FOLLOWUP: Car Dealership Breaks Into Customer's Home, Steals $70,000

A Seattle car dealership that broke into a mentally-disabled customer’s apartment and stole $70,000 in cash has a history of drug-use, shady tactics, and abusing mentally handicapped customers, The Seattle Times reports.

Many of the allegations center around Huling Brothers manager, Adrian Dillard, with an alleged history of high-pressure sales tactics, and snorting painkillers with coworkers in the bathroom and off the dashboard of a company truck.

Sales records showed Huling Brothers taking, advantage of mentally deficient customers before Dillard came on. And one sale was structured to help a drug dealer launder funds.

Most alarming, Huling Brothers apparently enjoys a very high reputation in its area. Imagine what’s going on at dealerships even less sterling…. — BEN POPKEN

How drugs and greed tainted auto dealership [The Seattle Times] (Thanks to Karl!)
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  1. harrnack says:

    Last I heard the dealership has been bought out and the Huling Brothers name dropped. That decision was made before the news reports of the theft went out on the air, so I don’t put much stock in the idea that the dealership had a good reputation.

  2. harrnack says:

    Yup, the name is now Gee West Seattle.

  3. Trai_Dep says:

    Heard the “just a couple bad eggs” fast & early in the article. Then smirked at:

    The man had come to the dealership and asked for help … after it had been impounded.

    While two salesmen drove the man to the tow lot, salesmen raced for the cash, police said. Dillard and Coxwell got there first; two other pairs of salesmen followed in quick succession but got only $108 because the others had already stolen the rest of the money.

    Wanna bet they’re Republicans?