Introducing the Consumerist Flickr Photo Pool

On the heels of our lack of competence in attributing credit to Flickr photos comes the Consumerist Flickr Photo Pool. Believe it or not, we’ve been wanting/planning to do this for a long time. Why? The things we write on Consumerist are about the consumer landscape. Our tips come from you, and we want our photos to come from you as well. So, assuming you’ve forgiven us our trespasses, let us lead you now into our Flickr group. What do we need?

Photos of retail locations, particularly signs. We often write about stores and we need pictures of stores. Walmart, Target, Kmart, Payless Shoes, whatever. Document your grocery store. Document your mall. Take pictures of stores. Take pictures of restaurants. Banks. Payday lenders. Car dealerships. Take pictures of everything. WE NEED PICTURES OF STORES AND OTHER PLACES OF BUSINESS.

Advertising. Subway, Billboards, Television Commercials, everything and anything. WE NEED PICTURES OF ADVERTISING.

Products. Every sort of product from Cheerios to tampons. Take a picture of it.

Complaints. If you have a complaint that is accompanied by a photo you have a 4000% higher chance of having your complaint on the Consumerist.

Payday lenders that used to be Pizza Huts. We just really think that shit is funny.

Again, we really want Flickr to be involved! Help us further the mission of the Consumerist by documenting the consumer landscape. We can not run this blog without you. You are the blog. —MEGHANN MARCO

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