Spirit Charges $110 To Fly With Three Bags

Spirit announced increased prices for checked bags, meaning it may soon cost more for your luggage to fly the discount airline than you.

The first bag is free. The second, $10. The third? $100. Don’t even ask about the the fourth piece of luggage.

When our grandparents visit Florida, they check at least two bags. Spirit already reduced the weight limit from 70 to 50 pounds. Plus, there is a surcharge for any bag over the reduced limit.

Spirit claims the new baggage fees are needed to stave off fare increases. Come on. Charge an extra $5. Lose the variety snack pack. Don’t charge us $110 for three bags. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

Spirit’s Baggage Tariff Irks Travelers [ConsumerAffairs.com]


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  1. I’d be cool with this if it meant Spirit were going to drop their fares significantly. I almost never check baggage anyway, so I’d be happy to get a bargain to reward me for my light packing.

    Sadly, it sounds like they’re doing this just to avoid RAISING the prices.

    Amazing, with all the ways corporations find to pinch a penny here or there, that those savings never find their way into their prices.

  2. lore says:

    “Spirit claims the new baggage fees are needed to stave off fare increases. Come on.”

    Well, less bags means less weight, which means less fuel needed to get to the same places. So, while it’s not a great idea from a consumer standpoint, I would say it’s probably not a bad business move. However, this is setting a dangerous precedent; more and more airlines will start to charge for anything beyond 1 bag. This absolutely SUCKS because we almost can’t carry anything at all on the plane anymore, which means we have to check everything.

    By the way, when I first saw this post, I thought it said SPRINT — the cell phone company — was charging $110 to fly with three bags! I had been reading so much about Sprint these days that my eyes automatically thought I was seeing Spring.

  3. Antrack says:

    You get charged a surcharge on any airline for more than 2 bags per person. What’s the big deal?

  4. DutchFlat says:

    Some asshole skycap at Sacramento “Inernational” (flights to Mexico?” tried to charge me an extra hundred bucks for my golf clubs. I put the clubs back into my car. I get into the terminal and the agent for Northwest says: “We don’t charge extra for golf clubs.”

    It was clearly a racial issue.

  5. cabinaero says:

    If you don’t like their policies, fly a different airline. It’s not like these are “surprise” fees — they’re on Spirit’s web site in plain english (http://www.spiritair.com/welcome.aspx?pg=policies#excess) and aren’t really out of line with other airlines. The only unusual thing for US travllers is the $10 for the second bag. $100 per bag beyond two is ballpark industry standard.

  6. cabinaero says:

    BTW, anything over 50 pounds or 62-65 linear inches is going to be surchaged on *any* airline operating in the US and Canada. Flights operating wholly outside the US and Canada are usually 40/30/20 kilos for First, Business and Coach respectively. Theoretically you could check 10,two kilo bags and still be fine on a coach ticket.

  7. not_seth_brundle says:

    Why do people need to pack so much stuff? To most destinations, taking three bags is crazy.

  8. TPIRman says:

    As noted above, the charge for three bags or more isn’t that unusual. Any airline will repeatedly tell you you’re limited to two checked bags per person. But the $10 charge is pretty crappy.

    The aggravating part is that this will affect people who travel light, too. With this added charge, the people who bring everything will now try to cram even more into the overhead compartments. So it gets tougher for everyone to find space for their stuff, including those who packed reasonably.

    Not_seth_brundle hit the nail on the head. The One Bag site is a great resource if you’re getting ready to take a trip. Follow that guy’s instructions to the letter, and you will have a better time. But if you french fry when you should pizza, you’re gonna have a bad time.

  9. cabinaero says:

    ” the people who bring everything will now try to cram even more into the overhead compartments.”

    It’s fun to watch these people in the transfer queue at Heathrow as they try to figure out how to turn their three carry-ons into one.

    I’m sooo glad I’m always in business or first.

  10. LTS! says:

    So.. essentially this is a non-story? Excellent.

    Look, Spirit has ridiculously low fares.. so they have this policy.. big deal.

    It’s as though everyone expects they should fly for free and be able to pack a small 10×12 room with them when they fly. Oh yea, they should have 24 inches of leg room, and a 5 star meal to go with it.

    Flying is expensive.. jets cost a lot, they cost a lot to maintain, they cost a lot to fuel. Be thankful Spirit is even an option for you.

    BTW: Get rid of the snack pack? If they did that you’d be back here complaining again.

  11. dantsea says:

    Talk about mixed feelings.

    On one hand: Good. Maybe some people will stop packing half the damn house with them when they fly.

    On the other hand: Did someone in the executive suite make a bet as to how fast they could simultaneously piss off the passengers and tank employee morale?

  12. gpslouis says:

    Even better, charge passengers based on what they weigh. First 100 pounds costs just the posted fare, then something additional for each pound.

  13. cindel says:

    Another reason to FedEx your luggage; the money you’re spending to check in the extra bags can be use for that and they won’t get lost….sort of

  14. TechnoDestructo says:

    Well, they have to make up for fatter passengers somehow. (Most aren’t to the point of needing two seats…yet.)

  15. Franklin Comes Alive! says:

    BTW, Southwest lets you check 3 bags without extra charge.

  16. Pelagius says:

    A. Most airlines already have a similar policy
    B. American airlines have the most generous luggage allotment of pretty much any country
    C. Americans carry too much stuff with them. The only time I ever needed three bags I was moving to a different continent and bringing all my worldly goods with me as luggage.
    D. If you absolutely need to take the kitchen sink with you FedEx or UPS it to the hotel/friend/relative at your destination

  17. jacques says:

    Remember, this is per person. If anyone flying by themselves needs more than 2 bags, it’s definitely time to give fedex a call. This shouldn’t cost your grandparents more than $20 even if they bring 4 bags.

  18. Kangarara says:

    Could be worse…

    Passengers flying with British Airways could face an additional cost of $470 if they choose to take an extra bag with them on a return flight.

  19. lakings91 says:

    I’ve tried to ask Spirit some questions in regards to their website claim: that whomever bought tickets befor March 6 is still eligible for 1 free bag per person. I’ve tried to call customer service – they send you outright to hell. Not even waiting for representative – just plain “we are busy call some other time”.

  20. tgemtree says:

    I’ve just returned from a flight taken on Spirit airlines. When I booked this flight , I was never told that ALL checked baggage was an additional charge. Since I booked through an online travel agency ( cheap tickets ) I did not know about this policy until 2 days before the flight when I checked the flight’s status at the airline website. At that time I read that ALL checked baggage was charged $10.00 at the gate and $5.00 in advance. I called Cheap Tickets and was told there was nothing they could do except cancel my reservation which would cost me more than the baggage charge. So I called Spirit to prepay for the 2 pieces of luggage we needed to take. They said that since I booked through an agent I could not prepay online. They also said that since I was not informed they would make note of it in the reservation so that I would only have to pay the $5.00 at check in. That’s $5.00 each way for 2 bags checked in. So I am now angry because I was not forwarned of these charges and would have booked another flight with a different airline if I had known. We get to the airport and proceed to check in at which time the Spirit agent tells me that I will walk the bag around the corner and pay her $20.00. I explained that the memo in my reservation assured me that I would only be charged $5.00 for each bag due to the not being able to prepay at the airline website. She said the memo only stated that I TRIED to prepay. So she reiterated that I could only check my bags if I paid the $10.00 for each bag. So , I was stuck and paid the $20.00. I asked if I could prepay the return baggage charge for the return flight. She said no, but she would include a note in the reservation so I would only pay $5.00 per bag on the return flight. And you know already that it’s not going to happen, right? And of course I paid full price AGAIN when we returned. Since I’ve returned I called Cheap Tickets to complain, they called Spirit to inquire as they had no idea about the baggage policy I discribed. After being on hold for over nearly an hour( yes , that’s how long it takes to get Spirit on the phone) They said I had indeed been misinformed, but Spirit would not refund any money to me. And don’t get me started about the tiny seats they cram you into. In the end the associate from Cheap Tickets said she would pass this up to her superiors….but I’m not holding my breath. Gee ….. I wonder if this is fraud?