Great Moments In Commercial History: Mo Money Taxes

Bo writes:

Alright, I see that y’all have decided to highlight some of the greatest commercials in history and I just wanted to make sure you didn’t leave out THE best one of them all. There is a tax place here in Memphis (and other southern locations) called Mo Money Taxes that has produced the most mesmerizing commercials I have ever seen. I truly question the mental competence of anyone who would put these people in charge of their taxes after seeing this commercial.

So do we, Bo. So do we.

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  1. matt1978 says:

    The Commercial Appeal (Memphis paper) recently did an article on Mo’ Money. The 2 founders are raking in the money. They’ve been in business since ’98 (i think), and every year they put out a commercial like the one above. Same main cast, the fat white guy always quotes an slightly “underground” rap song. Entertainment!

  2. MattyMatt says:

    I think my favorite part is at 30 seconds in, when one of the incompetent sidekicks gyrates after pulling out his gun. It looks like he’s trying to do a sensual dance.

  3. josh1701 says:

    Those from Philadelphia and environs will remember the immortal commercials for the Krass Brothers clothing store. Check them out online:


  4. AErikson says:

    In the Baltimore/D.C. area, we have the always memorable Eastern Motors commercials 1, 2.

    It’s not unusual to find two of these commerials airing during a single mid-afternoon commercial break on local broadcast.

  5. Jesse in Japan says:

    What exactly is this supposed to be an ad for?