Dean, US's #1 Milk Company, Says "No" To Milk From Cloned Cows

From Forbes:

Milk from cloned cows is no longer welcome at the nation’s biggest milk company.

Although the government has approved meat and milk from cloned animals while it conducts further studies, Dean Foods Co. of Dallas said Thursday that its customers and consumers don’t want milk from cloned animals. The $10 billion company owns Land O’Lakes and Horizon Organic, among dozens of other brands.

“Numerous surveys have shown that Americans are not interested in buying dairy products that contain milk from cloned cows and Dean Foods is responding to the needs of our consumers,” the company said in a statement.

The FDA’s research into the issue has concluded that there is no difference between cloned animals and natural ones and therefore little or no risk to humans associated with drinking milk or eating meat from cloned animals. Cloning companies say that the goal isn’t to put cloned animals into the food supply, but rather to make copies of superior animals for the production of offspring. We think cloned milk sounds gross, but are generally not big milk drinkers anyway.—MEGHANN MARCO

No. 1 Milk Company Says ‘No’ to Clones [Forbes]

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