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  1. bambino says:

    Phillipians, eh? Those must be some pious CSRs…

  2. sidescroller says:

    Yeah, shout out to Albuquerque!

  3. Sudonum says:

    It kind of like background music for viewing this site

  4. Adamatic550 says:

    I was hoping that even if the ‘skillz’ left something to be desired, the lyrics would at least be smart, thought provoking, or revealing about AOL. Unfortunately that was not the case.

    Everyone knows AOL is greedy, lies, and underpays. Give us the real dirt.

  5. Tim Matheson says:

    Whoa people still use AOL? Love the coasters AOL keep sending them.

  6. Tim Matheson says:

    Sorry just had to do it.

    “Get out the way yo get out the way yo AOL’s stock just dropped, from a DOS attack, one little IP Scan and yo I knock their servers of the rack. Laying off in the 5-0-5, but yo they copied their hard drive you can retrieve the contents on CNN Live, tonight im bought to make this shit right, AOL dont fuck around with real G’s bought to wipe you fucking ass off the screen, Truth 505 I hit em up.”

  7. He’s right about the outsourcing. Salt Lake City, Utah (actually clearfield) just shut down its aol call center this last fall.

  8. Steve_Holt says:

    “…but call themselfs still AOL,,”

    Worth the price of admission right there. And if that wasn’t enough, the double comma is great.

    I realize I should be critiquing the actual song and not the poor grammar, but I’m reading this post during a meeting and thus can’t play any sound.

    I can’t wait to get out of here and listen to it though!

  9. MattyMatt says:

    I like how his note to Consumerist saves up all the punctuation for the end, releasing them all in one glorious multi-period deluge.

  10. warchild says:

    Underpays? Yeah right! I made a lot of money in a decent amount of time while employed there.

    Also, notice the legal company name change from America Online to AOL, LLC months ago.

    Now, there are only two internal call centers there, both of them overseas, and the rest are out source centers located in the United States and abroad.

  11. faust1200 says:

    Deluge….my new favorite word! A deluge of thanks!

  12. Chairman-Meow says:

    What the yo ?

    Gee, between the *ahem* colorful writing skills and that pic, i’d say this guy’s street cred iz be da Bomb yo!


  13. cbearnm says:

    Wow, just wow.

    If this writing style is indicative of the caliber of employee in the ABQ call center, it’s hard to see how they even kept it open this long.

    I’m certainly hopeful that this guy is able to be a little more professional when handling calls, but I think this is a plant message by AOL to justify the closing of the call center.

  14. Bpj says:

    I worked in the Ogden, Utah call center for 6 years. I started in 98 doing tech service. Then was on a team that helped make a program that had a flow chart to walk everyone through troubleshooting the calls, little did we know we were building a program that would get rid of our jobs because they used the program when they opened the India call center.

    I then moved to the ‘corporate team’ where we took calls and had to act like we were in the V.P.’s office for AOL (in VA) and Netscape (in CA.) Then they closed that and i worked in a few other departments.

    They then only had the cancellations department, i worked in it for 2 months and quit because i felt so dirty after work. They have a huge script you have to go through and you can’t give up on asking them to stay over and over.

    But over all it wasn’t horrible, i was going to join the army to pay for my college but they payed most of my tuition. I was jaded after i quit for about a year, i couldn’t stand talking to people, they just pissed me off because they all reminded me of ignorant customers, but i am over that now lol