Round 3: Comcast vs Sony

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One company tried to destroy people’s computers for listening to music. The other nearly gets you fired with the number of days you need to take off from work to get your cable installed. One company tried to deceive customers with an ill-conceived flog. The other outsources technical services to sketchy guys who sleep on your couch, stalk customers for dates, and at times, rape and murder customers.

Comcast is expected to go for a running game punctuated by quick bursts of customer service incompetence. On the defense, look out for them rerouting Sony’s plays from one defender to another until Comcast simply tires them out.

Sony will counterattack by installing a series of blows to their foes hamstrings and Achilles tendons, seeking to make Comcast literally bow before them.

The kind of bloodthirst we’ll see today is why this sport was invented. Fight! — BEN POPKEN

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[Rootkit photo: Seven’s Heaven]