Home Depot May Sell Controversial Professional Supply Division

From the Washington Post:

Home Depot Inc. (HD.N) said on Monday it was considering a sale, spin-off or initial public offering of its professional supply business to focus on its retail stores, reversing a controversial policy of former CEO Robert Nardelli to expand the unit.

The professional supply unit and its drain on the retail-side of Home Depot was often named as the source of Home Depot’s considerable customer service problems, problems that may have resulted in the firing of ex-CEO Robert “Big Bob” Nardelli. —MEGHANN MARCO

Home Depot considers sale of supply business [Washington Post]


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  1. Sudonum says:

    Home Depot has at least 2 “Pro” supply companies that I know of. They purchased Hughes Supply a couple years ago. Hughes is a wholsale plumbing supplier. They also purchased Maintenance Warehouse several years ago and renamed it Home Depot Supply. They sell repair and maintenance parts to hotels, apartments, schools, etc.

    I have never used Hughes either before or after the purchase. I have used both Maintenance Warehouse and Home Depot Supply numerous times and the difference in the service is like night and day, unfortunately not for the better. I would love it if they set them free again.