Cardavenue Doesn't Respond To Fraud Claims or Emails?

The idea behind Cardavenue is interesting. If you get a gift card you don’t like, you can trade it for another using their site. They charge a fee and ostensibly offer some protection against fraud. They don’t, however, answer their emails or process their claims, and that makes us sad.

Reader S.G.W. has written 4 emails and filed a claim for a gift card he traded and never saw one in return. He successfully filed a Paypal claim and was refunded Cardavenue’s fees, but the real loss is the value of the gift card. Cardavenue won’t even write him back.

According to their site, trading is covered in the following manner: “The face value of the card up to $100.00 per transaction, less any cash offsets and a $10.00 deductible per transaction.” Cardavenue’s site claims that a representative will contact anyone filing a claim within 48 hours. S.G.W. hasn’t heard from them at all, and he originally contacted them on Jan. 20.

Not answering emails when running a service like this is just unacceptable. Has anyone else had a similar experience using this service? Is this exception, or the rule?—MEGHANN MARCO


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