Caffiene Content To Be Displayed on Coke Labels, Too.

Following Pepsi’s move to include information about caffeine content on its labels, Coke announced today that they’d be doing the same. Copycats. From FOX 28:

The Coca-Cola Company plans to list the caffeine content labels of all products sold in the U-S. It’ll start in May with cans of its flagship Coke Classic, then expand to its other brands during the rest of the year.

No word on how Coke compares to Pepsi. Any unfounded guesses? —MEGHANN MARCO

Coke to Show Caffeine Content on Labels [Fox 28]
(Photo: imasuperhero)


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  1. bluegus32 says:

    Is Starbuck’s going to follow suit any time soon and let us know how much caffeine is in their coffee? cuz that would be informative.

  2. segfault, registered cat offender says:

    I’ll drink the one with the higher caffeine content.

  3. And0 says:

    I believe Coke is known to have 35 mg per can. Coke actually announced this yesterday, but at like 5:05 pm.

  4. B says:

    I guess if cats don’t drink coke, this picture is the next best thing.

  5. dwneylonsr says:

    Some years ago Consumer Reports did a study on amounts of caffeine in soda and showed that most colas were about 30, Dr Pepper and Mt Dew ran about 60, and the average cup of coffee was about 250.

  6. cbearnm says:

    Easy enough to find on line (easier on the Pepsi site, Coke seems to want it hidden)

    Coke has 23 mg of caffeine, Pepsi has 25 mg.
    Diet Coke has 31 mg, Diet Pepsi has 24 mg.
    Coca Cola Blak has the most (46 mg).
    Pepsi One has 36 mg.
    Mellow Yellow has 35 mg. and Mountain Dew has 36 mg. (both regular and diet)

  7. cbearnm says:

    The above are all based on 8 fluid ounce servings, so a 12 ounce can will be 1.5 times as much. (can of Mountain Dew 36 x 1.5 = 54 mg. caffeine)