More Footage Of Scuzzy Optician Attacking Reporter

Loverboy Anderson Cooper introduces more footage of that counterfeit eyeglass dealer who attacked an investigative reporter. Turns out that the scuzzy store actually baited the reporter down there for a fight. In a phone call, the optician told the reporter, “I’ve become a new man, I witnessed the power of God, and I want to tell you, Mr. Silverman, that I do love you, and you wanna come back here, you can talk to me.”

The power of submitting complaints to investigative reporters. Sometimes the journalist will gadfly the offender into making a complete ass of himself on international television. — BEN POPKEN

Eye Doctor Has a Bit of a Temper [YouTube] (Thanks to Malatron!)


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  1. Stepehn Colbert says:

    once again, just let me emphasize the “high pitched” and “lose” part.

  2. JT says:

    If only CEOs got arrested for ripping people off and aggressively resisting restitution.

  3. Scazza says:

    Silverman is ex-military, he would have kicked his ass up and down the street if allowed… lol.

  4. raincoaster says:

    You can actually see that he knows how to box. Good for him!

    Get a lot of call for that “King West” tag, do you?

  5. factotum says:

    Paranoid much?

  6. Jeff Roy says:

    i watched this at my desk without sound but i imagine the old man kept repeating “put up yer dukes”

  7. The Bigger Unit says:

    To quote a Seinfeld episode: “That’s not gonna be good for business.”

  8. jconli1 says:

    I could have sworn that was David Cross.

  9. popo says:

    I’ve bee practicing the signature all morning:
    Mrs. Popo Plimer… (sigh)

  10. gone725 says:

    Did anybody notice that the reporter sounds like Brooks Hatlen from Shawshank Redemption?

  11. heypal says:

    Silverman is my hero. He looked like he was ready to lay a left jabe, right cross on that guy. I’d hit a guy with glasses, too, if he were that asshole coming at me.

  12. Monster Rain says:

    While I’m not generally a fan of the media, I think it’s great when they help out with the consumer activist “movement”. That optician has some serious emotional issues and got off easy.

    When the optician opened the door it looked like the reporter got a nasty slam in the head. Plimer should consider himself lucky that he didn’t do any serious harm.