Home Depot Revamps Customer Service: "We are not to let a customer go untouched."

New Home Depot CEO Frank “Li’l Franky” Blake is making customer service “his No. 1 priority,” according to the Wall Street Journal. Blake took the reigns after the resignation of Robert “Big Bob” Nardelli. Describing the renewed focus, one Texas manager said, “We are not to let a customer go untouched.”

Mr. Blake repeatedly has told managers that the stores will be liberated from many of the time-consuming, mind-numbing tasks the home office required them to do over the past six years. Under Mr. Nardelli, stores had to measure everything from how many pallets were removed from a truck per hour to how many extended warranties each employee sold per week.

Fewer mind-numbing tasks may allow increased face-time with customers, which for Home Depot, may not be a good thing. For starters, they can focus on hiring people who don’t abuse customers, but do know the products they’re trying to sell.

To give the new guy credit, Li’l Franky seems to be trying. We will hold final judgement until we see what concrete steps Blake implements. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

Home Depot Tries To Make Nice to Customers [WSJ] (Subscription req’d)

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