Bank of America Is Now The "Bank of Opportunity"

Bank of America has changed their slogan from “Higher Standards” to “Bank of Opportunity.” They’ll be announcing the change during ABC’s presentation of the Oscars this weekend. From Fox Carolina:

New television commercials incorporate the bank’s “flagscape” symbol with images of customers getting new homes and envisioning future careers. Additional spots will highlight home equity and savings products.

The marketing move comes on the heels of controversy about the Bank’s new credit card policy, which allows major credit cards to be obtained without a social security number.

Bank of America’s CEO says:”We believe we have an obligation to serve all those in our country who are legally eligible to receive services. To do less would be discriminatory and unfair.” You can read about the grief he’s getting over at Fox News, naturally. —MEGHANN MARCO

BofA changes marketing efforts, to be “Bank of Opportunity” [Fox Carolina]
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(Photo:Omar Omar)

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