AT&T Leases Push-Button Phone For Over $7,500 To Elderly

AT&T leased a crappy old-school phone to an elderly gentleman for over $7500 over a span of 30-plus years, his son just discovered. Kimdog writes:

    “Recently, my boyfriend has been helping his 88 year old father with bills and other financial matters. Upon reviewing his dad’s phone bill, he found something horrifying. His parents had been leasing two ratty push button phones from AT&T at the rate of …$10 a month per phone… They’ve probably been doing so since the 60’s, so we figure that they’ve paid well over $7500 for the “use” of these phones.”

When Kim’s boyfriend called to cancel the leasing service, AT&T sent two postage-paid mailers for return of the phones. If they don’t return the phones, AT&T will charge them for the “cost of the equipment.”

If your grandparents or elderly friends have an old phone and haven’t moved in over 20 years, check their phone bill to make sure they’re not still renting their phone. — BEN POPKEN

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