GE: We're Totally About To Invent A Better Incandescent Light Bulb In, Like, Several Years

Just days after Australia announced legislation restricting the sale of energy-wasting incandescent light bulbs, GE has issued a press release announcing an “Advancement in Incandescent Technology” that will lead to “New High-Efficiency Lamps.” Oh, really. The bulbs, which GE says will be on the market by 2010, will be twice as efficient as current incandescent lamps, and no where near as efficient as current compact fluorescent bulbs. Gee-whiz. From their press release:

Ultimately the high efficiency lamp (HEI) technology is expected to be about four times as efficient as current incandescent bulbs and comparable to CFL bulbs.

Like, by when? The apocalypse? —MEGHANN MARCO

GE Announces Advancement in Incandescent Technology; New High-Efficiency Lamps Targeted for Market by 2010 (Press Release) [Business Wire]
(Photo: General Wesc)