Massive Pound-And-A-Half Rats Infest KFC/Taco Bell In The West Village

From WCBS:

They are big. A pound or a pound and a half. Rats! Plump, healthy-looking and oh-so-agile.

CBS 2 cameras caught dozens of them early Friday morning through the window of this closed KFC-Taco Bell in the West Village.

And now CBS 2 has learned that the Department of Health will keep the restaurant closed until it can reinspect it.

We’re sorry but when news crews and neighbors can see huge, huge rats running around in your restaurant through the window… you had to have known. The reporter is literally standing there LIVE going “Look, rats!” and the camera guy films the rats. Not exactly a stake-out. The KFC Taco Bell is at 6th Ave and West 4th Street in NYC.—MEGHANN MARCO

Health Dept. Closes Village KFC For Rat Invasion (With Extremely Disgusting Video) [WCBS]

UPDATE: Much More Awesome Raw Video of Rats Gone Wild (with bystander comments)