American, United Passengers Abandoned in Nebraska

American says it’s not their responsibility that Trans States Airlines, their operating partner, abandoned two plane-loads of passengers in Nebraska, 3 1/2 hours away from their destination. From USA Today:

American Airlines spokesman Tim Wagner says he’s unaware of what happened in Nebraska, and it isn’t American’s responsibility. “Trans States is responsible,” he says.

In case Tim is till wondering, what happened in Nebraska was this: Two planes full of American and United passengers left to Denver International Airport. They were diverted to Scottsbluff Airport in Nebraska because of fog in Denver. The operator Trans States Airlines, unloaded the passengers and left.

“Bill Mishk, Trans States’ vice president of marketing, says the pilots took off only after they learned that buses would be sent for the passengers. “If there was a breakdown in communications, we certainly apologize for it,” Mishk says.

Skelton [Nebraska Airport Manager] says he talked to the pilots before they departed, and they were unsure when buses would be sent by their company.

Can we go out on a limb here and say that its just not acceptable to get within “bus range” of Denver and drop people off?—MEGHANN MARCO

2 more flights abandoned fliers on the way to Denver [USA Today]

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