1-800-Flowers Delivery Guarantee Isn't Guaranteed

1-800-Flowers charges an extra $3 to guarantee the delivery of your flowers ON Valentine’s Day, but due to threat of snow, they’re rescinding that guarantee, delivering flowers early, and not telling anyone.

Mike paid for guaranteed delivery service, only to find out that the flowers he ordered for his wife were delivered today. When he called customer service, 1-800-FLOWERS said that some local florists were delivering early, because it might snow tomorrow.

1-800-FLOWERS: Well, there’s not much we can do sir because it’s an act of God.

Mike: Uh, no it’s not. I’m looking outside right now and it’s perfectly fine out. It’s an assumed act of God.

Mike writes:

The Consumerist Family,

Just wanted to send along a warning to you and your readers about the practices of 1-800-Flowers (and potentially other online florists) this Valentine’s Day. I just found out that the flowers I had ordered for my wife that I paid extra to have GUARANTEED delivery on February 14th were delivered today. This, for reasons to corny to get into here, was unacceptable. I called their hotline and after speaking to one of their reps I was told that, Sorry but because of the threat of snow in the northeast tomorrow, local florists were delivering flowers today. For my “inconvenience,” I was offered a 20% coupon off my next order. That’s really sweet, but chances are pretty high at this point that I won’t be ordering with 1-800-Flowers anymore so that means nothing to me.

-Well, there’s not much we can do sir because it’s an act of God.

Uh, no it’s not. I’m looking outside right now and it’s perfectly fine out. It’s an assumed act of God. By tomorrow afternoon the roads could be plowed of whatever snow did fall and be completely clear. Why didn’t anyone contact me to let me know this was a possibility? This could’ve been great for Person A, but was not at all great for me.

-Sir this is a very busy time and the local florists are very busy. It wouldn’t have been feasible to call everyone as they’re doing this with a good deal of orders.

Can I have the name of the local florist who screwed up my Valentine’s Day?

-Sorry we can’t give out that information.

Well this is just unacceptable.

-Yeah it is, but sorry. That’s about all I can say.

So beware anyone who might’ve placed a GUARANTEED order with 1-800-Flowers. Your order IS NOT guaranteed and, while polite, their consumer relations center doesn’t seem willing to do anything to rectify the situation. You may want to call and ask them to not deliver your flowers today or discuss with them an alternative before it’s too late. In the end, my credit card was credited $3. Hardly makes up for it but I’m at work and I couldn’t be on the phone all day. I plan on speaking to someone again when I get home.

Upstate New York is already reporting a whole bunch of snow. Mike should be glad that 1-800-FLOWERS is at least ensuring his flowers ARE delivered. However, you would think they would have the courtesy to give a brother the heads up.

Let’s face it, though, it’s Valentines. One way or another, you’re going to get screwed. — BEN POPKEN


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  1. bluegus32 says:

    Seriously? It might snow tomorrow and you’re giving them grief for actually ensuring that your wife got the flowers? If they waited another day, and then got snowed out, then you’d be pissed that they didn’t deliver the flowers.

    Hoenstly, I think that this guy is being completely unreasonable. And to even ask to bug the florist the day before their busiest day of the year is just unacceptable.

    Go talk to a CPA on April 14 and see how reasonable and accommodating they’re going to be.

    Guy needs to be a little more sympathetic and shut his pie hole until February 15. Get your pound of flesh then.

  2. Sudonum says:

    Or as an “Adult Entertainer” I used to know would say.. “You might get screwed, but you won’t get laid.”

  3. dale3h says:

    Hehe, I hope I get screwed…NOT in the bad way. Or maybe it is bad ;) Naughty naughty!

    If I was Mike, I would appreciate a heads up call as well. This would have pissed me off, ESPECIALLY if I had something as special as I do planned.

  4. nakmario says:

    stop whining

    would the man rather his wife get the flowers later? or risk the lives of their delivery people – would the extra $3 warrant that?

    How about if this guy gets off his ass and delivers the flowers himself next time – in the snow even. Now that is love.

  5. bluegus32 says:

    dale3h: you’d rather they wait until tomorrow and get snowed out? In that scenario, your honey gets no flowers. Given the options, I’d say the florist made the right decision.

  6. B Borrman says:

    When did we all get such a sense of entitlement?

    Come on, they got the flowers to her, you’re lucky they got there at all given the weather and the holiday. And if that’s a verbatim transcript of your side of the conversation, you might want to consider toning down the smartass tone.

    Reminds me of Xmas when a huge ice storm prevented some UPS deliveries in my neighborhood. After screaming at the driver for five minutes my neighbor got one of the best responses I’ve ever heard.

    “I am truly sorry for the delay sir, but someone, clearly not you, believed that my life and the life of my colleagues was more important than your package.”

  7. kenposan says:

    Think I agree with most people here; be glad the florist was pro-active in delivering them. Here in Ohio, we got hit pretty nasty today with lots of businesses closing and it’s supposed to be worse tomorrow. With that said, a head’s up would have been nice.

  8. TPK says:

    Doesn’t say where Mike is located, but here in Virginia, we are completely covered over by wet glazed ice. Nobody is going anywhere, period. You can’t even walk on this stuff. It is supposed to stay this way until late in the day tomorrow.

    Perhaps in a perfect world he would have been given the chance to choose betwen early or late, but I’m thinking most customers are happy with early.

  9. swvaboy says:

    I guess I am in the minority on this. I think Mike deserves something other than his $3.00. I make plans, and start early for special events and I would be very upset if someone I ordered from did not do as they agreed. If they or the florist called and said hey I think we need to deliver today, that might be one thing, but all in all I think Mike got the raw end of the deal.

  10. TPIRman says:

    The company took the type of real-world practical action we are always begging major corporations to take. I think it was an act of good faith and savvy customer service to think ahead and make sure the flowers got there in spite of an ugly weather forecast.

    On top of that, he got his $3 back. 1-800-FLOWERS treated this guy right. And I’m guessing that his marriage will endure this glitch in his “corny” surprise, so he can take a deep breath and calm the fuck down.

  11. Papa K says:

    This is why I’m glad when I was bitching about Travelocity it didn’t get posted.

    They just insured you’d get the flowers – *and* they did it early! If it didn’t arrive the day you ordered it and it arrived a day late, you’d be bitching about them being late!

    C’mon… like what’s been said – you got money back, and they went the extra mile! It may have been a day early, but I’m sure your wife appreciates the effort, and would understand that VD came a day early this year.

  12. Wargazm says:

    Does anyone else see the the delicious irony in reading a post on a blog called “The Consumerist” about how some corporation ruined a guy’s Valentine’s Day….with no regard to the fact that Valentine’s Day is probably the most corporately manufactured and meaningless holiday that we celebrate?

  13. Optimistic Prime says:

    Are f’ing kidding me???!! I’m sitting at CLE waiting for the weather to clear so planes can land and you’re bitching the company went out of their way to deliver to you! I bet you’re the same moron who called FedEx on 9-12-01 and bitched you didn’t get your package delivered!

    Just be glad you’re not waiting a week on them like the people in Denver did a couple of months ago when they got some bad weather. Which would be worse? Fresh flowers or frozen/ dead flowers.

  14. ediebeale says:

    I don’t think he should be mad they got delivered early (especially as I look out on the frozen wasteland Manhattan has become), but I’ll echo most everyone else and say he should have gotten a heads up. I’m not a big sympathizer for “it’s the busiest day of the year” as an excuse, especially when it comes to small businesses…these flower companies spend enough money advertising and charging extra for Valentine’s…they should be happy it’s a busy day.

  15. BobH says:

    We ordered flowers for out daughter at college in Philadelphia from another company (TeleFlora, I believe), and it did the same thing. But we did receive a call (albeit automated) that they would be delivering early.

    I think the majority has spoken wisely here: The gentleman is out of line. There are plenty of corporate abuses to complain about; this ain’t one of them.

  16. imajoebob says:

    Actually, he’s right. He paid extra for a GUARANTEE that the flowers would be delivered on the 14th. It’s called INSURANCE. He bought a policy, he has a claim. He should be compensated exactly what he would have received had the delivery been on the 15th. No more, no less.

    He didn’t pay for St. Giles Day flowers, he paid for St. Valentines Day Flowers.

  17. mdosen says:

    They’re lucky they got their flowers. I got an email today (2/14) saying that my flowers will not be delivered until the 15th at the earliest. So, they waited until I couldn’t find a replacement to tell me that my flowers weren’t coming, even though they knew long before today (they were to be shipped via UPS/FedEX)

  18. Cratin says:

    I’m with him on this one. Recently, my grandmother passed away and we ordered flowers from 1-800-Flowers for her funeral. Not only did they not get there for the funeral (they made it as the hearse was pulling away), but they said they could only refund 50% of our money. Way to help out a fellow human during tough times. It looked like I was the only family member that had not purchased a spray for my own grandmother’s funeral. F Them.

  19. Matthew says:

    What’s happening on this board? “Sense of entitlement?” When I get charged extra for a specific service or feature, you bet I feel entitled to it.

    The discount on a future order is about the shittiest apology a company can offer, ever. At the very least, your money back should be automatic.

  20. Optimistic Prime says:

    @Matthew: Money back on the guarantee portion of the bill, they did deliver the flowers, which is the bulk of the shipment. Though if it’s 10%-20% off, you’d get more than the $3 extra paid for the service. But you’d have a hard time with arguing you didn’t get the flowers on Valentine’s Day. They exceeded the expectation and should be lauded for it. Besides, the flowers were there on Valentine’s day as promised.

  21. Ben Popken says:

    Drew writes:

    “After reading this article I was frankly disgusted. My family owns a local flower shop that is a part of the 1-800 Flowers network and we have a few complaints today dealing exactly with the same issue. The weather here is atrocious. The roads are covered with snow and ice and customers have the audacity to complain that they received their flowers early. We have been sending packages early to make sure that the flowers even arrive at all because our drivers are not going to risk their lives driving in these conditions. We are simply trying to make sure the package arrives at all. I hope you will publish this article to inform your readers that flower shops during Valentine’s Day literally have thousands of packages to get out. It is a very daunting task to make sure that every customer receives their flowers. Our philosophy is that it is always better to receive the flowers early rather than late. After all do you want your Valentine to think that you forgot about them?

    Thank You.

    P.S. Please remember to tip the driver who delivered your flowers”

  22. mtsmith says:

    On May 8th 2007, I ordered flowers for My Mother from 1800Flowers. They were supposed to be delivered the next day (May 9th, 2007), well in time for Mother’s Day which was May 13, 2007. On May 16th, I got as call from my Mom. SHE NEVER RECEIVED THE FLOWERS!!!!

    I contacted 1800Flowers that night. After arguing with them for several minutes, a Supervisor finally cam on and promised TO DELIVER THE FLOWERS AND GIVE A FULL REFUND.

    I never received notification of the delivery, and I never saw my bank account credited anything. I called my Mother to find out that they finally were delivered on Saturday (TEN DAYS LATE, AND SIX DAYS PAST MOTHERS DAY).

    I called 1800Flowers today (MAY 22nd) to find out what happened to my refund, as was told that they never refund the whole amount if the flowers are eventually delivered. They claimed that they had nothing in the notes about it.

    I demanded to speak to a supervisor, and when I told him that I would tell everyone I know how I was treated, I was told to do whatever I had to do.

    So, I am here to tell people not to do business with this company. THEY LIED TO ME. They ruined my Mother’s Mothers Day. They are not to be trusted, and I am telling everyone not to do business with them, unless they find such treatment acceptable.

  23. Javin says:

    I really cannot wrap my head around all of the posters saying the OP should “be happy” that the company failed to live up to their paid for guarantee. The company should have to do FAR MORE than just give you the money back when they breach the contract. Why, then, is the OP paying EXTRA for a guarantee?

    Currently, the company says, “Hey, give us extra money, and if we do what we said we’d do in the first place we get to keep it, but if we don’t, we’ll give it back.”

    That is NOT what a guarantee is or how it should work. Not even remotely. How does nobody seem to “get” this? The company should have to deliver the flowers AND give a full refund for breach of contract. Why is it okay for big businesses to falsely advertise, breach contracts, and we’re all supposed to smile and shrug? Really?

    And a courtesy phone call would absolutely NOT have been out of the realm of possibility when they have dramatically changed an order that you’ve paid EXTRA to “guarantee” it will be delivered on the correct day. This is fail 100% by 1800Flowers.

    I can’t believe ANYONE is giving them kudos for “having the initiative” to deliver early. A company should now be given PROPS for breaching contracts without so much as a courtesy call? And the kicker is, for breaching the contract, and failing a PAID FOR GUARANTEE, 1800Flowers only has to refund the $3 and pretend that the guarantee never existed? REALLY? What is WRONG with you people?