Recall: Salmonella In Peter Pan Peanut Butter

ConAgra is telling consumers to throw away Peter Pan and Great Value peanut butter, as it has been linked to a salmonella outbreak that has sickened about 300 people nationwide. From the Boston Globe:

Lids of jars with a product code beginning “2111” can be returned to ConAgra for a refund, the company said.

The salmonella outbreak, which federal health officials said Wednesday has sickened 288 people in 39 states since August, was linked to tainted peanut butter produced by ConAgra at a plant in Sylvester, Ga. How salmonella got into peanut butter is still under investigation, said Dr. Mike Lynch, an epidemiologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

ConAgra says that it’s not sure why its peanut butter has been linked to the outbreak, as all of their tests have been negative. —MEGHANN MARCO

To get a refund, consumers should send lids and their names and addresses to ConAgra Foods, P.O. Box 57078, Irvine, CA 92619-7078. For more information, call (866) 344-6970.

Peanut butter recalled over salmonella
[Boston Globe]


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  1. ColoradoShark says:

    Urk, I just had some of that batch for lunch!

  2. josh1701 says:

    Why can’t you get your refund at the point of purchase? How many people are going to go to the trouble to mail the lid to them, and will they refund you the postage?

    I just checked their web site and they don’t say to include a receipt, which is good because most of us just trash it after we put the groceries away, but how do they determine how much to refund you?

    I guess any amount is better than a coupon for a new jar of their peanut butter! They need to be doing a much better job of making their customers whole.

  3. kimsama says:

    Argh…I buy the Honey Roasted PP PB in bulk (and had some of the 2111 for breakfast all week, too ColoradoShark, so I’m with ya). I have like, 8 jars in my pantry, I kid you not. It is going to be a giant PITA to send all those lids in…

  4. Tim Matheson says:

    Just checked my jar and it’s 2111. I have been eating this stuff for the last month and no strange symptoms but today I have been feeling nauseated and have had a headache all day. Im tossing this stuff.

  5. Slosh says:

    Just be sure to wash of those lids before sending them!

  6. BMR says:

    This is reason number two not to eat this junk.
    Reason number one? Third ingredient is partially hydrogenated vegetable oils (cottonseed and rapeseed).

  7. pooryoric says:

    Hmm so are they saying that Great Value and Peter Pan go into jars from the same giant vat at the factory?

  8. comedian says:


    That’s what caught my attention as well.

    I guess ConAgra isn’t one of those brand names that loudly announce “We do not manufacture do private brand or store brand versions of our products.”

    If not they’ll have some chickenella infested crow to eat.

  9. grant0 says:

    Wait a second! Over 300 and then 288? How many people exactly, Consumerist? Get your facts straightened out! =P

  10. Meg Marco says:

    Unfortunately for this website, I am a moron. I meant to write “about” not “over.”

  11. kip says:

    Wegmans grocery store chain has offered to accept returns of affected Peter Pan peanut butter. In an e-mail from their customer service department, they say to just bring in either the complete jar or the lid, and they’ll process a refund.

    Since they don’t require a receipt, I’m guessing that they’ll just forward the lids to ConAgra for reimbursement.

    You may want to ask your local grocery store if they have a similar policy.

  12. issy says:

    do you think tere will be some group come up with a law suit?

  13. issy says:

    how long do you think it will take a group to come up with a bogus lawsuit?

  14. itchy feet says:

    How long do you think it will take Wal-Mart to pull Great Value and Peter Pan off their shelves?

    Right away? Or about a totenkopf?

  15. pbnomore says:

    My husband and I have been eating the peter pan honey peanut butter for about the last 3 months. Both of our jars (one for the fridge and one in the cabinet) are 2111 coded. I recently went to see my GP about nausea, headache, and fatigue that just wouldn’t go away (might’ve had to do with the breakfast bread that I would slather with peanut butter on a daily basis). At least this explains why I was having the nausea. I’m just glad it wasn’t cuz I was pregnant (took a preg test cause the nausea wouldn’t go away…that came back as negative). Hubby had a slight case too. We’re both fine now…but the PB is going in the trash!

  16. robyns says:

    Isn’t ConAgra one of the big, evil factory farm-running companies discussed in Fast Food Nation? (The book, not the movie.) I try to avoid anything with their name on it, as well as anything with partially hydrogenated oils & high fructose stuff anyway.

  17. hop says:

    oh well….i use jif…………….

  18. rran says:

    I’m curious to see if the great value that walmart sells outsells the peter pan. I mean… is it possible to that the same product that walmart sells cheaper can have a bigger market share? If so… why not show the great value picture vs. the peter pan picture? I had some that was unopened in my cupboard that i bought last week and it got me thinking about all of the people who purchase the product based on price (great value is way cheaper) who don’t have the internet or access to news on a daily basis. I’m thinking there are a lot of lower class folks out there who have no clue they’re at risk.

  19. criticman says:

    Well, I checked my code on the label and I am a victim. Really explains why I have felt like crap and been ill for several weeks now. Already talked to my doctor this morning.

    As for Wal-mart pulling it from their shelves – mine had a big gap where their Peter Pan used to be. Luckily my favorite Skippy was in stock this time (it wasn’t last time, hence my purchasing Peter Pan).

  20. eyeguy says:

    I find it extraordinarily difficult to believe this recall — my wife called the company yesterday, and was informed that the lot code 2111 has been in use since fall 2004. I have been eating the creamy, chunky and honey roasted for years without any problems. I think those sick with salmonella fixed raw chicken in their kitchens without cleaning up afterwards adequately.
    Just because 288 people out of several millions have poor housekeeping habits is no reason to inconvenience everyone else.

  21. silverlining says:

    I think those sick with salmonella fixed raw chicken in their kitchens without cleaning up afterwards adequately.

    Wow, that’s an insightful statement. Public health officials investigate stuff like that. They catch hell for unnecessarily requiring a company to recall a product, which can cost a lot of money, and so are very sure before they ask for a recall.

    Heck, why not ask the folks on this board who have been complaining of symptoms if they’ve been using raw chicken sponges to clean their countertops?

    However, I am very interested (and a little grossed out) to learn how salmonella gets into PB. That should be a juicy story…

  22. Framling says:

    Just checked our Peter Pan, and it’s 2111. I’m pretty sure this is the peanut butter that came along with all our other leftover groceries when we moved back in August, so this goes back a while.

    As an aside, we get Peter Pan because they’re the only brand I’ve found that has Crunchy peanut Butter, rather than “Super Ultra Mega Blow-Your-Head-Off Actually-Just-A-Jar-Of-Whole-Peanuts-We-Hit-With-A-Hammer-A-Couple-Of-Times Crunchy.

  23. krunchy says:

    Peter Pan was my favorite peanut butter. Now, it’s like the boy who didn’t want to grow up, did grow up, got sick with salmonella, and died. Only Tink lives on to tell his story.

  24. biggie44 says:

    Our local tv station has advised us not to throw the 2111 out just yet,might be a class action in the works.

  25. PBMoron says:

    I bought the 2111 and for the past few months thought that every so often, I would just be ill like no tomorrow. Some kind of withdrawal from chocolate, coffee, the like. I tend to eat peanut butter sparingly, so I never associated it with this until now. But after the last attack, there’s no doubt. Whoever put crap in the bottles has been doing it for a long time I’ll bet. Their ConAgra plant in the midwest is where mine came from, not the Georgia address they’ve been saying it’s linked to. Like just tell us where they’re getting the peanuts from so we can burn the plantation down with the little crapper out there in the field.

  26. pable57141 says:

    I started NV & D on 2/12/07. Since this time I
    have progressively had more symptons. Weakness, dizzy, fainting, loss of appetite. I have seen a medical physician that did vital signs general check up plus lab work, injections for N&V and a prescription of Cipro.
    I hope to be on the right track for getting well. I love peanut butter but it will be a long time before I purchase it again.

  27. STACK says:

    This proves what I’ve said all along that the cheap brands were the same as the more expensive brands. You pay for the advertising not a better product.

  28. AcidReign says:

    …..I’m glad Simply Jif isn’t on the list. We go through at least a jar a week of that stuff!

  29. yoodoo-shbags says:

    I believe the chicken sponge story. Anxiety reigns the US. Anarchy is no longer cool enough.

  30. RACLDD says:

    Wal-Mart will take it back. I called my local
    Wal-Mart and they said they would take it back. I guess we will be buying Jif

  31. admirerangeleyes says:

    I just through a whole jar away with the 2111 from the same company it makes you wonder what else its in. We always wondered why we were getting sick but now i reaconed we fiqured it out so just becareful you never know what you are eating unless you make it yourself

  32. auntchamyma says:

    My bro inlaw has been sick all fall and winter they ran all kinds of tests, don’t know what it is…he eats p.butter every day !
    My dad got real sick with same symtoms and ended up in hospital. It was passed off as a bug…so it makes ya wonder.
    Think I’ll keep my jar in case a law suit comes up.

  33. henderlnsr says:

    I had 2 jars of that 2111 my fam and i got very sick

  34. gardencat says:

    I use the Peter Pan Reduced fat…I’m glad no one else in my family will eat this particular kind. I had food poisoning the day after Christmas and could not link it to anything I ate; my family and I all ate the same things, and no one else got sick! Who would of thought it was the peanut butter!!! I have already consumed 1 1/2 jars of this stuff…been wondering why I haven’t felt well lately…

  35. horn_phan says:

    I’m not waiting for a “Class-Action” my 18mo. old son and 3 year old daughter have been really sick from this for 3 1/2 weeks now. Even the Doctor’s couldn’t tell us what it was, and my family has been through hell with this sickness.

  36. smltbl78 says:

    The sad part is that we feed our familys this stuff and they get really ill and all they are concern about is that their lid be send back so they can test to trace exposture. It doesn’t make you feel good knowing that your family is very ill and you have no clue. Make you scared to feed your children food until you can tested. peanut butter is a childs favortie sandwich.

  37. RONDA123 says:


  38. kimsama says:

    @Ronda — think you need to hit “Caps lock” again ^_^

    Has anyone actually sent in their lids and gotten a refund? I called the 800 number but I could only get a recording (although there was an option to speak with someone, I kept being disconnected). I’d be interested to see if it’s worth the hassle (which I’m sure they’re counting on)…

  39. norris48 says:

    What a bunch of morons about lawsuits. I worked for GM for 28 years. Want to guess how many got screwed, managment and union alike in those years. I lost count the first 5 years. Oh, and the onsumer, also. But even the foreign one’s do that. And ALL big companies are the same. Greed!!!!!! I recently had oral surgery. Two weeks later, I was VERY ILL!!!! They said it was the antibiotics. Funny thing, I took them for 2 weeks without an abnormal bowel movement. When they did the root canal the two weeks and coouple days later, after, I could only eat soft foods. There lies Old Peter pan. Two days later, I was so sick I had to have a colonoscopy.
    Unbearable pain, diareah, etc. I only found out about the tainted PP on the 17th, 6 days ago. So, anybody who thinks BIG companies do no wrong are simply looney.Why the hell do you think they are so hell bent on making sure you get your precious $2.00 back for the peanut butter? Gee, I can’t guess. Maybe GET RID OF THE FRIGGING EVIDENCE. Suerly not corporate America. How unthinkable. WAKE THE HELL UP. Like I said, I’ve seen the worst the #1 company in the world (at one time) can do.And thousands of others, say the poultry companies, use their lobby power to hire illegals for generations. Don’t get me started saying Conagra is the victim here. CORPORATE GREED,LOBBYISTS, AND THEIR CRONNIES, (OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS) ARE LOADING THEIR POCKETS FULL OF “OUR” MONEY. Everyone of you should be MAD AS HELL. Take your peanut butter back, along with any evidence they have against them. I never knew so many were so blind at the state of big business. THey could give a rat’s #$% about you, as long as the money rolls in. Look at the last 5 years of corporate corrruption. You need someone to draw you a picture? WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!! God, I never realized so many were so naive. God help us!!!!! I could go on and on and tell some REAL horror stories, but they’d just be fairy tales to most of you. Truth will come out. Usually does, and y’all are in for a BIG surprrise. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so, my little lambs being taken to slaughter. Whew!!!!!!!!!! UNREAL

  40. bongcrazon says:

    is the company liable to pay the victim of their product?are they the one who will pay the doctors?what step will the company do to the vitims of their products?

  41. NancyB says:

    I have been eating Peter Pan Low Fat for a couple of years now. I am one of those people who just eat it with a spoon right out of the jar. I must have eaten 50 jars since last summer and have never even got a twinge. Wal mart says the problem was in the comtainer not the PB. When will my peanut butter be back on the shelf. I can’t stand the alternate brands. PS I took mine back to Wal Mart and got a refund.

  42. jmortaz says:

    Reading down thru these comments, I see a few about corporate greed — but what about individual’s greed? What’s all this talk about “class action law suits” and the like? I find it hard to believe the number of people who are looking to sue someone, just because they can. If there is a problem and the one responsible does not take responsibility, that is one thing, but to just jump on the band wagon to see what one can get??? As my grandmother would say, “There is right and there is wrong, and that’s just plain wrong.” Shameful.

  43. rickvale says:

    Obviously you were not sickened by this crap in a jar — I have been sick off and on since August — to the point where I was scared to eat because I never knew when the pains were going to come …. It was so bad that the smell of food made me sick —- Do not make comments unless you have lived it — I went to the doctors and they sent me for ultrasounds – they thought it was my gallbladder – of course the ultrasounds showed no problems — now I know why .. Sue them – Hell YES !!! The lawsuits should be the least of their worries – Is it to much to ask to know the item you purchase is safe — Wake up !!!

  44. ilikepeterpan says:

    I have been eating Peter Pan for as long as i can remember I am one of those people who just eat it with a spoon right out of the jar and its also good on top of several foods . I must have eaten 20 jars since last summer and have never gotten sick from it. when i heard about the recall i checked the number on the jar i have and it was 2111 . i had eaten most of it and still have it , is it possible that my jar is ok ? i want to eat the rest of it . i miss it and want to buy more , when will it be back on the shelf?

  45. martina449 says:

    ate the peanut butter in December and thought I had the flu..For a month I felt vomiting and nausea. Horrible hot gas was coming up from my stomach .I could not eat. I lost 10 pounds felt dizzy.Went to a doctor and had a blood test.The next morning he called and said my kidneys are shutting down.You need to go to the hospital , your body is dehydrated and needs fluid immediately. I was there for 2 days with kidney specialist.That was 2/1/07 .After the hospital I kept eating the Peter Pan peanut butter. I felt sick again.On 02/14/07 I heard about the recall. I couldn’t believe it! Now since I stopped eating the peanut butter I have felt a lot better. My kidneys are not back to normal yet. I take lots of blood test and see many doctors..It’s been a very depressing horrible experience for my family and myself. I pray someday soon my body will feel like it use to and my kidney functions become normal again.

  46. edrebber says:

    My 84 year old mother had a couple of half eaten jars of peter pan with 2111 on the lid. Both jars expired over a year ago. I took the jars back to Kroger and they refunded $3.84. Don’t send in the lid.

  47. noone says:

    I am sure there are alot of people out there that have a good reason to bring a law suite against Peter Pan peanut butter. There are also alot of lazy, good for nothing, want something for nothing, people that are going to jump on the band wagon just to see what they can get. If they went to the Dr and it was proven they were sick because of the peanut butter then by all means bring a suite against them. (To pay for their medical bills and their pain and suffering and so on.) If they went to the Dr and it was not proven that the peanut butter was the cause then back off. They have no right to accuse a company of something when they don’t know for sure ( but they think) it was the reason they were sick. I have read some of the statements above and it was never proven that the peanut butter was the cause but they just THINK IT WAS BECAUSE THEY HAD BEEN EATING IT. Well if they went to the Dr (and was as sick as they had claimed to have been) then tests would have shown that they had salmonella poisoning. I can say that if they jump on this band wagon with no proof they are not going to get a dime. Then the people that know them and even the ones that don’t know them will start to see them for the person they really are. ( Someone that will try to profit off someone else’s miss fortune. ) What a sad life to lead. I will pray for all of them.

  48. sandav1125 says:

    Well after reading some of these post’s, I am highly agitated. While I agree with some of the comments, most are just utter nonsense. Why shouldn’t we, as a consumer, be able to sue the company that made us sick? If you went to a restaurant, and got food poisoning, then you would want them to be held responsible for your medical bills would you not? I for one didn’t get sick. But my husband did. They hospitalized him on Feb. 28th. He died 3 days later. He was sick for weeks, and we didn’t know why. He went to the Dr’s the week before and they said everything was fine. They even did blood tests that came back as “normal”. Obviously the tests were wrong. I feel that if you came violently ill, then you should file a claim. But if you were just a little inconvenienced, then you should just chalk it up to the chance we take eating food on a daily basis. Because if everyone and their brother files a suit, then it will make it harder for those of us that are the real victims to get any kind of compensation. That’s just my opinion.

  49. lrstear says:

    My mom the peanut butter because it was on daughter ate it on friday that saturday morning she was sick ending up being a 9 day battle 6 days she didnt` eat and lost 2 lbs from being dehydrated.

  50. lrstear says:

    @horn_phan: I know how you feel my 6 yr old daughter was sick 9 days and din`t eat for 6 of those days .she lost 2 lbs from dehydration .the doctors couldn`t figure it out either.It was a very scary time.Its not a very good feeling to leave the E.R. with no answers.