Your Questions About Our Interview With IDT Energy's Scammy Marketing Firm Answered

Thanks for all of the excellent feedback to, “Consumerist’s Job Interview With IDT Energy’s Scammy Marketing Firm.” Here are a few answers to your questions:

• Q:…Is this a pyramid scheme or a multi-level marketing scheme? What’s the difference?

A: In pyramid schemes, everyone loses but the guys at the top. Multi-level marketing schemes spread the wealth more equitably. The people at the bottom work according to the law of averages, which says if you knock on 100 doors, at least 5 people will say yes. From that, management adjusts your commission so you can earn something of a living…

• Q:…did you notice any of that “upper-level management” other than this guy [Chris Polke] in question? Any offices for such?

A:Yes. In addition to Chris’ office, there was another office occupied by someone in “upper-level management.” He too, conducted interviews. There was a third room we only caught a glimpse of, but it was large space with a whiteboard.

• Q:…Did they mention anything about salary, or hours?

A: Didn’t anyone tell you not to ask about salary during the first interview? Where are your manners? They spoke about both. The hours are Monday through Saturday 10am-8pm. The salary works out to about $100 per day.

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