Guide to Secret "Off The Menu" Items/ Call for Entries

We’ve been hearing rumblings of secret menu-items at various restaurants and fast food places. Here’s a round up of the most interesting ones:

• Jamba Juice has an entire secret smoothie menu. We remember that it used to be on Wikipedia, but has mysteriously vanished. All the smoothies are made from stuff in the store, but most aren’t as healthy as the ones the promote. They are, however, in the register. Some secret ones to try:
Strawberry Shortcake, White Gummy Bear, PB+J, Pink Starburst, Skittles, Red Gummy Bear, Sourpatch Kid, Now and Later, Push Pop, Fruity Pebbles. The consensus seems to be that “White Gummy Bear” is the most delicious substance known to man.

• In-and-Out Burger’s Secret Menu. This one is posted on their website

• Chipotle. According to Wikipedia a quesadilla is considered a secret item.

Now, we know you guys know about more of these “secret menus” from different restaurants. We want to put together a list. An ultimate guide.

Do you work at Jamba? Send the complete menu. Work somewhere else and know what’s up? Send it. Tips [at] consumerist [dot] com. Put “Secret Menu” in the subject.—MEGHANN MARCO

Secret Off-the-Menu Items [Buzzfeed]


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  1. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    I think you can order some of Burger King’s phased out items at some locations. Stuff like Rodeo Cheeseburgers (a hard thing to find) or the Italian Chicken Sandwhich (which they can build from parts they have lying around).

  2. Big Poppa Pimp says:

    Judging from the reaction (I’m pretty sure he spit in it) that I received from the “chef” at the 44th Street Chipotle in Manhattan when I asked for rice without cilantro, I would hesitate to ask for a quesadilla off the secret menu…

  3. Falconfire says:

    I couldnt even begin to tell you the list of Dairy Queen secret menu items.

    Lets put it this way, there is a huge book every DQ has to have, you want it, its in there. It may not be listed as a item, but the instruction on how to make it and what to use are in there as well as how it is rung up.

    About the only thing they cant make is seasonal items, since they usually require a ingredient not carried normally.

  4. muddgirl says:

    I can personally verify that In&Out’s “Secret Menu” does not stop at a 4 x 4. I have personally seen someone order an 8 x 8. It was a monster.

  5. Don’t know if this applies to all of them, but at the Hard Rock Vegas, if you ask for the shrimp and steak special, you’ll get a great meal for about $10. Not on the menu, but it exists. I’ve had it.

  6. bringafajita says:

    I always order the “quarter pound double stack with cheese” at Wendy’s. It’s no longer on the menu, but it will still ring up in their register. It’s much better/more filling than anything on the dollar menu (think McDonald’s double cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, and onion) but it’s only $1.29.

  7. kerry says:

    Kind of local, but two of my favorite restaurants only give the real menus to white people if they ask. Both are in Chicago. The first is Silver Seafood, at 4829 N Broadway. Generally speaking, they give the big book of awesome food to Asians and the boring Chinese standard menu to everyone else. If you ask for the full menu they’ll give you the big book, which is translated from Chinese into Vietnamese and English. The second restaurant is Spoon Thai, where the secret menu is not-so-secret, but very necessary. It’s where all the really good food is. Sometimes they don’t give it to you automatically and you have to ask for it. They are located at 4608 N Western. The Thai menu used to only be offered in Thai, but has been translated into English. They go through occasional revisions, but the translations are still a little crude. Both places offer delivery, but neither place puts the good stuff on the delivery menu, so you have to order from memory if you want something special.
    Oh, and in the same neighborhood is a Korean-owned sushi joint called Hama Matsu. They don’t have it on the menu, but the head sushi chef makes her own kimchi and it’s great. Not always cabbage, sometimes string beans, daikon, zucchini, just about anything, always fresh. You have to ask for it specifically and they may look at you funny. I don’t have to ask, but I’m special.

  8. He says:

    Jerry’s Subs & Pizza has items that aren’t listed but used to be on the menu. A lot of them don’t show the Big Bubba on the big board, but it’s almost all I ever order. Basically just a triple bacon serving on a cheesesteak.

  9. nweaver says:

    I like how I/O burger claims trademark on items which are not on the menu board (Animal (r) style, Protein (r) style, 4×4 (r))

  10. M3wThr33 says:

    The quesadilla is real at Chipotle. Their take-out menu even mentions it. Basically it says something like “If we have the ingredients, we’ll try to make it. Quesadillas are a popular choice.”

    The large is about $2.25 and I guess the small is under a buck. You can add meat to them if you like.

  11. dotorg greg says:

    I usually have to cobble Rodeo burgers together myself: onion ring, plain cheeseburger, and bbq sauce (in the packet).

    There’s a Jamba Juice called the Bounce Back Blast that’s awesome, but execution varies. We get a quesadilla for the kid whenever we go to Chipotle. Never feels very secret, though.

  12. Hmmm…thats why I never eat at Chipotle, no quesidilla…but now I have to try it…thanks Consumerist!

  13. Boo says:….

    they go much higher than 8 x 8 at in and out…

    (this is the first time I have tried to post a link… sorry if it is weird!)

  14. Boo says:

    grrr, it IS weird….

    ummm, this should work better.

  15. Boo says:
  16. Elara says:

    This probably is a “duh” but Chili’s (at least here) no longer has chili on the menu. But if you ask for it, they’ll bring you a cup.

  17. VeryFancyBunny says:

    A couple vegetarian items:

    Blimpie used to have a sandwich called the “Cheese Trio” on the menu. They took it off years ago (at least around here), but I’ve been able to order it with no problem. Otherwise, all their sandwiches involve meat.

    You should be able to ask for a “Vegetarian Whopper” at Burger King. And that doesn’t mean getting the veggie patty; it means getting the big ol’ Whopper bun with all the fixings and no cow.

    … Oh, and a semi-famous one: the “small” cappuccino at Starbucks.

  18. kerry says:

    Elara said:

    This probably is a “duh” but Chili’s (at least here) no longer has chili on the menu. But if you ask for it, they’ll bring you a cup.

    That’s awesome! So they’re back there with a bunch of chili they don’t even technically sell? Or is it just there in case someone wants chili on their burger?

  19. dwneylonsr says:

    Burger King also let’s you order a “mustard whopper”. Uses mustard instead of mayo.

    There’s a chicken salad at Applebees that’s no longer on the menu that my wife still orders.

  20. mullenite says:

    At TGI Fridays (at least when I worked there) the policy was, if we have it, we can make it. The policy was named after a movie though I can’t think of the name. Prices will vary as basically the manager decides how much it should cost.

    Also, Popeye’s chicken can and will make “Naked Chicken” that have no breading on them and are delicous.

  21. incndnz says:

    This is sort of a duh – but McDonald’s will make you a cheese burger w/ out the burger (and extra pickle if you ask!). Taco Bell doesn’t have the plain beef burrito on the menu, but they’ll still sell it to ya, and, best of all, every Subway ever will still make you a “spicy italian” – pepperoni and salami – delicious! They don’t have it on the menu, but I’ve never been to one where they don’t know what it is. (lots of may = extra tasty!)

  22. incndnz says:

    Mickey D’s will make you a cheese burger w/ no burger (and extra pickle if you ask!)
    Taco Bell will always sell you the plain beef burrito (I hate beans) but it’s not on the menu anymore, and Subway will always, always, always still make the ‘spicy italian’ – pepperoni and salami – delicious! (It used to be on the menu, but everyone knows what it is.)

  23. yetiwisdom says:

    only give the real menus to white people if they ask

    Really? White People Only?

  24. DreadNemesis says:

    Back when I worked at Boston Pizza, (known as Boston’s Gourmet Pizza in the States) we had a few off-the-menu items that the head office had told us to take off. There were 2 items of particular note: potatoe gems(small skined potatoes), these were a big seller. Especially among the local buisnesses that we had delivery contracts with. We apparently had them for 9 years longer than we should have, then one day the head office told our supplier not to send us any more.
    The other item was the Smokey Ham&Cheese sandwhich, another big seller at our store. In both cases customers were pissed that they couldn’t order either of these items, to which our responds unfortunetly had to be contact head office and tell them. Fortunetly things had a happier ending with the sandwhich, seeing as how it was made from other items we already had in the store we just waited a few months and then started selling them again upon customer request.

    I just have one more thing to add, similar to the Dairy Queen post above there is a big binder at each store. Inside the binder there are the various menu items, showing what’s in them and how they are supposed to be presented. This also includes items that have been taken off the menu, including the limited time menu items. Now technicly anyone can ask for any item that’s in this menu, as they have to make it as long as they have the items that go into it they have to make it. I can personally attest to this as I had to make several Nacho pizzas from time to time. So if there’s any past menu items that you enjoyed from them try asking for it, you may be able to get it.

  25. kerry says:

    @yetiwisdom –
    That came out wrong, I meant to say they only give it to non-Asians if they ask. I phrased it better further down in the post. Since I’m white, I’m really only thinking about how these places will behave towards white people (does that make me a bad person?). Also, when I say “Asian,” I mean of the far east variety (including Pacific Islanders), not South Asian. All clear?

  26. Ran Kailie says:

    You can get real eggs, not the fake stuff, at most restaurants with breakfast menus by asking for the eggs to be cracked on the grill.

  27. FishingCrue says:

    You can get “Everything” (lettuce and tomato) on a Wendy’s Double Stack, sometimes it’s even free. If they look at you like you’re crazy, tell them there’s a button for it. A double stack with everything, add bacon is a decent sandwich for somewhere south of 2 bones.

  28. ronaldscott says:

    Link to historical Jamba Juice Wikipedia entry with the unsourced secret menu:

  29. ronaldscott says:

    Link to historical Wikipedia entry for Jamba Juice, with the unsourced secret menu:

  30. junkmail says:

    At TGI Fridays (at least when I worked there) the policy was, if we have it, we can make it. The policy was named after a movie though I can’t think of the name. Prices will vary as basically the manager decides how much it should cost.

    “Five easy pieces”.

    Worked there for three hellish years. I attribute my brief bout with drug abuse and alcoholism to that sh*t hole.

  31. Nemesis_Enforcer says:

    Oh man I loved this burger from Wendy’s I think it was a double Cheddar burger? Like a bacon cheeseburger but with 2 pieces of chedder cheese and a cheddar cheese sauce…mmm good. I wonder if they got the sauce laying around? (note to self: stop at Wendy’s on the way home)

    Also I really miss the Italian nacho’s at Macaroni Grill..They put one in near my job and I was really jazz’d then I go in an they don’t make them anymore..I was soo pissed I haven’t been back since.

  32. stenk says:

    I went to Korea once! Had the Secret Menu there in a few places!

    Tasted just like chicken ;)

  33. evagation says:

    Re: VeryFancyBunny’s comment about the “small” cappucino.

    It’s actually a SHORT cappucino. If you ask for a small cappucino at Starbucks, you will be laughed at. Their smallest size is a SHORT, at 8 oz. it is smaller than their “tall” size (which is 12 oz).

    It isn’t really a secret and is on the menu.

  34. cgmaetc says:

    Having worked at a TGI Fridays for a year, i can tell you that their policy ‘the ultimate experience in customer satisfaction’, so you can pretty much order anything you want (within reason) and they will make it for a price. I know because my GM sent me out for white bread and grape jelly for some kid who didn’t like our menu. I even had to cut off the crusts. However, this doesn’t work at the Magic Johnson TGIFridays.

    Also, even tho California Pizza Kitchen has ‘discontinued’ their eggplant lasagna, ask for the meat one with grilled eggplant instead.

    Lastly, Robek’s juice will build any smoothie you like as long as the main ingredients are in store. it’s costs extra, but it’s worth it if you are picky.

  35. Maulleigh says:

    I got addicted to Crunch Wraps at taco bell when they first came out. I’ve been to taco bells and searched and searched the menu but didn’t see them. I just ordered them anyway and they made ’em no problem. That’s the only instance I’ve experienced.

    The “short” at Starbucks isn’t much of a secret: my roommate says that was originally the small but Americans didnt think it was big enough. I always order the short when I just want a little cup of coffee.

  36. major disaster says:

    You can get real eggs, not the fake stuff, at most restaurants with breakfast menus

    Wait, what? There are restaurants that serve fake eggs?

  37. grahams says:

    The Taco Bell’s I frequent all will still take an order for Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes, even though they are long gone from the official menu..

  38. snowferret says:

    do NOT ask for a quarter pounder dressed like a big mac at McD’s I tried that a couple times cuz I really like the Mac but wanted more meat. Apperantly that takes too much inteligence. I tried that a coupletimes (with pretty gross results, ketupt mustard and mac sause) before i just gave up and ordered off the menu like a good little drone.

  39. dwightschrute says:

    A nice secret at Chipotle is that they will mix up your burrito for you if you ask. They taste a lot better that way.

  40. Wobbles says:

    The important thing to remember about the Chipotle “secrete menu” is that they don’t normally charge for a tortilla. This will vary from restraunt, but the implications can save you a few bucks. For example, geting an order of 3 “tacos” with just chicken will typically only cost the price of an order of extra chicken aka $1.50. My personal favorite is such an order with chicken and guacamole, which typically costs 3 dollars when done properly. The largest problem with this is that acceptance can vary from restraunt to restraunt and you typically won’t know until you try and pay. Most Colorado locations know the order, but California is highly location dependant. Other tips include asking for half of one meat and half of another. Make sure you aren’t asking for extra and you will typically be charged for the least expensive of the two.

  41. BadgerKyle says:

    Taco Bell will also still make the Cheesy Gordita Crunch (I can’t remember if it is back on the menu now, but when it was off . . . ) if you ask . . . it’s the best thing they have!

  42. royal72 says:

    for all you in-and-out fans, if you don’t already know, you can get animal fries as well. yummy!

  43. juri squared says:

    BadgerKyle is right. I usually order the Cheesy Gordita Crunch when I go to Taco Bell. I’m guessing they’ll make you just about anything they’ve previously had on the menu as long as they still have the supplies. Seeing as Taco Bell generally consists of the same four things in slightly different configurations, it’s pretty well guaranteed they will. Yum!

  44. superbmtsub says:

    One thing I know is that McDonald’s doesnt have any hidden items. They periodically go through changing the codes and updating the menu on the cash registers.

    And dont ask me how I know that.

  45. faust1200 says:

    I hear if you order the correct way at KFC you can get real chicken that’s not genetically engineered chicken-type meat which saturated in growth hormone and chemicals. Na you can’t – just kiddin!

  46. acceptablerisk says:

    Really? White People Only?

    My suspicion is that he meant you won’t automatically get the full menu unless you’re Asian. Read it as “only get” and not “only white.”

  47. sixtoe says:

    Ah, this is one of my favorite party topics. Here goes:

    #1: There are some Burger Kings that’ll still serve you a Bull’s-Eye BBQ Burger (an early 90s staple). It’s basically two burger patties on a chicken sandwich roll, topped with BBQ sauce, onions, and–if memory serves me–a couple of pickles.

    #2: Many Arby’s offer the French Dip, a roast beef sandwich on a long roll, served with a li’l gravy dish of au jus. Sure to please.

    #3: My favorite: The Taco Bell Encharito. A combination of an enchilada and a burrito, this tasty treat comes on a plate with red sauce and two (no more, no less) olive slices. A can’t miss.

  48. nick says:

    The chicken quesadilla at Chipotle is possibly the most amazing creation know to man.

    Other than a double-double at In-N-Out Burger, I don’t think I’ve ever loved a single food so very much.

    I crave it. I need it. I must have it.

    (p.s. – get it w/ sour cream [free] … try it now, thank me later)

  49. LatherRinseRepeat says:


    You can get the onion on your burger three different ways: raw, grilled (saute on grill), or grilled mustard (saute with mustard on grill). “Animal style” is basically double serving of lettuce, tomato, and sauce. It’s messy and not really worth it because it overrides the taste of the hamburger patty. Some locations serve up animal style fries, which is an order of fries topped with the sauce they use in the burger.

    White menu and Asian menu..

    It’s not discrimination, so don’t take it personally. But I think most people would be a little shocked if they found out what real authentic Asian or Mexican or [insert any ethnic group] food is. What you see on the English language menu are foods that are appealing to the general public.

    Roscos Chicken And Waffles..

    Don’t even bother looking at the menu. There are over 100 items in there. But if you look carefully, you’ll notice that they are merely redundant variations of each other. Just tell the waitress what you feel like eating and she’ll make a suggestion.

  50. weave says:

    Don’t expect a secret menu at Denny’s. I went in there and asked for a grilled cheese sandwich and they were baffled. They finally decided to give me Moons over My Hammy and toss out the ham — and charge me the full price for it.

    The waitress was genuinely nice though and did her best. Not sure what her conversation was with the cook and the manager though.

  51. skippywasserman says:

    I don’t know if this works everywhere, but all non-chain diners I have ever eaten in will be super happy to make whatever your drug addled mind comes up with at 4 in the morning if you’re nice to the staff and polite to everyone.

    Thing is, I have no idea if those things were on the menu or not.


  52. winnabago says:

    The one thing that you can do at McDonalds is to ask for things like their double cheeseburger, that chicken snack wrap thing, or pretty much anything that contains meat, as a “combo”. The computer will do it, and you usually end up saving a buck or so compared to if you order everything separately.

    I really want to try this double stack at wendy’s after reading this thread.

  53. Ran Kailie says:

    Wait, what? There are restaurants that serve fake eggs?

    Most restaurants use powdered egg, its real egg, sorta, and for some reason it also tears up my stomach, I don’t know if its the milk added or something else. So I always order my eggs cracked on the grill, especially if I get scrambled eggs.

    The portion isn’t nearly as large, which isn’t a bad thing, but they are way tastier and without the stomach upset.

  54. Ran Kailie says:

    major disaster: Wait, what? There are restaurants that serve fake eggs?

    Most restaurants use powdered egg, its real egg, sorta, and for some reason it also tears up my stomach, I don’t know if its the milk added or something else. So I always order my eggs cracked on the grill, especially if I get scrambled eggs.

    The portion isn’t nearly as large, which isn’t a bad thing, but they are way tastier and without the stomach upset.

  55. SharpieSniffer says:

    All the military readers will know what an Early Bird is. (The AAFES snack bar version of an Egg McMuffin)

    I got kicked out – yes, kicked out – of an AAFES snack bar for daring to order an Early Bird with no egg. Just wanted the bacon, cheese, and English muffin and offered to pay full price. The hairnet behind the counter had a coniption and started babbling about how when they got the hamburger bar there wouldn’t be “no more special orders.”

    I said, “Just leave the damn egg off!” and that was it. “Damn” must be code for “I am a terrorist and will blow you up because I was then unceremoniously hustled out the door. Word to the wise: accept the standard issue Early Bird or end up in Guantanamo in a wire cage. Or end up on the street at 6am without your breakfast.

  56. Kornkob says:

    Most restaurants use powdered egg

    Well, I’ve worked at several chains (and a couple times on KP in an Army kitchen) and I can tell you that I’ve never seen a powdered egg.

    Can you name a couple places that use powdered eggs?

    • nirvaeh says:

      @Kornkob: I did KP one time with a big ass bucket of powdered eggs. I once got a cook to crack me a real egg at Ft. Gordon, GA. It was the best Army egg I ever had.

      But yes…the army doesn’t use real eggs…and McDonalds uses big bags of liquid egg stuff.

  57. Kornkob says:

    Word to the wise: accept the standard issue Early Bird

    Soldier, if you didn’t need an egg it wouldn’t be included in the standard issue for deployment. Now pick your gear up and get moving before I issue your ass a Mark 1 LPC.

  58. The Unicorn says:

    This is slightly OT, but apparently @ Burger King, the barbeque sauce they have back in the “kitchen” is Bulls-Eye, but the stuff they have in the packets up-front is some crappier generic sauce that’s not as good. So, if you want BBQ sauce on a BK item, you’re better off asking for them to put it on before you get your food.

  59. bedpan says:

    chipotle actually has a cup fact (know what i mean?) about how they’ll make you anything you want, really, as long as they have the ingredients. i remember it said something about nachos…

  60. silverlining says:

    I haven’t heard of egg powder. But I know Brueggers uses premade frozen egg product in their breakfast bagels. Little rubbery “fried egg” patties that are steamed to perfection before they land on your breakfast bagel. No grill there to do fresh eggs. Delish. ;)

  61. silverlining says:

    Oh, and that veggie whopper at Burger King someone mentioned above is great for another thing… it’s like $1. You can also order a veggie whopper junior. Just like the regular whopper jr, no meat, just veggies and condiments.

    This is also on the standard menu, but you really have to look… Burger King has a vegetarian burger. Though it’s a safe bet the burger is heated up on the same surface as all the others.

  62. faust1200 says:

    I would guess that the scrambled eggs at McDonalds are powdered. I mean they look weird and I’ve never heard of a shell being in them.

  63. glitterpig says:

    Roy Rogers would still make the double-R bar burger even after it’d been off the menu for years. Haven’t seen a Roy Rogers in a long time, though, so I can’t guarantee they’ll still do it.
    Chipotle is weird about their off-the-menu stuff – I always get plain beans & rice for my daughter, and have been charged anywhere from $1 to $4 for it, for varying quantities (that don’t necessarily correspond to the price – the best deal I got was $1 for a whole bowl of b&r, but I paid $3 for a little salsa cup of beans and another of rice at another store). I definitely give ’em credit, though – you really can order any combination of ingredients they have. (As long as you’re not trying to pay a particular price for it.)

  64. pete says:

    I guess if you don’t have kids, you’d think the Chipotle’s kids menu is chock-full of “secret items.” They don’t post the items on the big boards but they do on the take-out menus. @glitterpig: with prices. At least the ones I’ve been to in Portland (OR), SF, NY, and Boston…

  65. tracih says:

    A friend of mine always gets the “All-American Meal” at McDonalds, which I had never heard of before. It consists of a cheeseburger, small fry, and a small drink for $1.89 (in IA, your change may vary)

    Apparently, it was on the menus awhile back, but they took it off a year later. She’s never had any problem ordering it since then.

  66. AcidReign says:

    …..I used to work at little BBQ franchise (Country’s BBQ, Auburn, AL, it’s still there!) 25 years ago that served up “frozen scrambled eggs” in the breakfast bar. These were basically a cinder-block of yellow mass that we slapped on the grill for a few minutes in a puddle of shortening to give it some cooked marks. We then shoveled it into a serving bin for the buffet. It was best to under cook the things, or otherwise they’d turn to leathery, slightly green flakes under the heat lamp. They tasted sort of vaguely egg-like, but without that good yolky taste of the real thing.

    …..Most of the breakfast regulars knew to order eggs cracked on the grill. We did use real butter and shortening, which are essential for a good fried egg.

  67. Vexorg says:

    At most of the Taco Bells around here, the Tostada doesn’t seem to be on the menu board anymore, but I can still get one with no problem.

  68. CosmicJester says:

    At most places I’ve worked, they didn’t use powdered eggs. Those inevitably turn out absolutely awful, sort of like trying to pass off reconstituted powdered milk as the real thing. Most of the time they use a carton of liquid eggs; the most common brand name I’ve seen is Easy Eggs.

  69. Ran Kailie says:

    Powdered Eggs:

    Everywhere you buy “scrambled” eggs that are uniformed yellow. Its not real egg, its powdered egg, or liquid egg substance with citric acid added.

    Think I’m lying? Go to IHop, or Denny’s or Bob Evans, order scrambled eggs, and then order scrambled eggs, cracked on the grill”. I guarantee they will be different. Most/all restaurant chains uses major food providers they pre-make and package as much of the food as possible. I know this because I use to work in catering, and more the once got the joy of mixing the powdered egg for a breakfast buffet.

    Its like powdered milk, doesn’t need to be refrigerated and doesn’t perish.

    Don’t believe me that it exists? Here you go:

    No idea why, its suppose to be just egg, but if I eat it, it shreds my insides to pieces. I assume its the pasturization.

  70. queballbelly says:

    Some MacDonald’s do have hidden items! Like the two Cheeseburger Meal is not listed at some locations but can still be ordered with no questions asked. If an item that was currently on the menu is no longer there it is likely very much available.

  71. Kida says:

    Actually the eggs are pasturized the same way your milk that you drink has been. In doing this it prevents the bacteria from developing, with less possibility of making you ill.

  72. spiffywilco says:

    Secret? I don’t know if it is, but you can get a grill cheese sandwich at any McDonalds. They’ll look at you funny, but they have it in the register and make it by taking two hamburger buns and flipping them, add some cheese, press it on the grill and like Phil Collins (Trailer Park Boys), baaaaaaammmm, grilled cheese sammich.

    Not really a secret item, but just a suggestion. Get the Chicken Snacker at McDonalds, open it up and smother it with buffalo sauce, alot of ranch and wash it down with a wal mart energy drink called O’L Glory.

    O’L Glory energy drinks have the pledge of allegiance stated on the can. Yeah.. it’s true.