plus any potential fees/penalties) because they advertised the rebate promised by a 3rd party?

  12. John Stracke says:

    @Ingen Angiven:

    Don’t let the first company off the hook. They agreed to do this without getting the cash up front, they’re the one you’re deal with, they’re the one who has to pay you. Let Company A sue Company B.

    That probably won’t work. The consumer has a contract with Gigabeat, not with Besides, Gigabeat is’s customer; as SCO has demonstrated, suing your customers is a bad idea.

  13. Mr. Gunn says:

    Ben always used to append rebate posts with “REBATES ARE SCAMS!”

    They are, of course. Every effort is made to prevent you from getting your rebate. It’s possible to get a high percentage of them honored, if you put a great deal of effort into it, but unless you make your living by collecting rebates and then flipping the item on Ebay, it’s really not worth it.

  14. pestie says:

    I’ve said it once before, but I’ll say it again: owes me $100. I have a “tracking number” and everything! They clearly show that I’ve mailed them everything they needed to process the rebate, but they haven’t sent me my $100. Yes, I know rebates are scams and I was aware that there was a nonzero chance that I’d never see that $100 (the 8-10 week waiting period was probably in the hopes that I’d forget about it), but this is actually the first time I’ve been screwed on a rebate. Unfortunately, it was for a good amount of money.

  15. LesKlue says:

    I’ve tried emailing and the it gets rejected as a bad address. I’ve tried calling and all you get are voicemail. Are they still in business?

    I don’t have a problem with They are slow but they have always paid. Even when I provided a picture of serial number on a monitor because I stupidly attached the wrong UPC when I sent in the rebate forms.

  16. jsteelio says:

    LesKlue and others,

    If you bought your gigafast product from Microcenter you can still get your rebate. I sent an email to and got the following reponse.


    We sincerely apologize for any frustration incurred in the situation with the Gigafast rebate and the Onrebate fulfillment center. It is important to us that our customers receive the rebates advertised by us and are very disappointed by this situation.

    We are forwarding your email to our Customer Relations department so a check can be mailed to you for the rebate amount due you. The check will be from Micro Center vs. Gigafast and should be received within 30 days.

    Again, we apologize for this situation and appreciate the opportunity to rectify this situation for you.


    Customer Service
    Micro Center Online
    4119 Leap Rd
    Hilliard, OH 43026


    Customer Service
    Micro Center Online
    4119 Leap Rd
    Hilliard, OH 43026

  17. hlee says:

    i have hundreds of bucks in uncollected rebates .. this one from gigafast is just one more .. if this is normal for gigafast then isnt it just about time for a class action.

    i told microcenter that i dont have a problem with them IF they stop selling this companies products .. if they continue then i certainly do have a serious complaint …

    worse than the phoney rebate is the time it takes to do the thing to start with then all the trouble it is to keep track of, in my case many pending rebates .. then having to spend all the time now trying to deal with criminals

    wonder if anyone has tried the att general or if BBB is any help

  18. eschuerman says:

    Thanks for the info, jsteelio!

    While I am satisfied with my Gigafast product, I would not have purchased it w/out the rebate offer. There were other products that were more affordable and would have done the job.

    These companies really have the consumer over the barrel. I have been e-mailing both Gigafast and OnRebate with NO response from either. I, personally, will be boycotting any product manufactured by Gigafast, or any product that offers a rebate from OnRebate.

    This forum rocks!