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What’s on your chest? Any of our posts this week that you want to revisit? Something out there you think should be covered? Bugs, errata to be squashed? Overhead something funny at McDonald’s?

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  1. lore says:

    What’s going on with the Lycos customer service situation? I would love to hear how that panned out. Any more letters from the lawyers?

  2. Darks says:

    i’m sure that over time, almost every major corporation will be mentioned on consumerist and what is the final goal? when a company does something horrible, people complain and will probably switch to another company or something. but what happens when the company you switched to screws you over too? theoretically, all these big corporations could just team up and screw us all and we won’t be able to do anything because we need their services from one company or another.

    what happens then? what happens then?!?!

  3. I was trying to get a free credit report TransUnion. I already have an account with them and the site even stated that my identity had been confirmed. After selecting just the free credit report the site then said my identity could not be confirmed.

    After calling and being told I’d have to fax them information first I went directly to their web site.

    If I go straight to their web site with the intention of paying for the credit report I can get all the way up to a billing page with no problem. I didn’t go further because I doubt after that point that I would get the same error screen as before.

    Has anyone else run into this problem? Do the other Credit Bureaus pull this too?

  4. conedude13 says:

    Ahhhh maan, where was this post yesterday?! I have something to get off of my chest. Ok, here’s the skinny. My family and I moved last year in October from an apartment to a condo. My wife and I got ticked off (to say the least) by the ridiculously horrible TV service provided by, none other, than Comcast, so we decided to move to satellite service by Direct TV. We then moved after having Direct TV for about 3 months to the condo.

    Here is where the fun starts. I contacted the condo association before I called up Direct TV, just to make sure that I can have the dish up on the backyard wall or the roof (the front of the house was unacceptable because it faces the street). Long story short, the condo association didn’t allow the dish on the property. What to do if you are in a 2 year contract with Direct TV and you can’t have a dish? I don’t know, so I called them up. I said that since I wasn’t responsible for the condo associations rules that I shouldn’t be charged an early cancellation fee. The person that I spoke to in October said that it would be no problem at all to wave the fee, I just had to return the box and remote in a prepaid box. I did that.

    4 months later the cancellation fee is on the Direct TV bill and has been sent to collections. I call them up and they tell me to write to the billing department to dispute the charge. Seriously? Write to them?! As in snail mail and the US postal system?! No, I don’t think so. So we let another 2 months pass with the charge still on the bill and we don’t pay it all while disputing it with customer service.

    I called them up last Monday (my wife was calling them before). I speak with a very nice lady that couldn’t tell me anything because the details of my predicament weren’t placed in my call log in their system. So she said that she would put in a request to get those details put into the log and told me to call back in a few days. I called back yesterday (Friday) and the same nice, polite young lady picked up the phone again and found out that the request had gone unanswered. I was then forwarded up to the next tier.

    While in this tier I spoke to a very rude and moronic person. He said that Direct TV expects everyone to stay in the contract for the length of the contract. I then asked him if I were to move to a new house that I should consider how old the water heater is, how many layers of shingles are on the roof and whether or not I can have a dish on the building. He said no, just that Direct TV expects us to honor the contract for the length of the contract. Paint me crazy, but isn’t that what I just said?! So, according to Direct TV, if you are planning on moving, please find out if you can have a dish on the building. This moron also said that the customer service rep, the one I spoke to back in October, has no authority in saying that a customer can get out of their contract. I pointed this out as another stupid contradiction. A representative of a company can’t say that I can get out of a contract with that company? Sounds pretty fishy to me.

    Anywho, I told him I want to speak to his supervisor. He then wanted to know really wanted to talk to a supervisor, because he would tell me the exact same thing. I was at a loss for words and just said “Supervisor.” I was then placed on hold for 15 minutes until this supervisor picked up. She was alright, she did have a bit of a “tone” to her.

    supervisor: I see that you wrote to the billing department…
    Me: No I didn’t, I was told to, but I didn’t.
    sup: Oh, ok, we just request that you do that then…
    Me: Would that do anything?! It’s in collections!
    sup: Hold on for a minute and let me see what I can do.
    She then put me on hold for another 5 minutes. When she came back on the line she said that it had all been taken care of and that the charge is no longer in my Direct TV account and that if the collections agency were to call that I should let them know that the charge has been taken car of by Direct TV.

    I will be calling the supervisor next week to see if the charge is still gone and to get the name and number of the collections agency to request that the whole thing be removed from my credit report. Sorry about not supplying any names, I have them written down at work and will put another post here on Monday to let you know all their names and stuff. I have the supervisors first name, employee number and voice mail number as well as the other names of the people I spoke to before the supervisor.

    This just goes to show you that you need to keep asking for people higher up.

  5. bduck says:

    Mine? That wondrful entity known as Comcast.

    There’s a Comcast cable that ends at my mailbox. Really – at my mailbox. Had it confirmed by a neighbor paying the $25 for a site survey by Comcast. I live on a development that has 20 or so houses on either side of the road – all frontage lots.

    The nearest house serviced by Comcast is – no lie – less than 1,000 feet from my front door.

    Do you think they will turn on our cable? Nope.

    It’s been TEN YEARS. Ten years that cable has been laying under the ground, just waiting for someone to flip a switch. OK, and run the cable another 150 feet to my house. Hey, give me the OK and I’ll dig the ditch myself, OK?

    TEN YEARS. The neighborhood that has cable? Less than 3 years old.

    But their houses are worth $150K more than ours – we’re just teachers and cops. Not $350K houses, just $150K-$200K houses. So Comcast doesn’t want us.

    I’ve told a rep – I WANT to give you $100 a month for the rest of my life. I have a dozen neighbors who want to give you $100 a month for TV and internet. Your cable is less than 150 feet from my TV. What’s the problem?


  6. Ben Popken says:

    @ Lore, after Gaby’s last, firm, letter, we haven’t heard anything further out of the Lycos camp. Those billable hours were starting to add up, no doubt.

  7. brilliantmistake says:

    Conedude13, the FCC has ruled that Homeowners Associations can’t restrict you from having a dish, neither can landlords in the case of renters. Of course, HOAs and landlords will both try and bully people into thinking that they (the HOAs and landlords) have total control, but they don’t.

    All the rules are here.

    And I’ve excerpted part of the page:
    Q: What types of restrictions are prohibited?

    A: The rule prohibits restrictions that impair a person’s ability to install, maintain, or use an antenna covered by the rule. The rule applies to state or local laws or regulations, including zoning, land-use or building regulations, private covenants, homeowners’ association rules, condominium or cooperative association restrictions, lease restrictions, or similar restrictions on property within the exclusive use or control of the antenna user where the user has an ownership or leasehold interest in the property. A restriction impairs if it: (1) unreasonably delays or prevents use of; (2) unreasonably increases the cost of; or (3) precludes a person from receiving or transmitting an acceptable quality signal from an antenna covered under the rule. The rule does not prohibit legitimate safety restrictions or restrictions designed to preserve designated or eligible historic or prehistoric properties, provided the restriction is no more burdensome than necessary to accomplish the safety or preservation purpose.

  8. conedude13 says:

    I breezed through that a little bit and searched for “condominium association”. In my case, it was described to me that I am the owner of everything from the studs in the wall and in. Not the owner of the exterior walls, a roof (I’m on the first floor), or the ground underneath the floor. Either way, I got the fee waved. But am a little afraid that my wife’s credit (the bill was in her name) may have been tarnished. I’m not familiar with trying to get things taken off of a credit report, but my wife said that you can request it to be taken off.

  9. Dacker says:

    For Valentine’s Day 2006, I gave my wife an Apple iPod Nano with a personalized message engraved on the back. Note that iPods come with a one year warranty.

    Toward the end of the year, the battery would stay fully-chrged for several days, then suddenly be totally dead. Clearly, this is not normal behavior.

    I went to Apple’s website and began the ‘paperwork’ to send it in for repair. I was more than a little shocked to find that they expected me to pay $30 shipping and handling to send the iPod in and get a remanufactured one back. THIRTY DOLLARS! While under warranty!

    I stopped the online process and called Apple. I was told the same thing. I asked for and did speak with a supervisor and got the same story. GRRR! I verbally asked that my feedback be submitted as a formal complaint and was told they would.

    Oh, by the way, I was told I could take the iPod to an Apple Store, have a “Genius” look at it, and get it exchanged for a remanufactured one for free. Of course that means my wife would lose the engraving sentiment on the back.

    In the end, that is what I did….

    It really, REALLY bugs me that a so-called warranty would include expenses to me that are more than 5X the actual cost.

  10. brilliantmistake says:

    I’m no expert, but rules seem to center on areas where you have “exclusive use.” So if there is a patio or section of yard (or balcony, if you weren’t on the 1st floor), you could install the dish there as long as you stayed in the exclusive area and didn’t have to drill through a wall for installation. This applies to renters as well (like me), and we don’t own anything, but we still have the right to install a dish or antennae in areas of exclusive use, as long as it’s safe. The FCC has decided that receiving (and sending) signals from your home is part of your right to free speech, so they’ve acted to prevent landlords, HOAs, etc. from restricting dish installation.

  11. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    @ conedude13: Hmm, if you have a balcony or a porch facing in the right direction, you could always use the old “fake rock” trick. Likewise, if you could get the cable out there, you could place the fake rock somewhere in the yard.

    Hmm, if they’re so picky about a TV dish, maybe you should find the ugliest, crappiest car with all sorts of rust and no muffler and park it in your space. Maybe drive it around the parking over and over until the parking lot is full of oil smoke. Heck, maybe just mount the dish on the car :P

  12. skeleem_skalarm says:

    Oh, boy, here’s my chance, and it’s a twofer – no! a threefer! I’ve had unbelievable problems getting Dish Network to install the service I want in my new home (we were good customers for five years at our old house) – they kept sending the tech with the wrong order, the part I needed wasn’t in, and they tried to get me to reschedule for over a week in advance to “be sure the part is in”. I did this once, but they tried it again when the part still wasn’t in so I told them to forget it (this is the Dish bitch). (Bitch #2 – UPS/Dish) – I returned our two rented receivers via UPS on February 6. I’ve been tracking the package since I sent it. It has now been in GA since February 8, and, according to UPS, it will not reach its destination until March 10! The receivers have to be received by Dish much sooner than that (they gave me 30 days near the end of January). I’m wondering if UPS and Dish have some kind of agreement so Dish can charge their ex-customers’ credit cards for the units, or if UPS has the wrong tracking information. I have emailed UPS to see what the hold-up is. Dish already owes me $69.00 for the mysterious part that never came in. I’ve spoken with them about this, and they told me it takes 6-10 business days to get it credited. We’ve now passed that mark. I’ll call them once more about crediting my card, but then I’ll call my cc company. Now for the rest of this mess (bitch #3). I switched to DirecTV, and the techs came out, hooked up my receivers, then decided they couldn’t put the dish anywhere on my house due to trees being in the way. They offered to put it on a pole…and charge me $75 for the pole! I’ve never paid for one of those stupid poles – not when I had DirecTV before and not with Dish. They topped this by telling me that *I* would have to bury the cable, which would be quite a way from our house, in the dead of winter, with the temps hovering around zero! No DirecTV, either. So we ended up calling cable, which they can’t install until February 20. Hmmm, I wonder what problems Time Warner will come up with.

  13. Tonguetied says:

    So here’s a Walmart beef. I’m not normally as down on Walmart as many are but in this particular case they are pissing me off so I’ll vent.
    Yesterday we bought two $7.50 DVDs and went through the self-checkout. The image on the checkout screen says to run the DVD over the mark (not the pricing scanner because we just did that but over another mark that presumably will deactivate the security device. So neither DVD seems to register when we pass it over the mark, we have to hit ‘OK’ and move on to the next item. So of course when we go to the exit the security alarm blips at us. We show our receipt, the door guy is pretty cool and waves us on.
    Then today we picked up the Turbo Tax software. The exact same thing happens a the self-checkout. And of course the alarm blips at us again when we go to leave. This time they want us to stop so they can fill out their little form. I’m a little ticked off and let the girl at the door know that if this keeps up I’m just going to keep on walking and not stop. She got a bit defensive and said she was just doing her job.
    And she is, it’s nothing personal against her but I find it rather galling. I’m thinking that next time it happens I will politely ask to speak to a manager and let him know that if they aren’t willing to fix the checkout machines then their alarm indicator no longer counts as a probable cause for them to suspect me of shoplifting. I’m also considering just keeping on walking and telling the person at the door to send a manager out to my car rather than just standing there wasting my time.

  14. lore says:

    @ tonguetied

    I don’t think you need to stop – usually at those stores I just say “no thanks” and keep on walking out. Home Depot ,Walmart, etc.

  15. Keep talking...I'm listening says:

    I’m wondering when corporate america is going to clue into the importance of customer service. Do these guys not ever use their own business’ products?

    Case #1 — This afternoon — Home Depot

    3:30 in the afternoon, 3 checkouts out of 10 open. 8-10 people in each line, blocking the main aisle. I’m picking up staples for a staple gun and some insulation for a small project around the house. Staples on shelf range from $2-$5 a box of 1000. I pick up a box at $2.97. Wait in the eternal line. Box of staples ring up at $13.79. I told the cashier that there were no staples that expensive on the shelf. She agreed that there was a mistake, but she would need approval to correct the price. Pages hardware to come and verify the price. Asks me to step aside so she can help the next customer while we’re waiting. 20 minutes later and 5 pages later no one shows up. I go to the customer service desk. Manager on duty is arguing with a customer that they couldn’t possibly have bought a broken mirror from Home Depot, despite the bright orange Home Depot insignia on the box! I’m next in line and she asks me what I want in between answering the phone. I explain the situation and she asks me what is so special about this particular box of staples and why I couldn’t have just picked another brand or size. Infuriated, I head for the door. The cashier stopped me on the way out and said that someone had entered the price per case in as price per box and they would correct the price. Snippy manager comes over and overrides the price.

    Case # 2 — Last week — UPS

    I found out that Memphis is somehow divided into two different’regions’. My zip code evidently borders the line. I learned this because my two day package took 4 days to arrive because of a misrouting. It actually arrived in Memphis and was within 5 miles of my house when the driver realized that it was on the wrong truck and ‘region’. Instead of doing something logical, like handing the package off to a driver in the correct region, UPS puts it on a plane back to their hub in Louisville, KY and reships it to ‘the other side’ of Memphis. UPS says this is standard procedure and the driver was not authorized to leave his ‘region’.

    I could go on and on and on, but I guess I’m more sensitive to this sorta of garbage since I used to work in customer service for a Fortune 500 company that went from empowering employees to outsourcing the job overseas.

    It’s time for companies to spend the extra dime to rehire competent employees and empower them to make decisions. A large percentage of the time, the company will recoup their dime and earn an extra one for their effort.

  16. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:


    I had that happen to me. It was a DVD, and the register dude forgot to demagnatize it, so of course it set the alarm off. I had to stand there for 10 minutes while the door lady wrote down all the info on her clipboard.

    I totally agree with you. I stood there while everyone looked at me like I was a crook and let her write down her stuff. Apparently, corporate is cracking down on the whole “just waving you through” thing..probably too many of the employees friends just walking out with stuff. It’s a royal pain in the ass, and a total waste of time. If they’re going to keep detaining customers, it’s going to really start pissing people off.

    They better fix their crappy security equipment or retrain their employees, because wasting 10 minutes of my time because of their mistake is ridiculous, particularly when I’ve already stood in the checkout line for 15 minutes.

    I’m going to demand to see a manager next time as well. The worst part of it is that you’re standing there, and people think you’re actually desparate enough to rip something off from Wal-Mart.

  17. Deryn says:

    We had two cards with Capital One. Bad, I know. We came to our senses and closed them both in May of last year. After the account was closed, a $4.95 recurring charge posted to one of the accounts. We didn’t find out our rebuilding balance until CapOne started calling us to harangue us about the $4.95 + $39 late fee + 39 late fee (etc.). Turns out, CapOne has a policy that the account must be closed AND at 0 balance FOR 30 DAYS before they will really close it.

    Well, I said, the original representative who closed the account did not explain that to me. (She didn’t.) I’ll just pay the $4.95; you can reverse the late charges and that will be that. First they said I never closed the account. Then they just plain refused to refund the late fees. This argument dragged on almost daily until November. I was really enjoying arguing with the representatives, but when they threatened a charge-off, my husband caved and paid about $400 (more fees for going over limit, you see).

    But it wasn’t over — the amount we paid, that THEY ASKED FOR, was apparently more than we owed. I found out recently that the accounts are STILL open; this time with credit balances on them. I suspect they were just waiting for the annual renewal to roll around so they could start this game again.

    Two weeks ago, I talked with a rep who said he would send refund checks and close the account. He didn’t. Yesterday, I did the same thing and got the same rap. Twice. The first time, I was transfered to someone who “couldn’t hear me.” The second rep (who claimed she WAS a supervisor so she couldn’t transfer me to a supervisor) said, “I’ve sent you a check and set your account to close. I don’t know what else you want me to do.”

    I finally had the bright idea to ask for notice of the closure in writing. She heaved a sigh and typed for a few minutes, then said we would have the letters within 7 – 10 business days. I guess we’ll see.

    I don’t know what I want out of telling you this story except to ask anyone considering a CapOne credit offer NOT TO DO IT! They’re evil, I tells ya. Eeeeevil.

  18. Keep talking...I'm listening says:

    I have a Time Warner Cable story to share with you. We were recently traded off to Comcast, and as bad as Comcast is, they’re better than Time Warner.

    Bought a new house a year ago. Called TW for cable and internet service. Appt set for following week, as that was the best available time. Tech arrives, no signal to the house. Evidently the line to the house has been cut by the city inadvertantly while trimming trees in the right of way. Makes a call, schedules another tech to come out in two weeks to run new line to house. Two weeks later, no tech shows up. Call TW customer service.

    TW customer service says that a tech was in the area last week and went ahead and ran the line to the exterior of the house, first tech can come back and finish the job from there. Schedule appt for later that week with Tech #1.

    Tech #1 comes out, there is no new line. No line, no service. Tech #2 is available next week.

    I called TW customer service again, asked to speak to a manager, explained situation and was told that the woman who makes appts for tech 2 is a habitual liar. I asked why they continue to employ her and how they plan to resolve the situation. No answer on the HR issue, but they can send Tech #2 early next week and he will do the inside and outside installation.

    Next week arrives, no tech. Call manager. She had handed my appt off to ‘habitual liar’ to schedule. I told manager that 5 weeks into this, I still have no service and would no longer be needing their services.

    Went with Direct TV/Bellsouth DSL/Cingular bundle.

  19. Landru says:

    When I leave a store and they ask to check my receipt, I smile and say “Oh, no thanks, I’ll check it when I get home. Thanks anyway.” Works everytime, no hassle.

  20. LatherRinseRepeat says:


    Haha. Exactly! It’s just ridiculous that you have to wait in line to pay for your stuff, and then wait in another line for the person at the exit to mark your receipt with a little highlighter. I love it when there’s a long line. I just walk past everyone and head outside. I’m hoping one day, I’ll inspire the rest of the line to revolt and walk out with me.

    At Costco, they actually stop in front of your cart and try to block you. I just tell them I need to go home immediately to take my medication. They just roll their eyes, and reluctantly check off my receipt.

  21. Dustbunny says:

    morecoffee: that’s interesting about the FCC ruling. I live in a condo building, and our HOA just told a unit owner to remove the dish on his balcony. I bet there are some loopholes in this ruling, like if the building is wired for cable (as ours is), the HOA could argue that there’s an alternative means of getting tv reception. I gotta admit, that dish was ugly and I’m glad it’s gone.

  22. Darren W. says:


    My HOA used to have a rule stating that because the development is wired for cable, no dishes would be allowed. That rule has been overturned based on the FCC regulation. I seriously doubt if your HOA was acting within the law.

  23. mrfr0g says:

    I work for a phone company that sells toll free and local numbers. One of our customers was having an issue with people from Verizon Cell Phones not being able to call his local number, being the happy CSR that I am I tested it out on my Verizon Cell Phone (prepaid, because contracts suck) and sure enough it did not work. I called it from two major carriers on our office phone (Sprint, AT&T) and the line worked fine. I borrowed my neighbors Cingular Cell phone and again the line worked fine. I figured that I had Verizon dead to rights.

    So I call them up, as a customer saying that I’m not able to dial this number. I get connected to the tech support line with a gentlemen whom doesnt sound like he just started today. We go back and forth about what happened on the call, and finally he asks,

    “Was it a male or female voice on the error message?”

    I respond with, “Female.”

    Apparently because the message was in a female voice, it means that it was a routing issue on the terminating end of the call (IE The company I work for.) I explained that I tried calling the number from every other carrier, and it works fine, why would they (my company) block Verizon? He had no answer, just “It’s on their end.”

    This was ofcourse after I spoke with our techs, whom confirmed that it was Verizon blocking the calls.

    Back and fourth with Verizon, I eventually spoke with a manager whom had to write my ticket down and enter it in manually. I received a text message alter on that day saying it had been entered and here was my number.

    Skip to two days ahead. I call back, and they don’t have any record of my tech ticket. At this point I foward this entire issue off to my tech department, so they can have it for another week before Verizon fixes their issue. All for the sake of one of our customers.

    I absolutely realize that most CSRs don’t do anything for customers, just recognize the ones that do.

  24. Dustbunny says:

    I just ran into one of our board members and found out I was misinformed about the whole dish thingie. The person whose balcony it was on was getting crappy reception (the balcony faces west), so he asked the HOA if he could put the dish on the roof and drill holes to run the cable down to his unit. That’s what the HOA turned down, not the dish itself. My bad….carry on….

  25. Macy’s.

    In a desperate search for a silver chest (having decided randomly tossing it in a drawer to get tarnished wasn’t working), I visited every local department store EXCEPT Macy’s. Apparently I was out of season or something. Eventually I gave in and went to Macy’s.

    Now, I realize this is my own fault for patronizing the evil Godzilla that ate Marshall Field’s, but …

    I waited in line 20 minutes. Then the chick closed the cash register and send me to women’s lingerie (from china & silver). Women’s lingerie made me wait another 25 minutes before trying to send me to men’s accessories. At that point I refused, and they said there was nothing they could do. I tried to find a manger, but the dudes in men’s housewares were busy talking about one of their girlfriend’s new apartments and how they would all hit her. If given the chance.

    None of the associates knew how to operate a register. All the departments were dreadfully understaffed. Standing in line 45 minutes in two departments to get sent to a third is absurd.

    I e-mailed Macy’s to complain. They took a week and a half to respond and say “We’ve forwarded your complaints.” Another week later, I got a response from the local store saying, “We’re sorry we didn’t measure up to your customer service expectations.”

    Bite me, Macy’s.

    (I finally found my silver chest at a Bergner’s. The third Bergner’s I’d been to. The last one they had.)

  26. kpfeif says:

    Good. My chance to rant. Here we go…

    1. Best Buy’s “Geek Squad”

    Have you see the sphincter-puckering prices these guys charge? Jeesh. A woman at work took her spyware infected computer in….they wanted $250 to essentially run Adaware and install some POS antivirus/software/popup/etc software.

    2. While we’re on antivirus/popup/trojans/etc, who are these guy who write these, and could we pass some law that would result in summary execution of them? God knows it would make everybody’s (well, everybody that runs Windows) life a bit easier.

    3. Ok, Mac guys, let me guess – get a Mac. I know. I have one, too. Not a fancy one, but a Mac. It’s nice. It “just works,” as you like to remind all of us. It’s also too freaking expensive. Knock off $200, Steve, and you have a deal. Oh, and stop screwing us on the memory/hard drive costs. Wow. I mean, I’ve had two iPods die on me already, and it’s a nightmare once that happens. A $60 extended warranty? How about this: make it not break instead. Sure, I’m tough on things, but come on, they’re meant to be in your pocket, for chrissakes.

    4. WhyTF is cable TV so blasted expensive? I’m moving shortly and am looking at options, but “basic” cable is crazy expensive….and you need that stupid box.

    5. Speaking of DirecTV, I setup my in-law’s system over the weekend, complete with the new DirecTV HD receiver. It stinks. It’s like the guys who worked on the ergonomics of BMW’s did the user interface. Appalling. Meanwhile, DirecTV has created their own sucky DVR. Great. Here’s a hint, DirecTV, Time Warner, and whoever else is in the biz…TiVo is a superior product. It “just works.” My 60 year old mother had it figured out in minutes. My wife loves it. Just license the blasted software from TiVo and let the rest of us come running for the service. MythTV? That stinks, too. WhyTF would I want to worry about mounting/unmounting/etc my hard drives when I could just buy TiVo and forget it?

    6. Marshall Field’s, formerly Macy’s. People in New York seem to think the rest of us – get this – want to be like New York. Nope. We liked our Marshall Field’s. Your little re-branding idea is predicatably in the toilet. Admit it. Change things. Move on, then reap the profits.

    7. F the RIAA.

    8. Wal-Mart. I really don’t give a rat’s behind that they’re not union or whatever. I have no problem with their pricing ‘schemes.’ Nazi T-Shirt? Ok, not good, and it’s a huge company, so I can see why the logistics of pulling this or that off the shelf may be hard. I still won’t shop there for one reason: it’s a dump. Crap in the aisle. Opened boxes. A smell of wet kid toward the front of the store. Exterior designs that look like they came from some USSR design bureau – you know…”we make glorious concrete block shopping arena for our comrades”

  27. LAGirl says:

    Deryn…i had a similar problem years ago with a Bank of America. i was leaving the country for an extended period, and went into the branch to close out my checking account. i verified with the teller that the balance was $0.

    several years later, i pulled my credit reports for review, and saw that B of A had sent a balance of approximately $40 to collections. i had no idea what it was for. the only thing i could figure was that their system made a mistake, and had continued charging me a monthly fee.

    i had all of my mail forwarded to a family member when i was out the country, so i would have known if there was a problem. however, i never received any notice regarding an outstanding balance. not when i was gone, or after i returned to the US. i disputed it, and it was removed.

    i learned my lesson that ‘closed’ doesn’t always mean ‘closed’.