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Couple says Home Depot, installer didn’t do job
“On June 6, 2006, Home Depot delivered the cabinets to the Grubb’s residence. All of the cabinets, except for three, were placed in the kitchen. The other three were left outside — in the weather elements — despite the instructions of the Grubbs, the suit says.”

Comcast launches new digital cable welcome screen
Hey Comcast digital cable users: What do you think of Comcast Central, the new way the digital cable TV gateway works?

Everyday Stoicism or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Enjoy the Show
For thus, if any hindrance arises in bathing, you will have it ready to say, “It was not only to bathe that I desired, but to keep my mind in a state conformable to nature; and I will not keep it if I am bothered at things that happen.”–Epictetus