Gambling Site Apologizes For Threatening To Ruin Reader's Credit

streetlamp: Hi ben, this is streetlamp from yesterday who talked to you about the Bodog gambling incident
streetlamp: I just wanted to let you know that I had just called them after another email was sent out and basically they were very nice and apologetic about the incident and fully admitted it was due to basically a system error and that it never should have happened
benpopken: cool!
benpopken: So they promise to send no more nasty emails?
streetlamp: They did indeed
streetlamp: and he even apologized for the tone of the email
streetlamp: saying that its the same email people who owe thousands of dollars receive and admitted it was probably overkill for the situation
streetlamp: And he said he seriously doubted that due to the small amount any sort of 3rd party negative credit deal would ever happen
benpopken: good
benpopken: so case closed?
streetlamp: case closed
streetlamp: done and done
benpopken: neato torpedo

Unfortunately, companies aren’t always equipped to efficiently handle email inquiries, especially if you’re responding to a bulk email. Pull your thumb out your mouth and pick up the phone. You might be surprised at the results. — BEN POPKEN

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  1. Legodude522 says:

    “neato torpedo” I am freaking stealing that from you! I say neato a lot but never heard neato torpedo.

  2. Trai_Dep says:

    Mistakes happen. Apologize and clean up your mess.

    If only all the companies in trouble followed these two sentences…

  3. Schroeder says:

    Hey, that’s a real nice turn out. Better than I had expected from the previous post.

    Now, Ben, “neato torpedo”?! That’s… nearly the most absurdly amusing reply I’ve ever been exposed to. Congratulations; but where’s that corporate double-talk, that professionals should be using?

    Where’s the integrity? Where’s the bullshit? You wound, Mr. Popken. I am wounded.

    In all seriousness, excellent update, excellent expression. However, you’re going to be subject to more plagiarism, when more people than just legodude steal it. Like me. Mwahahahahahaha!