Comments Now With [Reply By Name]

The powers that be decided the “Reply By Name” script Gina at Lifehacker whipped up was so awesome that they hardcoded into all Gawker sites . You’ll notice that every comments now has [reply by name] next to the commenter’s name. When you click on it, @ theirname: appears in your comments box, linked directly to their original comment.

This also means that if you installed the “reply by name” script before, you’ll see two [reply by name]s unless you uninstall it (tools -> greasemonkey -> manage user scripts -> select the reply by name script -> hit uninstall).

Quick! Someone code a greasemonkey script that threads and nests comments! — BEN POPKEN


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  1. I was hoping to find a comment here so that I may experience the wonderfulness that is [reply by name]

  2. @Holden Caulfield: Booyah

  3. AcilletaM says:
  4. unsunder says:

    I would be interested in this if I were allowed to comment. Hint*

  5. AcilletaM says:
  6. grouse says:

    Ugh, now institutional support for the ugly at notation.

  7. shoegazer says:

    grouse: You can always hit delete. Though personally I prefer to keep the @ in.

  8. Hawkins says:

    grouse: I hate the @.

  9. sporesdeezeez says:

    Hrm, “a greasemonkey script that threads and nests comments?” With that, you would pretty much have reinvented the wheel and created a forum, don’t you think? Pretty please just make sure Consumerist doesn’t start looking like Slashdot. Anymore, I can only read /. like I read Playboy – for the articles. The threading even seems to stoke confrontation. Everything below the fold there is flames and trolls.

  10. unsunder says:

    News to me. I’m excited.

  11. sporez is right about slashdot – it’s a flame-troll below the fold.

  12. CaptainRoin says:

    Sweet. Next step would be to fix the problem where the “RELATED:” and “PREVIOUSLY:” links smoosh into the “READ MORE:” box. Doesn’t do it on this post, but all the others.

  13. Mr. Gunn says:

    grouse: I hear ya. The “@” thing is so retarded.

  14. major disaster says:

    grouse: Add me to the @-haters group. I never really understood where this came from. It seems to have started at Lifehacker as far as I can tell, because I’ve never seen it used like that anywhere else on the internets before. It makes no sense to me – if I were talking, I wouldn’t say “At grouse: etc.” so I don’t know why it’s necessary in this context. It’s not like it’s unclear that you’re addressing the person without the @ symbol. It’s just weird. (Sorry, rant over.)

  15. katana. says:

    kinda nice that Gawker implemented this across all the sites. And here I was about to install greasemonkey to give it a try…

    I do agree with major disaster on the @ symbol. Its rude to talk AT someone. “to” would be more polite. Oh well…

  16. Where’d the reply by name go?? Oh well.

    This comment is directed TO katana. So instead of using @katana we can reply 2katana?

  17. Doh! Now its back.

    Strange things are afoot at the CircleK my friend.

  18. Yogurt Earl says:

    Checkout my greasemonkey script that nests comments (assuming you use the [reply to this comment] function).

    script is here.

  19. Yogurt Earl says:

    Check out my script that nests comments created using the [reply to this comment] feature.

  20. Yogurt Earl says:

    @Yogurt Earl: Sorry for dup, I thought first comment got lost.

  21. Ben Popken says:

    @Yogurt Earl: Demonstrating nested comment. Phhhaaattt.

  22. Trying this out on shoegazer:

  23. Groovy.

  24. @Ben Popken: How far does the nesting work?

  25. Yogurt Earl says:

    @something_amazing: There is no limit on the number of nesting levels.

  26. CaptainRoin says:
  27. swedelibrarian says:

    @Holden Caulfield: just tryin this