Microsoft Settles Class Action Lawsuit Vs Iowa

A class action lawsuit against Microsoft in Iowa has been settled for an unspecified amount. From USA Today:

The plaintiffs had alleged that Microsoft violated Iowa antitrust laws by monopolizing the market, which denied free choice and innovation, forced Iowns to overpay for software and opened consumers up to security breaches, according to the class action complaint.

The Iowa antitrust case gained notoriety for the now famous “If I didn’t work here, I’d buy a Mac” e-mail sent by Microsoft executive Jim Allchin, who is now retired. The Microsoft in-house e-mail from 2004 received some notice after it was released as part of Microsoft’s document production for the case.

This lawsuit was one of the last state anti-trust lawsuits left unsettled, and Bill Gates was scheduled to testify. Alas.—MEGHANN MARCO

Microsoft settles Iowa class action suit [USA Today]