Identity Thieves Steal For Peanuts… Literally

The Wall Street Journal reports identity thieves are not just after that sweet, succulent plasma TV, but also that sweet, succulent fruit in the produce section.

In some twisted way, it makes sense when a criminal steals your identity to rip you off for thousands of dollars. You might call that normal crook behavior. But these days identity thieves, who now range from far-flung organized crime rings to local drug addicts, are also using your identity for the basics, such as groceries.

TVs stand out on your monthly statement. Visits to the grocery store do not.

Treat a stolen cantaloupe the same way you would treat a stolen TV. If someone is enjoying produce on your dime, put an immediate fraud alert on your credit report, and prepare for the worst. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

FTC’s Identity Theft Site

(Photo: mahali)

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