14 Verizon Executives' Phone Numbers

We’ve got a directory of contact info for the offices of 14 top Verizon executives, with full name, position, address, email address, phone number and fax number

Bob? Bill? Bruce? Maura? Mike? Holyce? Suleiman? John? Jerry? Bob? Virginia? Joseph? Tom? Doreen? We’ve got your number.

Veeps, GMs, CFOs, Prezs, we got em. We even called up every number to make sure they worked and when an administrative assistant picked up (you didn’t think you were getting their desk line, did you?), we noted who it was.

If you’ve tried going through tier 1 tech support several times, and have escalated your issue to supervisors, and still aren’t getting any traction, pitching your case to the people inside might get you some traction…

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Verizon Executive Contact Info

Bob Barish
Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
One Verizon Way
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097
ph: 908-559-1629
fx: 908-696-2156

William Barr
Executive Vice President & General Counsel
One Verizon Way
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097
ph: 212-395-1689
??: 908-766-3836

Bruce Beausejour
Vice President & Associate General Counsel
State Regulatory, NY and New England
185 Franklin St, 13th Floor
??: 607-743-2445 (Brenda?)
fx: 607-737-0648

Maura Breen
Senior Vice President
General Manager
New York Region Rm 3108
140 West Street
New York, NY 10007
ph: 212-321-8170 (alana picks up)
fx: 212-964-4072

Mike Hassett
Senior Vice President
Business Solutions Group
One Verizon Way
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097
ph: 908-559-2505
fx: 908-766-5194

Holyce Hess Groos
Vice President & CFO
One Verizon Way
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097
ph: 908-559-5507 (direct)

Suleiman Hessami
Vice President
Pricing & Contract Management
22001 Loudon County Parkway
Ashburn, VA 20147
ph: 703-886-2017 (Pam picks up)
fx: 703-886-0116

John Hoey
Vice President
One Verizon Way
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097
ph: 908-559-4760 (Robin picks up)
fx: 908-766-3965

Jerry Holland
Vice President
CLEC Operations
175 Park Avenue Rm 125
Madison, NJ 07940
ph: 973-350-5111
fx: 973-660-1065

Bob Ingalls
Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer
One Verizon Way
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097
ph: 908-559-1112 (Shaw? picks up)
fx: 908-696-2210

Virginia Ruesterholz
Verizon Telecom
One Verizon Way
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097
ph: 908-559-1069 (Diane picks up)
fx: 908-696-2135

Joseph Russo
Vice President
Service Assistance Support
One Verizon Way
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097
ph: 908-559-2266 (Robin picks up)
fx: 908-696-2175

Tom Tauke
Executive Vice President
Public Affairs, Policy & Communications
140 West Street, 29th Fl
New York, NY 10007
ph: 212-395-1032
fx: 908-696-2036

Doreen Toben
Executive Vice President & CFO
One Verizon Way
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097
ph: 212-395-1057 (Doreen Thompson picks up)
fx: 800-295-5136



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  1. Yaotl says:

    Err, are any of these people with Verizon Wireless?

  2. gorckat says:

    Guess I know what email addy’s I’ll be using for various website’s, uh…’free previews’ :p

  3. Outtacontext says:

    Oooo, let’s see now, who should I write to first?

  4. Retiree says:

    those are the reasons this info is supposed to remain private.

    Use this when necesasry (i.e. screwed by customer service, fraudulent billing, etc) and you’re not getting the response you need at a lower level.

    Spam ’em with stupid stuff and the info will change.

  5. TonyRockyHorror says:

    how long until these numbers are dead? i mean, this is the fucking phone company afterall.

  6. jsburn says:

    My company was having issues with Verizon DSL tech support, and I wrote a scathing email to Tom Tauke about a year ago about it. within 24 hours I had every kiss ass at Verizon calling me to rectify the situation. I had merely threatened to take away the 140 locations I have with their phone and DSL service to another competitor. I think they listened.

  7. medalian1 says:


    lol what a laff, good post

  8. TheRaptorsTalons says:

    Good show, being able to get private addresses and phones like these at Verizon…is The Consumerist able to do that for most any company, like say Target Stores Inc? The evil Human wasted Resources pigs here at my branch won’t post or make public contact info of those with any power up the food chain for matters that they themselves routinely bury. As does that infamous “anonymous tip line” that almost every major corporation has which is nothing more than a reroute of hot issues to an internal alliance of corporate legal and H-R damage control covering their asses from potentially damaging scenarios to be defused if not buried.

  9. fullofinfo says:

    I was told how it works with verizon by one of their own people. I call all the time to complain just to get the 411 for consumers and post it all over the internet.

    If you call Customer Relations, they will type up an email. They forward it on to Help Desks. An hourly paid person that is not a supervisor calls you back to normally give you credit or to avoid it from going anywhere else.

    But, if you are able to email Ivan Seidenberg, Ellen Corchran, Kerry Leartherman, Vilma Louzan, Lynn Whiting, Kim Cochran etc., they are powerful. They not only send out the email. They want the status and don’t care who was right or wrong. And whoever calls you back has to fill out a report on what could have been done better and what can they do to prevent it from happening again.

  10. @Yaotl: Nope. Those email addresses end in “@verizonwireless.com”.

  11. @TonyRockyHorror: Yeah but it looks like they will lose the nice email addresses too….

  12. cinnkitty says:

    As of yesterday, 08/01/07 – I can PROMISE you that all but 1 of these email addresses work because I just “took it to the Mattress” with Verizon Wireless and came out a winner!

    For the whole drama filled story, check it out here (because I promised Verizon I’d pat them on the head if they fixed my issue!)


  13. bits62 says:

    I wanted to thank this site this information was very helpful. As a new small business owner, i decided to go with verizon, we have it at home, I had such a difficult time getting my service. Because my office space was not ready on time, I set up remote calling, I followed thier directions when my office was ready and there was one screw up after another to the point where I was facing a situation where I was not sure if I was even going to have phone access- I am an MD and could not have this happen, I called Virginia Ruesterholz, it was her voice mail that I left a message on, boy did it get them moving, I had to be persistant and called 2-3 times, but wihtin a few hours, I had been assigned an executive and my service was taken care of. I still keep the numbers handy ! It really is difficult to get your self heard, but I really think that the layers that are set up to provide customer service, have no investment and no accountability and no power, I don’t even waste my time with customer support after 1 call with any company and start working up the chain. Thanks again for the information.

  14. RhonaP says:

    Thank you very much for posting these numbers, I could not find them anywhere and I’ve learned from experience to get satisfaction from a company you have to start high in the hierarcy. Verizon apparently doesn’t want you to know these numbers. Was I surprised when my $140 wireless phone bill was over $400. I had added text messaging to my son’s phone and was under the impression I added a sufficient plan. I only added 250 text messages and he used over 2,000. All the Verizon rep was going to do after being on hold for a supervisor for 30 minutes was to credit me $100. I called Tom Tauke’s office and spoke to a very nice person named Valierie who said someone would get back to me. By the end of the day, Korleen from the “Exec. office” called me back. She said my son should have realized how many text messages he was using but agreed to credit my account and put me on the $30. unlimited plan, retroactive. So thank you once again for providing the phone number list.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Another satisfied reader here! I had an odd problem with my phone line…I wanted to have my phone number moved to a new address, but whoever worked on it had just set up the number to forward to that address, so it stopped working a year later when the forwarding was removed. They’d royally screwed up the records in the process.

    So I called Verizon support almost every business day for three weeks, and every single call concluded with, “This is really confusing, but we’ll get it straightened out and someone will call you.” And of course I never got any callbacks.

    I stumbled across this page and called one of the VP’s listed above, and he assigned someone to work on it. I got daily updates and it was resolved three days later. Yay Consumerist!

  16. stephenjames716 says:

    I wanted to share my experience here as well. I have recently gotten screwed by verizon after ordering one of their bundle packages which included phone, dsl and direct tv all on one bill. After I realized that my cell phone worked fine in my new apartment I called to cancel the service. I was going to just got with cable for my internet. The retention rep convinced me to stay if I just kept dsl and direct bundled. I agreed and went on my way. A month later I get a bill for $160 and the retention call was never recorded. The rep was nice enough to put through the order for only dsl this time, but now that I don’t have a phone line for voice, dsl is $40 a month. (which is outrageous) I emailed Maura Breen and received a call back in two hours time. I am going to return the call as soon as I can…will update later.

  17. stephenjames716 says:

    update: I received a call back just now and the women that called me was awesome! she gave me another credit without even asking for it. my bill was $160 three days ago, and now it’s $50. she also assured me that she will set my dry loop dsl service for $29 a month and when the install on friday is done she is going to call me back to confirm it was done correctly.

    thank you!

  18. FLJOE says:

    Can anyone get me the email address or phone number of Suri Surinder, VP of SE district for Verizon FIOS. I have had serious billing problems since May and I have exhausted Verizon people to communicate with. It is my understanding he can help me.

  19. Joshzecher says:

    Thanks so much for posting these. I had a an issue where a call center rep promised a refund that never came through. I was then bounced around to 8 different people during an hour phone call who said the rep should never have granted the refund so they would not. I emailed Virginia Ruesterholz, president of Verizon Telecom, and Joseph Russo, VP of Service Assistance Support, at around 4pm on a Wednesday. I received replies from them both within 15 minutes and by 9:15 am on Thursday the refund was processed on my account and the matter came to a successful conclusion.

  20. SJ Stanaitis says:

    You can cross off William Barr and Mike Hassett. Those were the only two I could confirm aren’t there anymore, Barr retired in ’08 and Hassett works elsewhere now. I like to verify before I rely on an EECB.

  21. Anonymous says:

    This is the letter I send to every VP for Verizon.If you people can help me force these people in getting this vets job back please help

    Verizon likes to brag about how they take care of and will employ veterans from Iraq.That is completely bull crap. There is a Iraq vet from the Plano Tx yard,Jason Grace a buried drop tech. He served a tour in Iraq and has been with Verizon for 3 years and has receive several awards from Verizon. There are people in his department that only had two years doing the same job and they are still there. Verizon if you want to claim how much you love this country and take care of our vets,prove it and give this man his job back. Mr Seidenberg you wouldnt have this job you have making millions if it wasnt for our veterans so I hope and pray you do something and give this man his job back. All the media stations in the Dallas area have been notified and I plan a boycott all Verizon products and starting a rally with other people and vets to do the same. On behalf of all vets just do the right thing.

  22. ppevey says:

    I am having a problem with Verizon right now and have posted all this wonderful information on my Facebook page for my friends to have also. Now I will be busy making mail to send to all these Verizon hoodoos…already presented a complaint with the FCC. The FCC has been very helpful in the past.

  23. Ford MF says: