Guide to Secret "Off The Menu" Items/ Call for Entries

We’ve been hearing rumblings of secret menu-items at various restaurants and fast food places. Here’s a round up of the most interesting ones:

• Jamba Juice has an entire secret smoothie menu. We remember that it used to be on Wikipedia, but has mysteriously vanished. All the smoothies are made from stuff in the store, but most aren’t as healthy as the ones the promote. They are, however, in the register. Some secret ones to try:
Strawberry Shortcake, White Gummy Bear, PB+J, Pink Starburst, Skittles, Red Gummy Bear, Sourpatch Kid, Now and Later, Push Pop, Fruity Pebbles. The consensus seems to be that “White Gummy Bear” is the most delicious substance known to man.

• In-and-Out Burger’s Secret Menu. This one is posted on their website

• Chipotle. According to Wikipedia a quesadilla is considered a secret item.

Now, we know you guys know about more of these “secret menus” from different restaurants. We want to put together a list. An ultimate guide.

Do you work at Jamba? Send the complete menu. Work somewhere else and know what’s up? Send it. Tips [at] consumerist [dot] com. Put “Secret Menu” in the subject.—MEGHANN MARCO

Secret Off-the-Menu Items [Buzzfeed]

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