KFC Taco Bell Rats Gone Wild: Raw Video Footage

Raw video footage of the massive rat infestation in a West Village KFC/Taco Bell. If you do not watch another You Tube video today, or for the rest of your life, watch this one. —MEGHANN MARCO

PREVIOUSLY: Massive Pound-And-A-Half Rats Infest KFC/Taco Bell In The West Village


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  1. ElizabethD says:

    Cute. Honestly, in a naturalist way I love rodents. So adaptable and irrepressible. So smart. But I wouldn’t want their little poops in my taco, for sure. Bring on the kitty-cat patrol!

  2. MosH8ed says:

    [sic] “Dem niggas right up in dem chicken pots


  3. pdxguy says:

    and the West Village is where? is that a city or an area? state?

  4. faust1200 says:

    Whoah umm yeah I mean…uhhh

    holy crap.

    BTW, West Village is in NYC.

  5. robbie says:

    “hoo lord!”
    “it’s thanksgiving up in this m…”
    “oh my gawd.”

  6. brooklynbs says:

    So that’s what was in the Blazin’ Crispy Strips.

  7. MeanMachine says:

    “Will I be tortured?”

    “We’re not going to tell you, because not knowing is the worst torture of all! Well, that and the rat helmet.”

  8. HearsMusic says:

    Those rats look positively gleeful. If you watch it on mute you can imagine them singing a happy little rat song. I mean, KFC/Taco Bell? Definite rat heaven.

  9. Ok, I didn’t watch the earlier video so I must say, that is a lot more rats than I had visualized while reading teh first post.

  10. c26nyc says:

    Is this really the KFC in the West Village or the KFC in the south Bronx? ooooh lawwwdy lawwwdy

  11. So there’s a rat problem in our fair city of New York. Who knew? These rats arent even that big. I’ve seen some big enough to saddle and charge to ride. And we can’t forget the fact that getting bitten by one of these things is still more sanitary than getting bitten by your trendy hipster boy/girlfriend there in the west village, and also more sanitary than that cat you keep locked up in your hideously overpriced closet sized apartment.

    I do like the narration though. Maybe these folks can do the next Michael Moore movie.

  12. Citron says:

    @paulcrist: I’ll have no more of your defaming my cats! Just because they track their nasty poop-feet all over my countertops, forcing me to sanatize it constantly, doesn’t mean you can compare them to anything inside a KenTacoHut. My cats are saints.

  13. weebmac says:

    I cannot even imagine the damage this is doing to the KFC brand. The corporate management must be furious at the franchise owner today.

  14. WindowSeat says:

    It’s rare to see so many rats out in the open and no doubt that KFC needs an exterminator,(and probably a contractor to seal up the walls and ceilings) but if you really want to see TONS of rats check out the alleys and landscaping in Beverly Hills.

    The rat survives quite well side by side with humans and there’s few if any predators to keep their numbers down. Pest control barely makes a dent in their numbers and it seems rats are evolving a resistance to the most common poisons used against them.

  15. faust1200 says:

    Here’s a Neil Hamburger joke:

    Q: Why is KFC served in buckets?

    A: So you have something to puke in when you are done eating it.

  16. OKH says:

    On the upside, they have the cause of the e coli outbreak pinpointed

  17. droppedD says:

    The worst thing about this video: my friend sent it to me just as I was finishing up eating a 7-layer burrito at my desk. Good thing i have a strong stomach.

  18. timmus says:

    The franchise was cited rats on at least three previous occasions by the Department of Health since 2004.

    three years later

    In a statement released today, [KFC/Taco Bell] said: “This is completely unacceptable and is an absolute violation of our high standards. We will not allow this store to re-open until it is completely re-sanitized and given a clean bill of health.”

    Once again, Taco Bell proves that it excels in media damage control rather than proactively ensuring food safety.

    It also looks like a spectacular failure of the NYC Health Department, as this store should have been shut down years ago.

  19. Kornkob says:

    You people just don’t understand. That’s a fine example of a resturant improving quality of their product by shortening the supply chain.

    That’s not an infestation. That’s fresh raw materials in a free range ranch enviorn.

  20. billybastion says:

    I had no idea the Rat King was such a big Taco Bell/KFC fan.

    For those not in the know: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rat_King

  21. Mike_ says:

    February 23, 2007 (link – pops)
    KFC/Taco Bell responds to isolated Greenwich Village, NY pest control incident

    This is an isolated incident at a single restaurant at 331 6th Avenue in Greenwich Village, New York and it is totally unacceptable. The restaurant is closed and we will not allow it to be reopened until it has been sanitized and given a complete clean bill of health. We want to assure our customers that nothing is more important to us than food safety and their health.

    Wow, nothing is more important to them, guys. That must mean they’re going to immediately review health inspection reports for ALL of their restaurants, and shutter-and-sanitize as appropriate. Surely, this isn’t the only location to have been cited for a pest control violation.

  22. LeopardSeal says:

    Damn you Norway and your rats! That is just disgusting, even more so in that the restaraunt is still open.

    I’m even more thankfull now that I live in one of the few rat-free areas of North America (Alberta).

  23. Trai_Dep says:

    Yum! Range-free “chicken”!!

  24. gardencat says:

    KFC, is it really fried chicken?

  25. cryrevolution says:

    @Citron: bahahahahaha!

  26. muckpond says:

    “he’s ready for his closeup!” bwahahahahahahahaha!!!

  27. oneaustin says:

    Those rats are behaving like a domesticated variety. “Wild” rats don’t meander around in open areas. They usually hug walls or travel under obstructions. I suspect someone “planted” a few dozen pet rats in there.

  28. Matthew says:

    oneaustin, New York City’s subway rats amble right up and down the middle of the tracks, seeking no cover when people lean over to watch them, nor when the trains come screeching in to the station. They are brazen-ass vermin.

  29. psychogasm says:

    does anyone else hear the Rat King theme music from the nutcracker playing in the background? savage. i’m so grossed out!

  30. HMCG says:

    I used to work as a merchandiser for Compusa, It was a great company to work for. As for the people not being knowledgeable are you kidding me. I knew nothing about computer I merchandised the store, however I purchased plenty of things from Compusa on referral from employees there when I didnt know exactly what I needed and too this day they still work and were the correct things. My brother in law has been a sales manager for Compusa for 8 years and he is losing his job, so before you talk smack why dont you think about the people who’s families arent going to have medical insurance or money to pay their bills. The society we live in is so bitter and ignorant and mean it makes me sick.

  31. queerlib says:

    Anyone remember the 1970’s NYC initiative “Starve a Rat Today” campaign? I say it’s time for a comeback and I ain’t talkin’ time for a diet, …. talkin’ famine!