Round 2: Best Buy vs Uhaul

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  1. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    I voted Uhaul…because if Best Buy screws you, you have to buy your iPod elsewhere, or the Geek Squad breaks your computer.

    If Uhal screws you, you can’t move out when you need to, which is a harder problem to work around.

  2. Emrikol says:

    I didn’t know uhaul was bad? What did I miss?

  3. The Bigger Unit says:

    I admit I’ve never used uHaul (I tried once, but they didn’t have a truck for me, so I went to Budget and had a great experience with them!), but to me, this isn’t even close. I’ve heard so many horror stories re: uHaul it’s obscene. I’ve shopped at BestBuy pretty much exclusively (over Circuit City) and never had an issue with them. Just type “uHaul sucks” into Google and see what’s happening at that outfit.

  4. AlexPDL says:

    My god how is there any comparison! U-Haul’s crappy trucks have even killed and injured. Their poor maintenance has cost lives and/or money to counteless people. When BestBuy sucks I laugh and walk away. :-)

  5. Snuffleupagus says:

    Why is U-Haul winning? Sure, they’re horrible, but they only screw you over once every five or ten years.

    Best Buy, though… they ruin your life whenever you need electronics; and who doesn’t need electronics?! Secret internal websites, shoddy return processes, these foos have it all.

    Plus, with Best Buy, you have a reminder of their suckage in your living room until you move and it breaks in the U-Haul.

  6. nweaver says:

    Because Best Buy isn’t the only game in town, but UHaul is.

    Hertz equiment rental only rents for a week, ENterprise doesn’t do one way rental, etc…

  7. homerjay says:

    UHaul screws you to your face. Best Buy does it behind your back. These deathmatches are tough to call…..

    I go for UHaul. At least best buy gets ‘it’ right once in a while. I don’t believe UHaul has ever properly completed a transaction in the last 10 to 15 years.

  8. kenposan says:

    I went with BB for its secret intranet scam thingy.

  9. kiloman says:

    An informed voter is a powerful voter. Perhaps these polls should include links to relevant Consumerist postings on these companies, which can be read before voting.

  10. Uhaul and Budget and all of those moving company assclowns!!

  11. I voted Best Buy, where I am U-Haul isn’t the only game in town, Budget does a lot more (and better serviced) business in the metro DC area that I’ve noticed.

    However one thing I have seen is that if it isn’t a branded shop doing the rentals, sometimes you’ll see multiple companies’ trucks at the same location which skews the perception of service you’ll receive.

    I’ve moved a lot of times and was only upset by U-Haul once, Best Buy on the other hand has screwed me over time and time again, and for brick and mortar in DC, they often are the only game in town.

  12. priznat says:

    I vote U-Haul, simply because in the state most of their trucks/trailers are in, it makes life more dangerous for people who aren’t even their customers.

    No brakes on a giant moving truck is a lot worse than BB’s ole “bait and switch” advertising any day in my book!

  13. esqdork says:

    I buy from Best Buy frequently. I have also used U-Haul. U-Haul blows. They lost my reservation and made me pay for a bigger truck that started overheating when I ran the air conditioner. Try sitting in traffic for 4 hours in the middle of July in the Bronx on the way to Boston without AC.

  14. Bart Lee says:

    I must live under a lucky star, because I’ve never been screwed by U-haul. Best Buy sure has covered the slack though.

  15. sp3nc3 says:

    Best Buy only screws you if you let ’em. Their shady tactics are easy enough to stay away from. U-Haul (the correct spelling), will take your reservation and quote you a price, and then turn the tables on you when you show up. Most people can afford to put their electronics purchase on hold and go somewhere else if the price isn’t right, but people who are moving usually have a limited window in which to do so. If U-Haul gives someone the runaround, which they frequently do, there is often little or no opportunity to make a new reservation with a competitor to fit a schedule that has already been drastically rearranged to accomodate a move.

  16. RapperMC says:

    Would this be acknowledged as our first upset if U-Haul wins? I say that because while both companies and their policies get bad press here, I would assume the readers would be more often pissed at Best Buy, and would thus vote for them (against them?) I just want an upset really, like the NCAA tourney, and I don’t know what constitutes an upset, if one is even possible.

  17. sp3nc3 says:

    @Kiloman: The links you want are already there in the form of Read More.

  18. William C Bonner says:

    Best Buy competes with On-Line/Mail-Order while U-Haul competes with other equipment rental.

    UHaul has screwed me twice, while Penske has been good to me twice. The second time UHaul got me, I was helping a friend, and he was the one that set it all up. I like to think that I’d have learned from my first mistake with them.

    I’ve never been really screwed by Best Buy, though I’ve only bought their extended warranty twice. Once I used it, the other time I’m thinking about trying to use it before it expires.

  19. silenuswise says:

    Wow, this is a very, very hard choice. My experience with U-Haul was absolutely wretched: they had no truck available on the day I was moving (despite the fact that it was indeed guaranteed in writing in our reservation), the snotty punk who worked the local office was a horse’s ass, and I ended up having to call several other companies before finding just a single option: a 25-ft. behemoth (only needed 14-ft) from Budget rental, which reached a maximum speed of 73 mph (67 on cruise control), and overheated four times in the Utah desert. Good times!

    Lucky for me, a letter to the company got a reimbursement for the $800 extra I had to pay for the Budget truck. Still, though it was financially a break-even, U-Haul crapped all over my cross-country move. Which is why I now use Penske…

    Anyway, Best Buy also sucks incredibly. Any way to split my vote?

  20. shaunirving says:

    U-Haul. No contest!

    This is the company that rented my mom a truck whose brakes failed mid-move. Who charged me a $50 refueling fee for a properly filled truck. Who have canceled more “secured” reservations than I care to count. And who consistently foists deathtraps on wheels upon people who often have no other moving options.

    I’ll gripe and groan about companies doing wrong, but I’m a pretty forgiving person. U-Haul, however, is on my short list of companies I hope to never do business with again.

  21. EnderVR46 says:

    I’ve never been screwed by either company and have used them both quite a bit. I did have to vote U-Haul though as their trucks are always in the worst condition.

    When I fill out the form that makes you go around and list the damage (on that one short line) I’ve always had to put down that the entire truck is damaged in multiple places on each panel. I’m pretty sure I could drive it off a cliff and you wouldn’t be able to tell, and that goes for every one that I’ve ever used.

    Best Buy on the other hand has never truly disappointed me.

  22. muddgirl says:

    This is a close one! I ultimately went with Best Buy, because it’s the service I use more often, and therefore am more likely to get screwed by.

  23. etinterrapax says:

    Much as it pains me, I have to go with UHaul. Best Buy employees have lied to me and irritated me, but I have never been to a UHaul that didn’t make me feel like I needed a shower afterwards. Their whole business is imbued with skeeze of so many kinds. And I can’t get hauling services from Amazon. So.

  24. thereviewer says:

    best Buy is way more evil than U-haul

  25. rachmanut says:

    i’ve actually (knock on wood) never been screwed by either company, and have used both several times for important reasons (bought an hd tv from best buy, moved myself and others 3 or so times with uhaul trucks). But best buy’s hell stories only make it seem like a money-grubbing capitalism-to-the-extreme type of place, while uhaul’s hell stories are unbelievable abuses of trust and the common assumptions about dealing with major us companies so I went with the latter.

  26. tmweber says:

    The thing about this one is everyone’s been screwed over by Best Buy. Difficult return, bs-ing salesperson, yada yada yada. Usually relatively small things though. Not everyone has been screwed over by Uhaul, but those who have will remember it forever and tell people about it.

  27. stephen5 says:

    Now this is a horse race!!

    I voted Best Buy.

    From time to time the company I work for buys the inventory of our customers who are closing. I have rented trucks in (what seems like) most cities in America and driven them back to the Midwest.

    I have had some incredibly bad U-Haul experiences, bad service, bad vehicles (one-way rentals mean you get the worst vehicle on the lot), overcharges, etc…

    But when you go U-Haul, U-expect to be U-screwed, after all they are the cheapest for a reason. Also many (most?) U-Hauls are franchised which makes a difference in quality. So in value received for monies paid, U-Haul is what you expect. Go Budget. If you want the best go Ryder.

    I have never had a good shopping experience at Best Buy. Never, ever. If they have what you want, it’s the wrong price, or it’s an open box restock or some other crap. If you can finally get to the check out, they have 3 lanes open on a Saturday afternoon. There are about 5 Best Buys in my general area, they all have the same problems. I hate them.

  28. jwismar says:

    I’ve never had any trouble at either company, really, but I’ve heard enough horror stories about U-Haul that I’m suspicious every time I need to call them.

    I actually like Best Buy. They’re loads better than Circuit City, IMO, and usually better than CompUSA for computer stuff. I’m more likely to buy online than at Best Buy, but if I need something today, I don’t hesitate to head over there.

  29. chrismar says:

    I avoid U-Haul like the plague. I’ve had so many bad experiences with them and I refuse to give them another chance. I my area (Central NJ) Public Storage rents trucks and I’ve been nothing but satisfied with them.

    On a side note, would it be possible to make the images line up on the right rather than the left? This way the result bars aren’t skewed based on the width of the images.

  30. nycmichael says:
  31. nycmichael says:

    as a former employee of best buy i do not know how it is possible for them not to win this thing.

  32. Rick Rockwell says:

    The trauma of a bad move outweighs a malfunctioning dvd player.

  33. Gopher bond says:

    seriously, if you’re electronics crap out, it’s annoying but you can go to circuit city or order online and in 5 years you’ll probably never remember it. When you get 10 people to help you move and you only have one morning to do it and it’s raining and instead of the big truck they promised you, they have a squeaky flatbed trailer, you’ll want to eat someones eyes.

  34. Gopher bond says:

    your, you’re, yore what the diff?

  35. oudemia says:

    UHaul. The one time I “reserved” a truck through them not only did they not have it, they didn’t have it for three days. Think about how mind-fuckingly unworkable that is if you have planned a move. Then, when we went to get our truck it was so absolutely gigantic (seriously, one size down from long-haul trucker sized) and MANUAL. I refused to drive it; my boyfriend was sick of waiting for UHaul so he agreed to do all the driving. I honestly can’t imagine that it was legal for either of us to drive something that big. Then, when we returned the truck, we’re told by the folks at the desk that the truck was given to us mistakenly and was only approved for in-city use in Billings, MT (we rented it in Chicago).

  36. Sudonum says:

    U-Haul… U-Haul…. U-Haul…. U-Haul…. U-Haul.
    My face is painted orange along with a Big Black U, and four of my friends have orange faces and an H, A, U, and an L on their faces and we are glued to the monitor watching these 2 duke it out!

  37. muddgirl says:

    Every time I’ve tried to use U-Haul, they’ve tried to force me to buy a more expensive service. They’ll list a $20 in-town special, but they have no trucks available for in-town moves. I try to rent the smallest truck (and just return it to a town that’s within 20 miles), but of course all the small trucks are gone. I rush to finish using the truck by 5 (my listed return time), only to find out that the store closed at 4:45!

  38. stephen5 says:

    Then, when we went to get our truck it was so absolutely gigantic (seriously, one size down from long-haul trucker sized) and MANUAL.

    I’ve had that one before, had to stop at weigh stations:
    state trooper “Do you have a CDL liscense?”
    me “A what?”
    state trooper “Since it’s against federal and state law for you to be driving this vehicle, I wouldn’t stop at anymore weight stations if I were you.”

    Fun, fun, fun!!!

    The manual transmission thing is never a problem. Since the clutch and transmission are always completely ruined, 1st, 4th and reverse are really just states of mind…

    I really do hate them, but I hare BB more.

    Attn SUDONUM, I have painted the new Best Buy Tags Heart logo on my butt and am now mooning you and your friends!! HA!

  39. HawkWolf says:

    I voted for UHaul. Why? I’ve never even used them. Best Buy pisses me off, but has never done anything BAD to me. I’ve h eard nothing but crap about uhaul. I did Budget for a recent m ove…. no problems at all. Easy as pie, no hassles, nothing.

  40. FriarJohn says:

    Voted U-haul because they’re the only game in town and the local staff are asshats. Other U-haul locations may be totally okay, but this one isn’t. Damn you small town living!

  41. Demingite says:

    Why such a close match so early in the tournament???

    They are both epitomally evil.

    I’m finding it impossible to make a choice here.

  42. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    Oh man, talk about neck and neck. Best Buy is more just mega-store-we-can-be-jerks-because-we
    re-the-only-game-in-town-evil, but U-Haul is “psst,hey-you-wanna-buy-a-watch-come-with-me-down-this-dark-alley” sleazy.”

  43. Nick says:

    I encourage you all to not fall victim to the “I shop at Best Buy more often I’m more likely to be screwed” line of thinking. U-Haul screws over far fewer people each day than Best Buy, but U-Haul also has far fewer customers. Think of it this way: BB might screw you every once in a while, but U-Haul will screw you every time you do business with them.

  44. Trai_Dep says:

    I chose b/c the opposite. UHell is evil distilled into one heady drought. One sip and you’re gone. BB is like MTBE poisoning the water table, seeping imperceptably to wreck damage across vast swaths, not showing up for years then die an agonizing, slow death.

    Ethics is hard!

    But ultimately, more people dry-sodomized without a reach-around by Best Buy, so…

  45. MikeHinds says:

    The only problem I ever had with U-Haul was when they failed to charge my credit card for a trailer I pulled from Indiana to Texas. I called customer service, was transferred among several different courteous ladies, all of whom looked up my account and agreed, “Yup, you got a free trip”. Finally I quit looking y gift hourse in the mouth and stopped bothering them :-!

  46. Having worked for UHaul I can say they are hands down the worst.

    We had a fleet of 1989 Ford Diesel Trucks that I would not dare touch without latex gloves on. About 70% of our trucks would die while in the use of customers during the winter month, about 40% during the rest of the year. I sent out tons of trucks each day knowing they were going to die and that they were gross as hell. Also Uhaul sends all their shittiest equipment to the worst neighborhoods.

    But again… 1989 Fords. Other truck rental companies replace their trucks every 3 years. Uhaul uses trucks that are 20 years old with about 300k miles a peice. Sure they are tanks, but they are still extremely unsafe. We had plenty of trucks with malfunctioning dash consoles, broken climate control, duct-taped everything.

    Uhaul is just the biggest penny pincher in the business world. Have you seen a whole lot of Uhaul tv ads? No? Thats because they ONLY promote in the phone book.

    Best Buy destroys wallets, but UHaul is putting people’s lives at risk.

  47. KevinPrice says:

    U-Haul wins hands down in my experience. Was moving my son out of college at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. After whole family went through graduation ceremonies, drove over to local U-Haul to pick up my pre-reserved trailor. (Hey, this is a college town…and I’m sure others would be moving at the same time…so I thought I was ‘smart’ RESERVING literally months in advance, and checking for five straight days prior to my arrival to be sure the trailer would be there.)

    “Sorry, we don’t have one”. “What do you mean you don’t have one??? I was assured by making a reservation, it would be ready!” “Well, sir”, I was rudely informed, “we can’t have one if someone doesn’t drop one off now, can we?”

    Long story short, I had to drive 162 miles into Illinois to pick one up from some flea-bag location…looked to me like the trailer had been sitting there for months, all rusted out, with back lights which didn’t work. “Take it or leave it…that’s all we have.”

    If you’ve never experienced the pleasure of dealing with U-Haul, you absolutely MUST do so some day before it’s all over…it’s an experience that will leave your jaw open. Worst company EVER, in my humble opinion.

  48. Orval says:

    Best Buy can be dealt with if you are a wary, informed consumer. It can be unpleasant, but if you are careful you usually won’t get screwed too badly. (I’ve been buying computers a long time, and when the entered the Canadian market it generally represented an *improvement* as at least we lost the high-pressure commissioned salesjerk type stores.)

    UHaul tho, damn. I have had nothing but consistently unpleasant experiences, that cost me money. I have only been in accidents twice in my life, both caused by a malfunctioning UHaul truck (one driven by me, one driven by someone else). In straight out dollar value, UHaul wins by several orders of magnitude.

    To say nothing of real actual not metaphorical filth, dirt, and slime.