Select Dell Models Come With Free Electric Shock

Dude, you’re getting a shock. An electric shock. If you have a Dell 9400, e1705, m1710, m90, or 6400, and a two-pronged power adapter, Dell has a special hidden feature just for you:

    “I recently had my laptop a Dell 9400 replaced because it was giving off between 19 and 65 volts AC off any screw on the bottom of the laptop.

    I am seriously concerned for myself and any [other] owners at this point. When I am using the laptop on my lap, my wife says I feel like a 9 volt battery.

    On my first laptop, this problem lead to the death of my RAM and my Video Card.”

The problem seems to stem from an improperly grounded power adapter. The solution is to call Dell and replace your two-pronged adapter with a properly grounded three-pronged one. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

ATTN: All Dell 9400/e1705/m1710/m90 owners!!! [Notebook Forums] (Thanks to Matt!)


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  1. eriksanerd says:

    I have a Dell 6400, but haven’t had any problems. Should I see about a replacement power adapter, just to be safe? I’d really rather not fight with customer service if I’m not at a serious risk.

    Between this and the battery recall a few months back, I don’t think I’m going to be getting a dell again.

  2. FLConsumer says:

    I have a few older 2-prong adapters which fit the Dell Latitude C-series. Haven’t had a problem with these, but these aren’t the Insprion (crap/consumer) series many people use. I actually prefer the older 2-prong power supplies because they put out less interference (RFI/EMI) than the newer ones. Great for audio applications.

  3. formergr says:

    Wait, I just got a new Inspiron E1505 and the adapter is 2-prong
    (in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 3-prong laptop plug). Am I supposed to get this replaced or something? Something about this story is missing it feels like…

  4. royal72 says:

    hahahahaha i so can’t help myself…
    “dell has successfully implemented their racy marketing campaign to attract new customers with their newly branded s&m laptops. ‘twice the shock and you can download all the porn you want’.” though some wallstreet analysts are dubious of the “new dell” it has boosted new sales by .000003%.

  5. ndavies says:

    So I’m not crazy! Once in a while I get shocked by something on the bottom of my Inspiron 600m. Never feels like 60V, but enough to make me cautious. What’s worse, this just started since I replaced my power cord(the last one frayed and started sparking) and both have been 3-prong.

  6. Mr. Gunn says:

    ndavies – you should get a outlet tester to make sure the outlet you’re plugging your three-prong plug into is really grounded.

    It seems like some Dells are improperly grounded, and leak a little voltage. Since there’s little current, you most likely won’t feel anything, but it’s possible that you hardware may become damage, and the problem may also get worse over time. Dell has gotten a couple of the people’s laptops sent into them for analysis, so if you watch the thread, you’ll most likely know more than any CSR. If anyone does call customer service, be aware that the first-line CSRs will most likely have no clue what you’re talking about, so don’t abuse them, please.