American Airlines Declares Price War, Expands New York Service

American Airlines will answer every New Yorkers prayers by extending service to Atlanta, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Louisville, Raleigh-Durham and Cincinnati. Crain’s thinks service to these bastions of municipal greatness will be enough to start “a battle for the New York area’s airports.” That can only mean one thing: price war!

The airline has been quietly expanding its New York service over the past two years, adding five new markets last year and four new cities in 2004. It’s most recent push is to grab business travelers, offering new lie-flat service on international business class flights out of New York starting in May. But being the “strong, silent type” only gets an airline so far.

We never though of American as either strong or silent. More like that giant asthmatic neighbor rifling through their garage shouting at the squirrels.

American will roll out new routes and additional service over the next year. Hopefully the price war will come sooner. Price wars are our favorite type of wars. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

American Airlines expanding NY service [Crain’s New York Business]

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