Help! Gambling Site Threatening To Ruin My Credit

Image courtesy of benpopken: How often are they contacting you and by what means?

streetlamp: About 3 or 4 months ago, my room mate convinced me to sign up for for some online poker and other gambling activities
streetlamp: They took my banking info and everything went fine
streetlamp: I deposited $20
streetlamp: About a month later they freeze my account and said that I need to verify my account to log back in, which requires you sending your ID, voided check and a form
streetlamp: I didn’t feel comfortable with any of this so said screw it
streetlamp: Now they wont leave me alone still and are threatening me with derogatory credit
streetlamp: I’m a poor college student and never intended for any of this to start
streetlamp: So I have no idea what to do about it
benpopken: How often are they contacting you and by what means?

streetlamp: This has been about the 3rd or 4th email
streetlamp: The first one which I responded to they never responded back
streetlamp: But this is the first time they have included a threat of bad credit
streetlamp: Now on my bank statement it says that $20 was sent because I figured maybe my bank was aware it was a gambling site and froze the payment
benpopken: Tell ’em to piss off
streetlamp: That was my latest email to them
streetlamp: But can they do anything about my credit?
benpopken: Even if they ding your credit slightly, it’s probably not going to affect your life. You can easily dispute it, and get it removed
streetlamp: Very well then, I just have a very good credit for a 18 year old and that has been the only part that has worried me
benpopken: Do you have a credit card?
streetlamp: 2
streetlamp: and a debit card
benpopken: Do you pay them off in full every month?
streetlamp: Indeed I do
benpopken: Do you have, or are planning to get, a mortgage or any other kind of loan?
streetlamp: I highly doubt that at least while im in college
benpopken: Then you can set up a filter to direct their email to your trash and forget about it
benpopken: Check your credit report in a few months and if they did do anything, dispute it saying they had no basis and it will probably get removed
streetlamp: Okay, sounds good
streetlamp: I never imagined I would ever need to contact you guys but you were the first to pop into my head when I saw this latest email
benpopken: We like to help!

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